A Focus on Base Metals

November 28, 2017

Today Doc and I focus on base metals in general with some comments on copper, nickel and the CRB index. Base metals have performed well this year but we assess what 2018 might hold. We also discuss the factors that are driving the moves higher.

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    Nov 28, 2017 28:27 PM

    Chinese Investors Making Big Bets On Copper
    Palisade Research November 21, 2017

    Nov 28, 2017 28:35 PM

    Since I know Doc & Cory and some other contributors here on the KER follow the Uranium space, this recent occurrence with NexGen leaving an investment conference early on “good news” is worth keeping and eye on:


    @Goldfinger – “There’s a YouTube video of the conference in Zurich, Leigh doesn’t show up and they say that NexGen had to leave early for urgent matters.”
    — about 2 hours ago

    @PamplonaTrader – “broke news earlier in my private chat that Leigh had to abruptly leave from the Swiss Mining Institute conference before making his presentation for urgent matters. Apparently, good things coming. #uranium”
    — 2 hrs ago

    @JKMD43 – “Also, just to clarify your comment “Leigh had to abruptly leave from the Swiss Mining Institute conference”, I did not actually confirm whether or not NXE was in attendance. What I do know, is that NXE did not present at the conference in Geneva and did leave Switzerland early. Also, this conference was on the 24th so they likely have been back for a few days.”
    — 2 hrs ago

    @anonymous – “I don’t think the CEO of Nexgen would plan to do a presentation on a global platform and leave abruptly without even giving warning to the speaker unless it was significant news. The fact that Travis Mcpherson confirmed it was good news, makes me think its either a buy out or another major discovery. Either way its a good thing for anyone who has stocks in this company. *fingerscrossed”
    — about an hour ago

    @Goldfinger – “Usually a situation like that (in which CEO cancels a public presentation at the last moment) would have to be discussions pertaining to a JV or a full takeover. Something which could not be discussed publicly while negotiations were ongoing. A company would want to be as tight lipped as possible during that time. If it had been drill results they would just release them to the market as soon as they were available. Difficult to imagine what else it could be…. $NXE $uranium”
    — about an hour ago

    @PamplonaTrader – “@Goldfinger I see it all the time in biotech/pharma where the company cancels out of a conference and shortly after there is corp action. Cancellations from conferences are a very tradeable event for biotechs/pharma.”
    —10 about an hour ago

    @Searunner – “You guys are gonna make me pee my pants! :-)”

    Nov 28, 2017 28:14 PM

    $JAG $JAGGF Jaguar Mining Drills 13.7 Metres of 17.72 g/t Gold at Turmalina Gold Mine

    > “Orebody A key intercepts: 72g/t Au over 13.7m (ETW 10.2m) including 40.81g/t over 5.2m (ETW 3.87m),4.46g/t Au over 19.05m (ETW 11m) including 16.37g/t Au over 2.2m (ETW 1.27m) and 6.39g/t Au over 5.65m (ETW 5m).”

    > “Orebody C key intercepts: 15g/t Au over 1.75m (ETW 1.65m), 3.51g/t Au over 4.10m (ETW 3.95m) and 4.57g/t Au over 3.85m (ETW 3.46m), which is the deepest intercept on this orebody to-date close to level 9, or 300 m below current operational infrastructure on level 3.”

      Nov 28, 2017 28:17 PM

      Rodney Lamond, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Mining commented

      “We are very pleased to announce these positive results and the successful start of our growth exploration drilling program at Turmalina. Drilling from the first 18 holes focused on targeting down-plunge extensions to the high-grade Orebody A at depth, while also targeting extensions of Orebody C at shallower depths. These results confirm significant wide, high-grade gold mineralization within the primary orebodies at Turmalina. The multiple high-grade intercepts validate the geological model and confirm significant upside potential to grow the resource base at Turmalina. To date in 2017, we have successfully completed more than 20,000 meters of a targeted diamond drilling exploration and growth program across of our core assets. Our priority was to focus on upgrading and converting our resources and on growth drilling to increase and add new resources. We look forward to reporting updated mineral resources and mineral reserves in early 2018 that will reflect the excellent results we have achieved throughout this year.”

    Nov 28, 2017 28:01 PM

    Tweet Storm

    November 28, 2017/by Peter Brandt

    “While on Twitter last night, I engaged followers in an unscripted Q&A session. The exercise was quite enjoyable in fact and we thought we would share the experience on the website today. Here is a transcript of that Tweet Storm for you.”

    Nov 28, 2017 28:02 PM

    Your Bank Account, Not The Government, Will Be Bailing Out The Big Banks When We Crash

    Nov. 27, 2017 – Avi Gilburt

    Nov 28, 2017 28:20 PM

    I wonder how long avi has been saying that, a few people on the blogs have been saying that for years now.
    At least since cyprus, 2012-2013.

    Diversify those bank accounts might be good advice.

      Nov 28, 2017 28:12 PM

      Diversification of assets is key.

      Nov 28, 2017 28:37 PM

      Like you say b……….we have been talking about BAIL INS…..for a long time, Avi is just copying old news……

    Nov 28, 2017 28:31 PM

    Thinking about it, a bail in might be just what the banks need.
    People will start to withdraw what they can, other than those people already digital.

    But once enough people start to take cash the banks only need to say they dont have enough cash, use your debit cards.

    That could be the quick transition to cashless theyve wanted forever.

    Nov 28, 2017 28:41 PM

    Oh No…..Grinch at work………..6700 store closings this year , triple last year.

      Nov 28, 2017 28:42 PM

      Sears NoBuck on the ropes……..

    Nov 28, 2017 28:19 PM

    So if no one else is going to say it, I will.
    And Bitcoin went over $10,000.00 by itself today.
    Not counting the
    Bitcoin Cash
    Bitcoin Gold
    Bitcoin Diamond
    that came as a dividend for those early holders of the Bitcoin.

    Nov 28, 2017 28:15 PM

    More Hilly Billy tar mac meeting ……30 more pages from FBI , which just found them…lol

      Nov 28, 2017 28:16 PM

      Time to Clean House at the FBI……..

    Nov 28, 2017 28:40 PM

    Yep it did John. Wow what a year for bitcoin. I remember saying to Excelsior a couple of months back that it seemed a fair chance of doing so but to do it with more than a month to spare is truly remarkable. We live in interesting times

      Nov 28, 2017 28:15 PM

      Agreed Ozibatla, we are living in interesting times…… Good call mate!

    Nov 28, 2017 28:50 PM

    I have just finished listening to the latest edition of ‘Masters in Business’, where Barry Ritholtz interviews Felix Zulauf. Great stuff – especially Felix’ theory of an upcoming down-cycle due to less expansive policies in China; by 2020 Felix’ predicts that Chinese policies will expand again in order to secure a reelection of President Xi Jinping.

    Listen to Felix Zulauf Discusses the Evolution of Markets fra Masters in Business i Podcasts.

    Nov 29, 2017 29:15 AM

    Hi KE-family.
    How do you interpretate this article on Novo Res?
    Could be nice to hear your poin of views 🙂

      Nov 29, 2017 29:00 AM

      Please take this note as just information…..
      But, Bob M…at 321gold has a good take on the subject….just in case you missed it…
      best…….ootb Jerry

    Nov 29, 2017 29:32 AM

    Epic crash is imminent in Canada, I have thought this way for years, our economy is debt ridden like a cockroach hotel. DT

      Nov 29, 2017 29:16 AM

      Little extreme I would think. Yes as interest rates rise people’s debts will become more of an issue as they can’t borrow against there houses ever increasing value anymore when real estate levels off and eventually corrects. However that correction will not be as deep as in the US.

        Nov 29, 2017 29:30 AM

        The Canadian private debt to GDP is the highest in the world according to Trading Economics………………..According to Report

          Nov 29, 2017 29:31 AM

          I think there are some other reports out there that indicate Aussie is higher

    Nov 29, 2017 29:02 AM