Hour 1 – Coverage on Gold, Oil, Ecuador, and The Fed
Hour 1 – The Sectors That Are Catching Our Eye
A Full 2 Hours With A Focus On Copper And Metals Stocks
Hour 1 – Investment and Markets – Recapping This Year So Far
Unique Silver Positions, Financing Discrepancies, And An Update From Novo Resources
Market Volatility, PMs Recent Bounce, And A Special Novo Update
Market Volatility And Treasuries Are The Key Markets To Watch
Uranium and End Of Cycle Thinking
Joe Mazumdar Extended Version – Precious Metals, Base Metals, Battery Metals, and Uranium
Remembering Black Monday and Metals Commentary
Varying Opinions on What is Pushing Down Safe Haven Assets
Politics Moving Markets Short Term But What Is the Big Picture?
International Impacts on Precious Metals and Company Updates
Weekend Show Preview – Joe Mazumdar on quality vs leverage gold stocks