Wrapping up the markets – The fear trade is making a comeback

May 1, 2020

US markets are pulling back today while gold, the USD, and Yen are moving higher. This is a classic fear trade that could be picking up steam.

Chris Temple joins me to outline why he thinks the fear trade will continue for a number of reasons. We also discuss the recent divergence between gold stock and US markets.

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    May 01, 2020 01:25 PM

    I yielded to temptation for the 3rd time this week and bought more LOMLF today@.86
    and yet I feel I want more. I wonder if Frieda, Doc, Chris,and Matthew own any Lion One?
    Happy May Day! This is also Wellington’s birthday. I am glad he beat Napoleon.

      May 01, 2020 01:21 PM

      The Irish have always been fighters. More so after drinking too much on a Saturday night.

      May 01, 2020 01:07 PM

      Bonzo I’m with you on Lion One Metals and believe we will be rewarded handsomely as their 3 drill rigs start turning this season. I just added to my position earlier this week.

    May 01, 2020 01:15 PM

    Happy, rule of law day!!
    My president just took a cabal celebration day (May Day) and turned it into a celebration of the ‘republic’.

      May 01, 2020 01:51 PM

      Thanks for posting……

    May 01, 2020 01:37 PM

    ” to observe this day by reflecting upon the importance of the rule of law in our Nation and displaying the flag of the United States in support of this national observance:

    Looking up and down my street, there was not a star or a stripe to be seen.

    May 01, 2020 01:05 PM

    There is hardly a Regulator to be seen at the Federal level either. Law not effective unless regulated. Deregulation is not working.

      May 01, 2020 01:30 PM

      It is a MAD HOUSE……..out there…..congress is full of crooks and most of the FBI should be in jail……along with most of congress, and the past administration.

      May 01, 2020 01:47 PM

      Deregulation has been working just great for the most part. The rich get richer. The powerful, more so.

    May 01, 2020 01:36 PM

    No worries about the corrupt, OOTB.
    The hammer is about to ,, drop!

      May 01, 2020 01:41 PM

      I am waiting…….. 🙂

        May 01, 2020 01:38 PM

        …and waiting…and waiting…

          May 01, 2020 01:11 PM

          Yeah, I thought they were going to do mass arrests on the sealed indictments last month and there was going to be 3 days of internet/phone darkness. What are the white hats waiting for. Originally they stated that with everyone locked down they’d make their move, but now people are coming out of lockdown and they’ve missed the window…. unless they never really were going to do to the mass arrests in the first place. Still waiting for justice and the corrupt to be rounded up, but not holding my breath about it happening any time soon.

            May 01, 2020 01:34 PM

            Justice Is Not microwave popcorn.

            The deep state took control from 1860 to 1871. And to unwind the corporation (and the players) takes time.
            In summary: (as a hunter) Let “it” come ‘close’ for the “kill”.

    May 01, 2020 01:11 PM

    Seems like the rich should have reached a satisfaction level by now. Where do they keep it all…JP Morgan vault or a Swiss Mountain? Why don’t they just retire to the Cayman Islands and let some kind of normalcy return to markets. Serfdom is fine for a few but it really doesn’t seem necessary.

      May 02, 2020 02:01 AM

      The rich will never reach satisfaction……all is vanity……