Gold, Silver and Gold Miners – Here’s what the charts are telling us
Big picture for gold – Now is a good time to have some cash
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Is the bottom in for the correction in gold?
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Addressing the longer term charts for US markets, gold, and silver
Hour 2 – Making sense of copper’s breakout, gold stocks continued correction, and possible M&A in the sector
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How critical is strength in US markets to the gold stocks?
Making sense of the different market reactions in gold, gold miners, and the juniors over the past 2 trading days
Hour 2 – A Focus On Precious Metals – Gold’s outlook, an M&A transaction, and how to analyze drill results
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Big Picture Precious Metals Commentary – What’s Driving The Move In PMs and PM Stocks?
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A focus on the selloff in metals and metals stocks
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Gold Market Comments – Gold’s inverse correlation to the USD, low volume on the GDX, and CoT report updates