A Balance of fear and massive liquidity in the system
A bounce back in markets today but the treasury market could force the Fed’s hand very soon
Recapping the Fed meeting and statement
There are some amazing extremes in the US bond market right now
Hour 1 – Making Sense Of Risk On and Risk Off Testing Highs
Treasuries, Oil, and Gold – What’s Important To Watch Both Fundamentally and Geo -Politically
Wrapping Up The Couple Headlines That Drove Markets Higher Today
Why Is Gold Lagging The Other Safe Haven Assets?
It’s A Buy Everything Kind Of Market
Hour 1 – Investment Strategies For The Broad Markets and Resources
Just How Powerful Is The Powell Put?
Hour 1 – A Look Into 2019
Did The Markets Just Throw A Temper Tantrum?
The Sectors That Are Performing Well – Gold and Treasuries
How Sustainable Is The Move Into Safe Haven Assets?
If US Market Turmoil Increases Where Is The Money Going To Flow?
The Odd Couple Trade and Is Powell Going To Backtrack?
Rising Yields – It’s Just Getting Going
The Uptrend In Rates Could Pick Up Some Steam
The Long Term Charts Tell A Very Different Story For The USD and Bonds