The market is going all in for risk on assets. We discuss moves in US markets, gold vs Bitcoin trade, and USD weakness
A focus on the breakout sectors – Electric Vehicles, Bitcoin, and Alternative Energy
Vaccine news and flash US PMI data – What does it mean for the stimulus trade?
Market rotation continues but is it too early? And look at the continued run in Bitcoin
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Cryptocurrency update – Price move updates and a new financing mechanism using Bitcoin
Safe Haven Outlook – Bonds, Gold, and even Bitcoin
Bitcoin Trading Update – As much talk as there is about Bitcoin as a safe haven it’s still in a downtrend
Bitcoin vs Gold and the oil market
Updated outlooks for US Markets, GDX, and Bitcoin
Safe Havens, US Markets, Bitcoin, and Energy – All Very Different Trades
Can we be in an environment where buy the dip works across the board?
An argument for a much high Bitcoin price and what could drive it there
Stock moving news out of Boeing and Netflix. Also the 2 year anniversary of Bitcoin’s top!
Bitcoin – A Technical Outlook and Comments On The Safe Haven Argument
Bitcoin Update – Technical outlook, use case developments, and new options trading
Updated Targets For Bitcoin
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