A true assessment of the trade into risk on assets and out of risk off assets
Technicals vs Fundamentals – One is working much better for market predictions right now
The technical levels to watch for the S&P and a couple trades as we end earnings season
How irrational markets can play havoc on investors psyche
US Markets continue to ignore the protests but look to the US Dollar which is breaking lower
Liquidity is helping investors ignore all the global tension and weak economic data
During this rotation in the markets continue to focus on the leading sectors
Market wrap focused on the escalating tensions between the US and China
The opportunities in gold and uranium stocks
The rotation trade continues, central bank news out of Europe, and an outlook for safe-haven assets
What could possibly change this optimism bull?
The S&P is at a key level where bears might have to throw in the towel
Hour 1 – Extended Interviews with Rick Bensignor and Joe Mazumdar
Precious Metals Comments To Wrap Up The Week
The balance between COVID fears, US and China trade tensions, economic data, QE… What’s going to drive markets through summer?
The COVID-19 Shutdown Impact On The Economy And Markets
What’s truly driving these markets… Fed, Vaccine, Other Central Banks?
US Markets, Metals and Oil
A Reflationary trade on the back of Powell’s comments
Sector Rotation or Inflationary Trade