Hour 1 – Filtering through misinformation for metals investors
What currencies and governments could look like when COVID-19 is behind us
Economic data has been worse than in 2008/09. Does the market have it priced in?
Just how strong is the US consumer?
The disconnect behind labeling China a currency manipulator
Recapping the trade events of the week and corresponding impacts on the currency markets
Key Levels On Some Currencies Related To Metals
Currency and Metals Charts – Don’t Fight The Trend!
Just How Long Can The US Continue To Outperform The Rest Of The World?
US Markets Falling, A Flash Crash In Currencies, and Weak ISM Numbers
Canadian Dollar Correlation To The S&P, Currency Manipulators, and A Shift In Investor Sentiment
More Trump Tweets To Consider
Weekend Show Preview – USD And Gold Vs Foreign Currencies
King Dollar and Trade War Worries Persist
A Major Shift Is Taking Place By Speculators In Currencies
Worst Week for the Dollar since 2015-2016, While Stocks Continue to Recover
Gold Needs To Show Strength In Real Terms
Understanding Volatility For Markets And Currencies
Davos and Currency Moves – USD Continues Its Breakdown
The Politics Around Currencies