Hour 1 – Investment Strategies For The Broad Markets and Resources
The Markets This Week – The Trend Is Still Up For US Markets
Targets For Gold, Silver and The S&P
Just How Powerful Is The Powell Put?
Gold vs The Stock Market – Can You Really Consider This Outperformance?
What Yields Are Predicting For The US Markets
Comments On US Markets, The USD, Gold, and GDX
US Markets – High Impact Potential Topping Patterns
The Slow Dull Ache Will Continue
Are The US Markets Consolidating or Starting To Breakdown?
Metals, US vs. Global Markets, and The FAANG Stocks Coming Back
Looking Ahead This Week – ECB Meeting, Jobs Data, and A Wild Market Reversal
Hour 1 – US Economic Data, Resource M&A Activity, and An Update From Novo Resources
The 2nd Most Overbought Historical Level For The S&P
Balancing A Pullback In US Markets And PMs At The Same Time
Don’t Fight The Fed… But Also Look To Other Sectors That Can Benefit
Do The US Markets Need To Crash To Help Gold Breakout?
2,800 Key Resistance For The S&P and An Update On Earnings Reports This Week
Hour 1 – The Truth About The Recent Strength In The Gold Market
The Importance Of Deciphering Why Certain Investments Are Moving Higher