Hour 1 – Generalist Investors You Should Be Listening To
Important Charts and Trends For US Markets and USD:Gold
What Matters Today – US Markets Selling Off, USD Breaking Out, and Liquidity Is Still Around
Key Factors For US Markets, Europe, and The Chinese Economy
Hour 1 – The Shaky Equity Markets Post Election And Fed Meeting
Market Internals Continue To Tell Us A Worrisome Story
Doc’s Election Predictions Along With Some Market Calls
Stagflation and Market Liquidity
Post Election – Any Changes Coming From The Government or The Fed?
6 Charts The Show Just How Much Money Has Moved Bearish
US Markets Bouncing And USD Further Breaking Out
Key Support Levels For The Markets To Watch After This Bounce
Oil and Oil Stocks – Is The Bounce Coming?
US Markets – It Won’t Happen Right Away But Global Pressures Will Be The Main Drivers
Next Week Has Some Major Events To Prepare For
Hour 1 – The Key Characteristics To Understand This Market Pullback
What are the odds of a long term market top here?
How This Market Selloff Is Different Than Earlier This Year – Economic Data
The Bullish And Bearish Case For US Markets
The Breakdown In The S&P Has 2000 and 2007 Similarities & 2 Commodities To Watch