Hour 1 – Inflation, Trade War Fears, and Comments On The Pilbara Exploration Plays
The Most Important Markets And Sectors To Watch
Check Out The BANG Stocks … And Copper and Uranium
More Market Shakiness With Metals Buying Time
Unique Silver Positions, Financing Discrepancies, And An Update From Novo Resources
A Full 2 Hours On Gold, Interest Rates, and Debt
Comments on Metals, The FANG Stocks, Bitcoin, and Trump’s First Year
Central Banks and Inflation, Investing in Energy Metals, and Optimism in the US
Inflation, Gold, Cryptocurrencies and Gun Control
How The Popularity Of Passive Investing Precludes A Pleasant Outcome
Have We Learned Nothing From The Financial Crisis?
Reasons To Be Worried and Optimistic and How To Capitalize On Them
Is Bitcoin In A Bubble?
Recapping a Heavy Economic and Political News Week
Jesse Felder – Focus on the Breakout in Gold
Jesse Felder – Presentation on How To Understand Markets
How The Passive Investing Mania Undermined Its Most Basic Assumption
Why The Fed’s Recent Stock Market Warning Is More Ominous Than Ever Before
3 Charts That Show Stock Market Euphoria Is Totally Unprecedented
The week of higher markets, a sell off in metals and rate hike odds exploding