The Odd Couple Trade and Is Powell Going To Backtrack?

November 15, 2018

Chris Temple took some time today to share his thoughts on the odd couple trade which has been relevant recently. With safe havens like the USD, Yen, treasuries, and gold moving higher maybe this is just the start of a longer term move. Also of note were some recent comments by Powell addressing the weakness from around the world and the short term sugar highs of US policy. Just maybe the Fed might be stopping the rate hikes before the so called neutral rate is reached.

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    Nov 15, 2018 15:01 PM

    Teresa May British Scum:

    EU SCUM Model.

    Nov 15, 2018 15:50 PM

    Capitalism fails without checks and balances.
    For without checks eventually some companies become big and monopolistic and use their power to maintain their position; rather than produce the best goods at the best price they become predatory or charge too much.
    They use money to pay lobbyists to buy laws that give the bigger companies an edge in the marketplace….or cheaper labor….or suppress competition.

    Likewise pure democracy always fails in the long run, because again money is used to buy votes.
    There is always a need for checks and balances. That is the point of government really: to enact laws in the best interest of all the people.

    One problem is that the power of incumbency is too great. Either people become too lazy and just vote the status quo most of the time or are not educated enough to know better. Entrenched long-term politicians become corrupt eventually. Power always seems to corrupt. The US learned that lesson and put in term limits for the President, but in general politicians will never limit their own power. We need checks and balances. The best I know of is TERM LIMITS.

    For BREXIT, Ms May voted against it. She should have resigned…..the honest thing to do.
    But power corrupts. BREXIT should have happened already, but foot-dragging has soured the concept is many minds; people get bored too easily in this day and age.
    What will happen in the future is hard to predict. Many Brits are tired of rule by unelected bureaucrats, but also many Brits are content to just receive hand-outs, not realizing until it will be too late to realize the European socialist model is unsustainable.

      Nov 15, 2018 15:17 PM

      Capitalism requires the rule of law (same rules for everyone). Without it, capitalism doesn’t fail, it ceases to exist. Politicians peddling favors to the highest bidder is not capitalism and is not a flaw of capitalism.

      Democracy is not at all what it’s cracked up to be; why do you think governments everywhere promote it and want everyone to vote?

    Nov 15, 2018 15:56 PM

    I live in the real world!

    For sure democracy does not work in the US when Democrats are still allowed to keep adding votes. I wonder when the voting will end in Florida.

      Nov 16, 2018 16:08 AM

      Everyone is sure that THEY live in the real world! 🙄

    Nov 15, 2018 15:56 PM
    Nov 15, 2018 15:47 PM


    From 8Chan…

    The Day of Reckoning is at hand! We arrived at this crucial moment in history and the decision that hangs-in-the-balance is yours. The enemy is at the door, this is for “all-the-marbles” and there is no turning back—choose wisely.

    Two years ago, November 2016, the greatest political victory in history occurred when a man, without a party, who couldn’t be bought, who couldn’t be controlled by the establishment, single-handedly defeated the most corrupt and destructive regime in history and prevented the most vile and corrupt criminal in history from assuming her coveted throne of power. This month marks the second year since that glorious victory. The course of human history was literally changed and the plot to destroy and enslave America was foiled. America has been handed a gift, one more chance, a golden opportunity. The choice is simple but will cost you everything. Good versus Evil, the battle is raging.

    Already wealthy, already famous, already a powerful business elite, giving up his retirement years, nothing to gain personally, this man relentlessly pushes forward, and tirelessly FIGHTS the corrupt and failed government system to once again return power to “We the People.” With no motive of personal gain, he donates his salary to charity and pushes forward everyday to restore America and return to traditional values.

    A significant threat to those who controlled the levers-of-power in Washington and wealth, DJT is viciously and relentless attacked by the corrupt media machine, 24/7 non-stop. Smears on his character and family, continue to increase on an unprecedented scale, never witnessed in the history upon a single individual. Non-sourced, baseless, fact-less, attempts to delegitimize POTUS persist. The MSM, partnered with the failed and corrupt establishment, have persisted their coordinated attacks since DJT announced his bid for the presidency. The true irony in the backfired coup attempt, the MSM has nearly lost all credibility and relevance, while POTUS remains untainted and unscathed, enduring a nearly three-year barrage of vicious coordinated attacks. While the attacks only increase, their impact decreases—out of ammo, the MSM continue to fire blanks. The MSM Master is the “The Father of Liars” and they continue his legacy, spreading LIES, propaganda, and FAKE NEWS

    And along came Q……………..

    DJT, is at the cross-road in the history of our civilization, faced with the herculean task to RECLAIM control of our government and restore power to “We the People.” History will prove President Donald J. Trump to be one of the greatest Presidents in U.S. history, right up there with the one who Founded America and He, the one who saved America.

    The treasonous enemy made a fatal mistake. The Hussein eight-year reign-of-destruction deliberately attempted to destroy and weaken the U.S. military. This flawed strategy failed to account for the American Soldier and Patriot. Hussein attempted to destroy the lives and careers of great and honorable Patriots like General Michael Flynn, (The Iron Patriot). Never having served himself, Hussein greatly under-estimated the resolve, loyalty, and determination of the American Soldier. The American Soldier, who proudly serves, is driven by his love for America and his dedication to Duty, Honor, and Country. The typical battle-hardened Soldier is able to go for months with little to no sleep in his quest to accomplish the mission to preserve Freedom and keep America Safe for our loved ones. Hussein unknowingly kindled a fire that cannot be quenched. The U.S. Military, Veterans, and Patriots will FIGHT and will not yield to the evil agenda attempting to destroy America. Having no skin color, you see, the same patriotism that founded America is in their DNA and flows in the blood of the Patriots determined to take America back and we bleed Red, White, and Blue.

    I don’t know who Q is but I do know that Q pulled back the curtain for the world to see, revealing the evil crimes and world-wide mass corruption of those who stole our government. The sweetest, most beautiful language on earth is “Truth” but it is also now a forbidden language. Relentless efforts are being made as we speak to eradicate it from this earth. Those caught speaking “Truth” are viciously attacked, imprisoned, or even murdered, (Ex. @tommyrobinson). Q speaks Truth clearly and fluently but only a chosen few can understand this dying language. The true Patriot, the Anon, the Autist, and those who seek truth can hear and understand.

    World-wide corruption runs deep. You cannot just cut down the trees of evil without first pulling up the roots or they will just grow back. POTUS is engaged in the herculean task of removing this evil and corruption but he discovered that the roots are global and have been nourished for many years. The one good thing I can say about Hussein is that he awakened the Sleeping-Giant in America and that Giant will never sleep again until America is restored and our families are safe.

    The BRILLIANCE of Q leverages planning and strategy of the highest caliber and POTUS embracing the Q movement is another indication of sheer genius. Military strategists and planners understand that mission changes and FRAGOs are reality to adapt to the enemy’s tactics. Q’s is brilliantly adjusting strategy as needed to conquer this determined enemy. Those of us tracking the Q drops must realize that even published drops and timelines may change and it is not for us to know every single move but our job is to trust the chess-masters.

    As we speak, POTUS, Q, dedicated Patriots, Anons, Autists, and the most brilliant “Super-Elite Patriots” are working around the clock to, WAKE AMERICA UP, FIGHT evil and corruption, Spread Truth, Expose Frauds, and restore power to We the People.

    Nov 15, 2018 15:28 PM

    USWatchdog Weekly Wrap

    Nov 15, 2018 15:42 PM

    Meanwhile in California with a capitalization of less than $10 Billion, looks like it might face liability of over $15 Billion, if it is demonstrated that the Camp fire is due to their lack of maintenance.