GDX – Watch The Price Action and Be Careful
Separating The Signals From The Noise For Metals Prices
Hour 1 – Market Leaders and What Actually Matters For The Markets
Why The S&P Is The One To Watch For The Gold Price
Hour 1 – Oversold Markets And Central Banks Continuing To Tinker
Sentiment Points To A Bounce In Gold, But It Needs To Be Strong
Watch The Gold CoT Report And SIL For Market Moves
The Dominoes That Need To Fall To Push PMs Higher
Similarities To 1999-2001 – Interest Rates, US Markets, PMs and Commodities
A Full 2 Hours With A Focus On Copper And Metals Stocks
Weekend Show Preview – USD And Gold Vs Foreign Currencies
Metals vs Rising Rates and Bright Spots In The Junior Sector
The Factors And Markets Keeping A Lid On Metals
What Can Move Metals Stocks Now?
Some Negative Factors To Consider For Gold
Encouraging Signs For PMs But Still No Breakouts
Beside War Here Are Some Factors To Consider For The Metals
Should We Focus On Yields Or US Equities To Assess PMs?
The Correlation Between Gold, USD, and The 10 Year Yield
Gold and Silver Prices With Stock Commentary