Hour 1 – Key Considerations For The Markets and Company Updates
What Sectors Are Impacted By Tariffs And What’s The Long Game
Rick Is Back! Comments on US Markets, Yields and Gold
Trade War Fears, International Red Flags, All Deflation Concerns not Inflation
The Market Continues To Ignore The Fed
The International Safe Have Play Of US Stocks, USD, and PMs
Key Considerations For Tech, Small Cap, and Energy
The Most Important Markets And Sectors To Watch
Are The US Markets Right To Be Ignoring Everything On Tap Next Week?
Tech and Small Caps Driving Markets – Where To Look Next
Similarities To 1999-2001 – Interest Rates, US Markets, PMs and Commodities
US Markets Being Lead By Tech, Small Caps, and Share Buybacks
More Tariff News Driving Markets Down But Small Caps Holding Up
Is Dow 20,000 In The Picture?
Today Is Nothing More Than A Washout Day
USD Impacts On Emerging Markets and Commodities
The Case For High Oil And High US Markets
Where To Find Value During The Everything Bubble
Noteworthy Market Closes This Week
What Can Move Metals Stocks Now?