Key Market Internals For Gold and Silver
Hour 1 – The Shaky Equity Markets Post Election And Fed Meeting
What A Bottom For Metals Looks Like
Uranium Failed Breakout and How A Rising USD Will End Up Being Good For Gold
Still Waiting For The Minimum Upside Targets For Gold, GDX, and GDXJ To Be Reached
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Updates on GDX, Yields, and Jordan’s New Uranium Index
How Far Can This Bump In Metals Go?
A Bounce Worth Playing In The Metals
USD Pullback Targets and Key Levels For Silver and GDX
Hour 1 – Comments On Uranium, Rate Cutting Cycles, and Company Updates
Is Gold Now Finally Due For A Bounce
The Relationship between Gold and Gold Stocks
Hour 2 – Focusing On The Resource Sector
GDX – Watch The Price Action and Be Careful
Separating The Signals From The Noise For Metals Prices
Hour 1 – Market Leaders and What Actually Matters For The Markets
Why The S&P Is The One To Watch For The Gold Price
Hour 1 – Oversold Markets And Central Banks Continuing To Tinker
Sentiment Points To A Bounce In Gold, But It Needs To Be Strong