This month gold had a false breakout and a false breakdown
The Government Funding Bill, US Markets fighting For a Bottom, and Gold Popping
Hour 1 – This hour is all about the aggressive move to cash
Do technicals even matter in these fear driven markets?
Hour 1 – Making Sense Of The Washout In Precious Metals Stocks
Stimulus and interventions helping stocks but not the precious metals
Are we in a full on panic stage for the metals markets?
After yesterday’s bloodbath for metals stocks here’ are some investing thoughts
GDX and Silver Still Have Some Work To Do For A Closing Monthly Breakout
An argument to build up cash in both risk on and risk off portfolios
Negative Real Rate, Fear Around The World, Weaker Economic Data, All Helping To Drive The Precious Metals
Watch Silver and the Gold Stocks Near Breakout Levels
Here are some bullish targets for GDX, gold and silver
A Focus On The Pop In Precious Metals And More Importantly The Stocks
Precious Metals are boring right now but that’s not a bad thing
A wide ranging discussion on gold, GDX, GDXJ, SIL and the strong US Dollar
Oil and base metals are telling a very different story than the US markets
A focus on the moves in gold and gold stocks
Balancing out the risk vs reward in US markets to safe assets
Hour 1 – Treasuries and Precious Metals a Long Term Perspective