Hour 1 – Market Leaders and What Actually Matters For The Markets
Hour 1 – Oversold Markets And Central Banks Continuing To Tinker
Key Levels To Watch For Gold, Silver, Copper, and Bitcoin
No Bounce Back In The Metals This Week… Should We Be Concerned
Watch The Gold CoT Report And SIL For Market Moves
Reviewing The Short Term Charts For PMs and A Recent M&A
Should We Be Worried? PMs, Energy Metals, Copper
This Week Is Important For The Metals To Stabilize
Hour 1 – Central Bank Recap and Gold Weakness
The Precious Metals Bull Trap
Precious Metals Resilience vs Rate Hikes, Rising USD, Falling Bitcoin –
Silver/Gold ratio working on 7-year breakout!
The Most Important Markets And Sectors To Watch
Chinese Gold Demand and Silver Futures Positions
Similarities To 1999-2001 – Interest Rates, US Markets, PMs and Commodities
Comments On The CRB, Silver, and A Stock Doc IS Watching Closely
Where Is The Next Bounce For The Metals?
Ned Schmidt – The Balance Between Metals Upside vs Downside
Market Wrap – USD, US Markets, Metals
The Markets Most Impacted By A Rising USD