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August 7, 2018

I am happy to introduce a new guest to the program Josef Schachter, Founder and Editor of The Schachter Energy Report. There are not many truly independent energy analysts but when I started reading over Josef’s work it really stood out to me. I will be having Josef back on the show on a more regular basis but int he meantime click the link below to visit his website.

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Click here to visit the Schachter Energy Report website.

    Aug 07, 2018 07:02 AM

    Jerry…Great to see you are back .
    Now all we need is the Captain , (AL) back , to keep this site sailing in the right direction.

      Aug 07, 2018 07:24 AM

      Hello Irish ……..thanks….glad to be back….

        Aug 07, 2018 07:25 AM

        Hoping all is well on your side of the ocean……….

          Aug 07, 2018 07:41 AM

          Welcome back Jerry…Big Al’s political sector has been missing your contributions.

          BREAKING: DC Court Orders DOJ to Preserve Comey Emails

          On Monday, SaraACarter dot com reported that government watchdog, Judicial Watch had filed a motion in the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia, requesting that the Department of Justice preserve records from former FBI Director James Comey’s personal email account.

          The organization announced Tuesday that the Department of Justice has been ordered to preserve those email records and must review and release any “responsive, non-exempt records” to Judicial Watch by September 28.

            Aug 07, 2018 07:20 PM

            MTF……..thanks for thinking of me…….

      Aug 07, 2018 07:45 AM

      Now that Alex Jones has been banned by Facebook maybe we can get him to fill in for Al till he returns.

        Aug 07, 2018 07:21 PM

        Alex could not hold a candle with the group at KER….. 🙂

        Aug 08, 2018 08:50 AM

        Would be a seamless transition, they have such similar styles! hehehe 😉

    Aug 07, 2018 07:15 AM

    A DSI of 6 means people were really negative on gold. And a simple glance at your favorite shares will show while the temperature may be hot outside, the markets have been colder than a well digger’s ass. That should change. When the DSI gets above 90, think about taking some money off the table. If it gets to 94, dump everything.

    -Bob Moriarty

    Love this guy.

    Aug 07, 2018 07:48 AM

    Matthew, yesterday Charles and I bought USAS but Doc says he is waiting for 2.25.
    Are you buying more? You have not changed your opinion of it have you? Thanks.

      Aug 07, 2018 07:42 PM

      Bonzo, few investors are best served by attempting to buy at one target but I do not doubt that USAS will reach 2.25 (or even lower).
      With your long term approach and target for the stock, I think it would be silly not to add to your position right now. There’s no guarantee that it is going lower and if silver perks up, zinc will have a harder time having its way with it.

      Aug 07, 2018 07:48 PM

      A good bounce or even a significant low could happen very soon…

        Aug 07, 2018 07:50 PM
          Aug 07, 2018 07:06 PM

          Thanks, Matthew. I think those who buy USAS now will be very glad they did in a couple of years. Let us know when they ring the bell at the bottom and I’ll buy more.

    Aug 07, 2018 07:02 PM

    Hi Bonzo –

    Another silver miner that I am watching with great interest and that I know Matthew and Ex. both like is Avino Silver. On the weekly chart, the stock has undercut its low from January 2016 and it just closed a gap dating back mid 2016 which was in the early stages of the 2016 breakout. I am not buying any right now as the 10 and 20 week moving averages are both still pointed down and stock is trading within a well defined downtrend currently, but it bears watching for a possible entry point.

      Aug 07, 2018 07:53 PM

      Yes, that’s a good one that just might have already bottomed…

        Aug 07, 2018 07:54 PM

        Here’s a “cleaner” look…

          Aug 07, 2018 07:48 PM

          Thanks for the charts Matthew. Nice to see you are still lurking! : )

            Aug 07, 2018 07:02 PM

            Matthew – What are your charts on ISVLF telling you? To me it looks like it could continue down for while, possibly into the end of August.

            Aug 07, 2018 07:13 PM

            Morris Hubbart has just turned very bullish on silver miners. I have AG, EXK,HL, USAS, PAAS, SSRI, TAHO, SVLB, MUX, PSLV, and WPM, so I am ready for a roaring silver bull even without any CDE or Avino.

            Aug 07, 2018 07:32 PM

            That is a good list. I hope Morris is right.

            Aug 07, 2018 07:01 PM

            I forgot I also own AXU.

            Aug 07, 2018 07:26 PM

            Still here, just didn’t have access to a computer and don’t like to post with my phone.

            You’re probably right about ISVLF but I have a feeling it will go more sideways than down.


            Aug 07, 2018 07:30 PM

            I don’t like the way the dollar has been holding up on the weekly chart…

            Aug 07, 2018 07:38 PM

            Short term, the dollar is mixed and does not look like it deliver a big move (up or down)…

            Aug 07, 2018 07:47 PM
            Aug 07, 2018 07:54 PM

            Based on the weekly RSI(14), gold hasn’t been so oversold since July, 2013…

            Aug 08, 2018 08:03 AM

            Thanks for the chart of ISVLF. It seems like there is a lot of room for the RSI to move down. I don’t know if the stock will get all the way back to .20, but it seems like a double bottom in some form will materialize. Regarding the dollar, I am also surprised it has hung up so well. It looks like to me that any dollar weakness might be short lived, but there are so many cross currents in the market at present its anybody’s guess.

    Aug 07, 2018 07:55 PM

    Good to hear Schachter mention Dome Petroleum, my biggest holding in 1977
    Whatever became of Smiling Jack Gallagher? Too bad his Beaufort Sea dreams went poof!

    Aug 07, 2018 07:07 PM

    Stewart Thomson article:

    Second to last chart regarding U.S. presidents impact on the dollar is interesting.