Hour 1 – Markets and Metals – Featuring Rick Bensignor, Brien Lundin, and Great Bear Resources

July 18, 2020
Full First Hour

On this weekend’s show I focus on some key moves in the US Dollar and international markets that impact the trade into a wide range of commodities. This continues to be a market where you stick with winning sectors.

I hope you all enjoy this weekend’s show. Please keep sending me your questions for all the companies I feature on the show as well as any other stocks you are investing in. You can always reach me at

  • Segment 1 & 2 – Rick Bensignor kicks off the show with comments on the recent US Dollar weakness. International markets have been out preforming US markets with the US Dollar moving down. This can directly carry over to a wide range of commodities and currencies.
  • Segment 3 – Brien Lundin and I focus on the junior stock sector. We discuss the recent performance of new stocks and a couple silver stocks that are performing very well.
  • Segment 4 – We get an update from Great Bear Resources (TSX.V:GBR & OTCQX:GTBAF). Chris Taylor, President and CEO of Great Bear answers your questions ranging from the potential sale of the project to the current exploration. Click here to watch the recording of the recent webinar.

Exclusive Company Interviews This Week.

Rick Bensignor
Brien Lundin
Chris Taylor – Great Bear Resources

    Jul 18, 2020 18:52 AM

    Been a pleasure as always listening to all the great interviews gentlemen…..if I could make a suggestion…would it be possible to list the names of the companies that guests mention….it might only be me but sometimes I cant understand the name mentioned and have no idea what spelling to use to find it…only a slight inconvenience when compared to the great information supplied

      Jul 18, 2020 18:49 AM

      Wolfster – That is a good suggestion on listing the stock symbols or names mentioned in a particular interview, or at least pausing to get the ticker when a company name is mentioned.

      Thanks to Cory and all the KER contributors for all the great interviews & information, and another great weekend show.

    Jul 18, 2020 18:57 AM

    Hey Ex. I guess the timing was off(or spot on depending on how you look at) regarding red white and bloom…the day after you mentioned it as a possibility since it hadn’t moved yet it decided to pop a little. Selective pot stocks are once again making nice moves that are under radar. The IMCC has still has no followers on any boards I follow. Just how I like it. Being in early

      Jul 18, 2020 18:56 AM

      I’ve been so preoccupied with the Gold and Silver market that I haven’t finished my researching in the pots. When I looked at IMCC it just looks so inflated because it already ran from $.01 to $1.45 in a year. Surely some investors are following it, but it’s harder for me to value these companies versus the valuations that investors have pushed them up to already.

      Yeah, I had been reading your post over at and red white and bloom looked interesting, Again, I have a lot of homework and still don’t have a good understanding of the different facets of the sector – flowers, concentrates, vapes, beverages, edibles, etc….

      Thanks for the update though, and I appreciate you sharing your insights Wolfster.

    Jul 18, 2020 18:20 AM

    Uranium stocks sure came alive yesterday. Thanks to Excelsior for his excellent breakdown of uranium companies by subsector a few months ago!

      Jul 18, 2020 18:40 AM

      Simpleman – yes, I’ve watching the Uranium stocks start to stir and the conditions are set up well for this sector to keep moving higher, as it the supply issues went from potentially an issue, to a clear real supply issue now. Good luck to you in your investing.

        Jul 20, 2020 20:46 AM

        EX – could you by chance re-share your breakdown of the sector for those of us who missed it?

    Jul 18, 2020 18:10 AM

    Silver just broke out of its big, falling 4-year channel and looks great. This is a brand new bull market for silver and now that it is finally joining/confirming gold, the whole sector will benefit.

      Jul 18, 2020 18:20 AM

      Good stuff Matthew! Your inserted text helps to add that extra bit of directional clarity to your charting. Thx!

        Jul 18, 2020 18:36 AM

        One more bit of text I could have added would have explained that the lower channel line gets its angle from the upper channel line which is based on the highs of 2016 and 2019. The upper and lower channel lines are perfectly parallel to one another.

        Jul 18, 2020 18:28 AM

        ditto on the charts…..good stuff…….as always….

      Jul 18, 2020 18:46 AM

      Agreed. The action this week in Silver was very strong breaking above the 2019 high, and through the downward sloping trend-line from the 2016 high through that 2019 high.

      This was very encouraging and officially confirmed the new upward impulse leg is underway; and it is simultaneously exciting to consider where some of the Silver miners will head from here.

        Jul 18, 2020 18:58 AM

        Silver Chart Showing Massive Upside says Don Durrett

        MiningStockEducation – July 16, 2020

        “Professional mining stock investor Don Durrett of GoldStockData returns to the show to discuss the current precious metals market and share his thoughts on today’s junior gold sector. Don’s technical analysis of the silver chart concludes that “the silver chart is actually stronger than the gold chart” in regards to its potential upside.”

    Jul 18, 2020 18:12 AM
    Jul 18, 2020 18:15 AM
    Jul 18, 2020 18:50 AM

    The miners look ready for significant and imminent further upside:

    Jul 18, 2020 18:52 AM

    Thanks Matt…!

      Jul 18, 2020 18:03 AM


    Jul 18, 2020 18:54 AM
    Jul 18, 2020 18:58 AM

    Patience is often the key to success when you get into a sector everyone deplores after getting burned often. Uranium is a classic example when it had its’ head handed to it a few months ago again—-that was the time to load up. The technicals look very good on the spot price charts.

      Jul 18, 2020 18:21 AM

      Doc – Agreed about the contrarian strategy of getting “into a sector everyone deplores after getting burned often.”

      Great example: “Uranium is a classic example when it had its’ head handed to it a few months ago again—-that was the time to load up.”

      I was personally adding to some of my Uranium stocks during the pullback from late Feb into mid March in most sectors, but I already had lower cost basis positions from buying when Uranium doubled bottomed around $17 and stocks were smashed in late 2016 heading into that nice pop in Q1 2017, and in late 2017 for the pop in early 2018, and a few other sell downs in 2018 and 2019.

      As for the recent pullback a few months back I was adding to positions in:
      – (UUUU) Energy Fuels added to position on March 3rd & March 16th & May 4th
      – (NXE) NexGen added to position on March 11th & (sold a portion back April 27th) added even more May 20th
      – (URG) Ur-Energy added to position on March 16th & March 25th & April 3rd & April 7th
      – (DNN) Denison – started back this position on June 3rd, added more on June 9th & June 10th

      The only 2 positions I didn’t add to the last few months was (UEC) Uranium Energy Corp and (AEC) Anfield Energy, as I’ve just held those shares.

      There are about 6-8 other Uranium stocks I’m considering adding with profits from Precious Metals miners when I trim a few profits in them.

        Jul 18, 2020 18:25 AM

        Ex,my main holdings are UUUU, UEC, DNN, (ton of it), CCJ (always hold at least one major) and ISO.

          Jul 18, 2020 18:26 AM

          Also, NXE.

            Jul 18, 2020 18:30 AM

            Doc well I’m there with you in UUUU, UEC, DNN, and NXE.

            My largest position has been in URG, but UUUU and NXE are pretty sizable as well.

            Jul 18, 2020 18:30 AM

            I tend to now hold my positions on the PM stocks since they have a long way to run yet and will only trade out of those that have had a huge run and look vulnerable on the technicals. As mentioned in the past I also always have a significant cash position to buy into sectors everyone hates like uranium. I learned years ago not to get too greedy since that’s when people’s heads are often handed to them. It’s interesting to hear the Robinhood stories coming out since those kind of stories repeat generation after generation.

            Jul 18, 2020 18:51 AM

            Good buy and hold strategy Doc. I’m a bit more of an active trader, and rebalance my overall portfolio with different sector weightings, and currently it is very lop-sided in favor of Gold and Silver stocks at the heaviest they’ve ever been, and this pulled funds away from Base Metals, Lithium, Uranium etc… I’m just starting to move a few more funds back over to Copper, Zinc, Platinum, Lithium and Uranium, and am doing that by scalping winning trades over in the PM markets. I also have been building up a cash position for the inevitable pullbacks in the Precious Metals along the journey, and any other sectors that start to take off in the resource and energy sector.

            Ever Upward!

          Jul 18, 2020 18:28 AM

          Good Uranium picks Doc. ISO is one of the half dozen I’m considering adding along with PTU, UEX, AL, SYH, PEN.AX, and AZZ.

            Jul 18, 2020 18:32 AM

            Thanks for that info—I’ll have to do some fundamentals and technicals on those companies.

            Jul 18, 2020 18:35 AM

            I also think that the CRB is finally bottoming out and we’re getting set up for a commodities sector super cycle we haven’t seen in years. However, that is not in the near term but it is starting to stir.

            Jul 18, 2020 18:46 AM

            PTU Purepoint – U explorer in Athabasca basin on trend with Nexgen and Fission

            UEX UEX Corp – explorer/prospect generator in Athabasca Basin

            AL ALX Uranium – explorer in Athabasca Basin – has Denison as JV partner on one

            SYH Skyharbour Resources – explorer/prospect generator in Athabasca Basin

            PEN.AX Peninsula Energy – Small insitu producer in US – similar to URG Ur-Energy, except their ISR mines are not currently producing due to low prices

            AZZ Azarga Uranium – Insitu developer proposing to operate in US

            Jul 18, 2020 18:07 PM

            I don’t believe it matters which name you pick, as long as you in a diversified batch. There are a lot of catalysts pointing to a potential surge in spot in the next few months.

            Not financial advice. Good luck Excelsior and Doc

            Jul 18, 2020 18:32 PM

            Thanks Snowy. Yes, I concur that as long as people have a nice diversified basked of Uranium stocks, there are so few of them that when money comes into this tiny sector, then most will float higher on the rising tide.

            Jul 18, 2020 18:31 PM

            Watch out for the NDAA this week. It contains the Russian Suspension Agreement and is a huge catalyst to stop Russian uranium from coming into the US. The senate may bring it to the floor soon

    Jul 18, 2020 18:00 AM

    Posted recently but worth posting again is this XAU speed line breakout:

    From here on, this big bull is unlikely to give us corrections like the one we had following the 2016 top. There will still be sharp and scary pullbacks but probably not nearly so deep and protracted (consuming years).

    Jul 18, 2020 18:01 AM

    I might add that uranium still has a little work to do but the next move has the high probability of being the move that has real legs.

      Jul 18, 2020 18:25 AM

      Agreed Doc. There are many demand drivers from shut & curtailed mines, to Covid-19 shutdowns in Kazakhstan, to producers buying on the spot markets, to utilities having worked through a great deal of their supply. Uranium spot pricing has nearly doubled in price at $32-$33 off it’s double bottom lows in 2016 & 2017 at $17. The technical picture is bullish for higher prices, and the fundamental reality is that Uranium needs to run much higher to the mid $40s to mid $50s to incentivize more production to come back online from US & Eastern block Insitu producers and Canadian hard rock producers, and pricing needs to get back above $60 if it is going to encourage any of the US, Australian, or African hard rock production.

        Jul 18, 2020 18:43 AM

        Better wear your mask, so , you do not get shot, if , you visit the mines….. 🙂

          Jul 18, 2020 18:51 PM

          Yes, the haters will be hiding behind their Green Masks…. 🙂

            Jul 19, 2020 19:14 AM

            People do need to wake up……sorry, I keep saying that……

            Jul 19, 2020 19:57 AM

            By that you mean agree with many on this site. We need to come up with alternatives.

            Jul 19, 2020 19:27 AM

            Alternatives………need to be more biblical balanced……than world balanced…..
            A world view……only , leads to failure……

            Jul 19, 2020 19:23 AM

            Btw…….Owl…… are doing a great job on the other section….

    Jul 18, 2020 18:47 AM

    Excellent points Excelsior. Additionally it’s seems the Democratic Party are becoming more nuclear friendly. I’m happy with URG, UUUU, and NXE for now.

    Jul 18, 2020 18:30 PM

    So I guess this is why palisades global sold their shares @ .265. Probably buying in the pp to get more warrants and throw shares into any market rally. Not impressive deal by triumph management and don’t like the excuse of the deal was put together when share price was lower. Companies with worse properties are getting better deals

      Jul 18, 2020 18:49 PM

      Wolfster, you are likely correct that Palisades was likely selling to get back in the financing and picking up the warrant. I agree that some companies were able to do better financing packages, but they were also larger or more followed companies. Most of the private placements I’ve seen for some time (even lately), have had full warrants attached and many were done below current share prices, which is pretty typical. Just par for the course….

      Regardless I’m just glad they’ll have the funds to get more exploration work going, which will draw more eyeballs to their company, and allow for rerating higher. Triumph is still vastly undervalued with the amount of ounces they have in the ground of Gold & Copper, compared to trending popular stocks that have valuations many multiples higher with far less of a resource size or prior work completed. I’m fine holding Triumph and even adding a bit more in anticipation of their coming increase in market cap as more folks wake up to the size of their resource.

      We are seeing this finally happen in a number of Gold and Silver Developers, as folks review their resources with higher gold prices. Triumph restructured their business model with a higher cutoff to be more conservative and this moved their resources estimate to 2 million proven and probable ounces, but they still have the other 3 million of indicated and inferred ounces (for a total of 5 million ounces). Most deposits of that size are several hundred million in market cap, and TIG is at $105. That gives them plenty of runway to run on.


      (TIG) (TIGCF) Triumph Gold Corporate Presentation

        Jul 18, 2020 18:32 PM

        I think I know most of the stories in the PM sector and then you come up with another one. One of the positives of this stock is the large ownership position by institutions, officers of the company and Newmont. Outside of those 3 there is only a 30% float.

          Jul 18, 2020 18:04 PM

          I’m on board. Nibbled some Friday on the sell off–

          Jul 19, 2020 19:52 AM

          Doc – Yes, having a Major as a stakeholder and a tighter float are nice perks for sure.

            Jul 19, 2020 19:00 AM

            Triumph also have the Andalusite Peak project in British Columbia JV optioned to 2nd Major (Rio Tinto), and that could be a nice secondary value driver for them. If they bought that project from them.

            Jul 19, 2020 19:37 AM

            In today’s market ,investors are only impressed by ES being a stakeholder and preferably at a higher price like with vizsla

            Jul 19, 2020 19:33 PM

            With regards to Eric Sprott and Vizsla – he didn’t get in a higher price. He got in at $1.87 and the stock had already traded to $2.40, for the same reasons… the deal was initially worked up at lower prices, than when it was later announced when prices were higher. Investors weren’t happy about their capital raise either, because of the full warrant, and since it was announced after the first 2 drill hole press releases people felt they could have gotten better terms. It’s a bit different in that VZLA was already way up and frothy before it was announced and there were so many new buyers it kept the pricing up higher than the financing amount, where are Triumph was just starting to wake up when their financing was just announced.

            Jul 19, 2020 19:51 PM

            Well I guess we differ in our thoughts on the vizsla…..I see the deal as being done at a premium since the deal was before the drill results that popped it over the pp price. Talking a matter of a couple days that it traded above the pp price. Triumph rarely traded as low as .20 for the past month so for me that’s a discount

            Jul 19, 2020 19:51 PM

            Yeah, I hear ya, but most financing raises are done at a discount to the market to entice those funding it to take part, so Triumph’s raise was like so many others we seen before it. Vizsla is unique and bit of an outlier right now compared to Triumph or most other juniors, which is why I mentioned, “It’s a bit different in that VZLA was already way up and frothy before it was announced and there were so many new buyers it kept the pricing up higher than the financing amount.” In the vast majority of stocks that announce a financing lower than the current price, the stock will drop down to that level as support, base, and rebuild from there upwards. That’s what I expect to see in Triumph, and if it pulls back a bit more I may add to my position.

            Jul 19, 2020 19:23 PM

            The Vizsla financing is definitely being done at a premium. The fact that it is getting done at a whopping 4 times the price of just 2.5 weeks earlier is a huge show of confidence on the part of those taking the shares which is probably why the stock traded another 50%/$1 higher even the day after the news.
            Management was smart to capitalize on the frenzy and Vizsla was the one driving a hard bargain, not the underwriters.

            Regardless, considering the the outlook for silver and the whole sector, both sides are likely to be winners.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:41 AM

            Yes, it was wise for Vizsla to raise cash into the frenzy off their drill results, but keep in mind they had already done their capital raise and really didn’t have plans to raise more funds. In recent interviews they mentioned it was Eric Sprott that came to them offering funds because he wanted in after seeing the drill results in late June and early, so so their team was not really out driving a hard bargain.

            Again, the pricing had already closed at $2.20 and $2.40 (off the drill news) in the days before they even announced the financing to the market last Monday at $1.87 which was below where it had been trading (which was up substantially from where it was trading before the drilling news, pointing out how important fundamental news is on a explorer like that). The shares actually pulled back for a few days after that, but remained above the $1.87 financing price, which is rare, and then started creeping higher the end of last week, and shows how much interest there is in being in Vizsla for the future drilling.

            There were many disappointed investors when the news broke that they were doing, yet another financing, and those that felt they could have done the financing up in low $2 range and driven a harder bargain, and done it without the full warrant. There are still many more drill results pending and there were plenty of buyers for their stock, so some investors felt management gave away more than they needed too.

            Regardless, I agree that they were wise to take the money when it was offered and bring Uncle Eric into the fold, and it allowed them to get a 3rd drill rig turning. If future drill results disappoint, then at least they raised more capital when times were good, and if they continue knocking it out of the park, then the shareprice will soar much higher. Based on how well Silver is doing, there should be plenty of interest in how things develop at Vizsla over the next few months.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:13 AM

            This is an explorer that only burns cash so there’s no such thing as “they already did their capital raise”. The last raise was done at 43 cents and raised less than one-fifth as much money despite being 75% as dilutive. It’s good for both sides to report that Sprott came to them but even if true, it doesn’t change that management was smart to do the deal.

            The disappointed investors have no reason to be and are showing their ignorance. The agreed price is excellent and the full warrant makes sense because, a.) the exercise of those warrants will dump more cash in their lap, and, b.) who in their right mind would give them their 4x price spike price without a full warrant?
            The agreed price is usually based on the average price of some prior period (I’ve seen 20 days and much more) but the drill holes obviously changed things in this case.

            If I were a shareholder, I’d be happy with the deal. I’ve seen countless deals in which management appears to be buddies with the underwriters and this one is the opposite.

            To expect a better deal is just foolishness. Look at the chart:

            Jul 20, 2020 20:38 AM

            Matthew, I’m well aware of their chart, and don’t need to Monday morning quarterback it because I have been in the stock since March 18, and I remember exactly when it recently surged.

            You stated the stock shot up $1 after the financing announcement which is not true and we covered this in great detail as the stock was running on July 8th and 9th before that news even broke.

            If you recall, initially VZLA jumped after the drilling news from June 24 was announced for a few days, and then they halted the stock on July 7th (which had investors piling in to await the coming news), and that is why the stock ripped higher on July 8th & 9th after the monster drill results were released. Period.

            That drill news, that you constantly claim TA would have predicted (but it didn’t in this case at the time the stock surged) is why the stock went up another 4 fold, before the stock was halted to then announce the financing until after the stock had already shot up $1. After the financing news was announced the stock pulled back, which is quite normal, but the point being made was that it is has been so strong that it didn’t pull back to the $1.87 level which was lower than where the stock had been trading in the days before it was announced.

            Again, they weren’t intending to even do a raise, and were already more than cashed up, and it was Sprott that came to them, so they could have given him the discount without the warrant.

            As already stated, at least they raised money while the stock was doing well on the news, but most investors felt the stock would keep running much higher on the future drill news, and that the financing was overkill and if they were really driving a hard bargain, they’d have done it without the warrants.

            That is the point many investors were making, and even Eric Coffin that is one of the main newsletter writers that had been covering the story and knows the team well agreed with investors there that the extra dilution (regardless of it paying the company more money down the road) was not in retail investors best interest.

            Rick Rule discussed the Vizsla raise on the MiningStockEducation podcast I posted towards the end of last week, and reiterated that the raise was good for the company insiders, but did not serve the interests of retail investors. I suppose you know better than them though Matthew about a stock you don’t even own or know much about. Shaking my head…

            Jul 20, 2020 20:12 AM

            You don’t seem “well aware of the chart” and it was still trading $1 higher than the PP price the next day. The high on 7/10 was $2.85, “period.” So it did not sell down on any disappointment.

            Re: “That drill news, that you constantly claim TA would have predicted…”

            As usual, you are misrepresenting my claims but that’s because you’re all about stories. Detail/nuance/TECHNICALS are not your thing buddy.

            Re: “Again, they weren’t intending to even do a raise, and were already more than cashed up, and it was Sprott that came to them, so they could have given him the discount without the warrant.”

            BS/bogus conclusion.

            Re: “…most investors felt the stock would keep running much higher on the future drill news, and that the financing was overkill and if they were really driving a hard bargain, they’d have done it without the warrants.”

            “Most investors” don’t know anything.

            Re: “Rick Rule blah blah blah”

            RR used to recuse himself on such matters on the grounds that he is a credit analyst but that changed completely when he joined Sprott. And maybe he’s shaking the tree with such comments. Clueless retail guys hang on his words and he knows it.
            He also insists that you must have warrants to get 10-baggers which I have proven false too many times to count. Like you, maybe he should stick to his knitting.

            Common sense says it was a great price under the circumstances. End of story if you know this sector well.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:33 AM

            Matthew – I’m not going to go round and round with you today, but almost everything you stated in that was disingenuous or wrong.

            You’ve repeatedly made snarky claims and taken shots at me and others in the past that TA was forecasting the moves higher in many exploration companies, when that is 100% bullshit. The drilling news and fundamental nes that you like to dismiss was the clear driver here in Vizsla, like it has been in dozens of other stocks that have investors flooding into them, which is puts the closing prices on the charts in the first place. No TA did not predict moves like that, so maybe it is you that isn’t as all-knowing technically as you claim to be.

            The stock had moved up to those levels before the financing announcement was made and it absolutely sold off the next few days as a result. This isn’t up for debate and I was in the stock and watching it all happen and commenting tick by tick, and it is ridiculous that you are trying to Monday morning quarterback a a stock you know nothing about.

            As for as my statement “Again, they weren’t intending to even do a raise, and were already more than cashed up, and it was Sprott that came to them, so they could have given him the discount without the warrant.”

            You wrote: “BS/bogus conclusion.” Matthew, that is what the CEO of the company said in interviews after the fact on several sites, so the BS is once again coming from you about a stock you don’t know shit about. Now you think you know more than the CEO of the company. Hilarious.

            Then you put a cherry on your BS sundae with this nonsense:

            “Most investors” don’t know anything.
            Re: “Rick Rule blah blah blah”

            OK Matthew, you know more than Rick Rule and all other investors now. Give me a break. Why don’t you go listen to his comments on MiningStockEducation where he clearly laid out the VZLA comments were good for the company insiders, but not necessarily aligned with retail share holders, instead of popping off about what you think Rick Rule should say.

            I’m done on this one buddy, and I’ve made fantastic returns on it (a combined 7 bagger so far for me, with a new position on and riding currently) precisely because of following the fundamental news. Now that all the recent pricing has been added to the charts, TA will be more relevant than it has been the last 2 weeks, where the drilling news swamped any technical picture that preceded it.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:05 AM

            Re: “You’ve repeatedly made snarky claims and taken shots at me and others in the past that TA was forecasting the moves higher in many exploration companies…”

            NOW you have it right. Your earlier misrepresentation above was completely idiotic and if you knew anything that you claim to about charts you’d know for a fact that many (many, NOT all, DUH!) moves you attribute to news were in fact already in the charts. Your twisting and all-or-nothing-characterization of my stance warrants a big F-U. Your lack of precision makes me wonder if you were a lefty until adulthood.

            I’m not going to bother with the rest of your gibberish but have to point out that you think you know more than Sprott (re: Brixton) which is far worse than me disagreeing with Rule. Sprott lives, breathes and UNDERSTANDS the juniors in a way that Rule does not and I know exactly where Sprott is coming from. HE gets it.

            Congrats on your 7-bagger on your 3 shares!

            Jul 20, 2020 20:15 AM

            Another lame, insulting, and disingenuous post, where you conveniently are too lazy to address the points that completely dismantled you BS logic. I’ve started to expect nothing less that rubbish like this from you week in and week out where you continue to troll me and insult. Give it a rest and go Fork yourself.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:43 AM

            Re: “Re: “Again, they weren’t intending to even do a raise, and were already more than cashed up, and it was Sprott that came to them, so they could have given him the discount without the warrant.”

            You really think Sprott would have accepted no warrant? THAT is what I called a BS conclusion, NOT that Sprott went to the company looking for the PP.

            It’s quite rich that you’re claiming I think I know more than the CEO when that is exactly your position regarding Brixton.

            You’ve “dismantled” nothing I’ve said despite your verbose efforts.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:07 AM

            ZZZzzzzz….. that was a boring as it was inaccurate.

            Wake me up when you are done constantly reframing your flawed logic and dodging the comments that show how little you understood about Vizsla (just like how little you understood about what drove Brixton higher in 2016 or their floundering strategy the last 4 years). You clearly had no idea what moved VZLA higher 2 weeks back, but luckily hundreds of what you call “dumb” investors that bought due to the fantastic drill news did understand, and nobody was suggesting a move like that off the charts or TA dude. You didn’t even get the sequence of news versus pricing correct (not a surprise since you ignore everything but your own myopic view of charting), and you just got dismissing what experts far more knowledgeable than you had to say about the recent financing in Vizsla. This is a new low even for you.

            Yes, the CEO stated that they weren’t really looking to do a capital raise and it was Sprott that came to them and they said yes. You said this was my BS, but ironically (and not surprisingly) it was your comments that were BS. Unlike you, I actually listen to other people and listened to the Vizsla management teams comments, just like I listened to Eric Coffins comments about how they could have still brought him on board without the warrant, and just like I listened to Rick Rules comments about it being in the company’s insiders interests much more so than retail shareholders. You’ve defended RR many times before, but now because you just want to be an argumentative dick, you are tearing him down. You were you always a flip-flopper when you were younger, or just now when you grew up to be a bitter old man?

            >> As for Sprott, I love the guy and have stated what a fan I have been of him financing and backstopping Jr miners dozens of times on here so your trying to conflate that I have some disagreement or don’t respect him is flat out lying and is exactly what you didn’t like Birdman doing to you. It’s sick Matthew and you know it. I listen and post all Sprott’s weekly wrap-ups with Sprott Money, am in about a dozen stocks he is in (and I was in before him and celebrated when he came on board in each company, including Vizsla).

            Your warped logic here trying to twist things around to where I don’t agree with Sprott or value his insights is a slimy as it is flat out wrong, and it is you that deserves the big Fork You for suggesting such rubbish in the first place. Get over yourself and quit spreading lies to satiate your own massive ego.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:29 AM

            Lol, I thought you weren’t going to go round and round. Trying meaning what you say.

            I’ve twisted nothing. That’s your lack of understanding talking.

            You’ve got 3 shares of every stock so of course you own everything Sprott does.

            Why do you keep repeating what I NEVER contested about Sprott going to the company looking for shares? AGAIN, your BS conclusion (do you know what “conclusion” means?) was that Sprott would have done the deal without a warrant. He has also shown interest in Impact yet no deal. Could it be that Fred would not give him a warrant? Easily.

            I’m done with you on this and you can bank on that. Have at it junior.

            Jul 31, 2020 31:59 PM

            Is Matthew being an asshole again? Why yes, he is.

        Jul 20, 2020 20:41 AM

        Wolfster – It doesn’t look like the financing is holding back Triumph gold – $TIG today – up 17%.

    Jul 19, 2020 19:16 AM

    Always enjoy Adam Hamilton especially when what he talks about is exactly in line with my thinking. 😉 This one is all about silver going forwards

      Jul 20, 2020 20:13 AM

      good article…….on SLV……thanks…

    Jul 19, 2020 19:51 AM

    What’s Next? The US has a huge debt burden, a military that is so overstretched around the World and in need of huge cash flows just to maintain it’s presence. This is the worst of the everything bubble, America’s ballooning military expenditures. China has gold and manufacturing and a society of savers the way things used to be here. Checkmate?

      Jul 20, 2020 20:04 AM

      Going to get even bigger………..HUGLY………….
      Virus bogus bill, …..more loot …..

    Jul 19, 2020 19:34 AM
    Jul 19, 2020 19:01 AM

    Hi EX, last week I picked up some Aurcana (AUN), what I find interesting is in the spring of 2011 silver shot up to $50, Aurcana was selling at around $35, the next spring of 2012 it reached $47.50. In terms of today the price is around 50 cents, if this stock goes to $2 you get a 4 bagger. If the price of silver returns to fifty dollars or higher you could easily be looking at a 100 bagger. LOL! DT

      Jul 19, 2020 19:47 PM

      Hi DT – Yes I remember the move in Aurcana last metals cycle because I was in it then, but that was the old team with different assets. Back then they were a Silver producer in Mexico and when the metals prices pulled back, their shares tanked and I got burnt. I traded back into them when the bought the Shafter mine in Texas and fast-tracked it into production, but that blew up on them too. Eventually that old incarnation died and imploded, the team was removed, they lost the mine in Mexico to the creditors, restructured the shares, but did retain the Shafter Mine.

      This is precisely why it is not always accurate to look at longer dated charts in the volatile miners as price action alone can be misleading as that massive cratering in price (where it would need to be 100 bagger to get back up there) is a result of the credit protection, then restructuring, divvying up the assets, and then relaunching Aurcana 2.0.

      I believe the new team came on board in late 2015 through early 2016 in the current metals cycle, and I was expecting them to but all focus on their Shafter Silver Mine in Texas, but instead they went out and acquired the prior producing Revenue-Virginius Mine in Colorado, and they’ve been working on developing the highest grade undeveloped Silver mine on the market, and will be going into production in 2021.

      Yes, they are an easy 4 bagger from here and likely a 10 bagger, but I’m not holding my breath on them being a 100 bagger.

        Jul 19, 2020 19:20 PM

        A number of my friends are losing weight because the party scene has dried up, a lot less drinking these days, but for now at least we have the markets and in that respect there is more than enough to keep your mind from wandering. Thanks for the reply Ex.

          Jul 19, 2020 19:54 PM

          Sure thing DT. Yeah, the other thing that is gone are buffet restaurants, so that is helping as well. I’m trying to just consume less of everything and am using juicing and mineral shakes as meal replacements to drop some pounds, since I end up sitting in front of a glowing screen a few hours a day.

        Jul 19, 2020 19:02 PM

        Thanks for the open conversation…….wealth of knowledge…….good to have knowledge from those….that ….”been there done that”……..on the mining side……
        Phyz….well, now that is another topic…. 🙂

          Jul 19, 2020 19:03 PM

          Hey there OOTB – Yes sir, always glad to share any info if I know something about the company. People may forget that the old team, Aurcana 1.0 used to be a show sponsor, before that incarnation imploded and was reformed, and I had “been there and done that” Haha!

          As for the physical, I’ve been there and done that as well… and started collecting coins for the 1976 bicentennial with a proof set. I mostly had Indian head Pennies, Buffalo Nickels, Mercury Dimes, and Morgan Dollars. Eventually I got wise and started buying graded coins, but for decades just appreciated the artwork/craftsmanship, history, and numismatic joy. It was when tough times hit for me in 2007/2008 that I sold all my physical as a life preserver, and after selling it all was given a David Morgan DVD about investing in Silver, that really got in my head. It was in 2008 that I started stacking Silver bullion and even sold it back and would rebuy more trying to scalp profits, which was challenging with the premiums over spot, delivery fees, and fees to ship it back. In 2010, I made the switch to mining stocks figuring it was much easier to buy and sell digital shares in companies that their PMs locked in the vault of the earth, and the premiums to sell were insignificant, and I didn’t have to store the shares of stock anywhere. A decade later, my preference is still to trade PM mining stocks, or ETF Gold/Silver, but understand well the advantages of having physical metal on hand should a more intense situation break out (above the pandemic, riots/looting, and mob rule we see today).

            Jul 20, 2020 20:17 AM

            Just reading the above………yes, there are several ways to play the game of pms,
            Changing times, makes one consider different situations for protection and profit….

    Jul 19, 2020 19:18 PM

    Has anyone looked into Silver Viper? They are another Mexican Explorer with about 73 mil shares out w/o warrants and between investors and management there is only about 20 mil shares available to the public. Appears Paas involved in original property acquisition and has a royalty and possible buy in. Drill results decent but I would have to make a trade off to purchase. Haven’t heard it mentioned here…maybe.

      Jul 19, 2020 19:44 PM

      Looking at for the Silver Viper blog, it appears a mixed review. Normally supporters would be more positive.

        Jul 19, 2020 19:24 PM

        Viper needs a name change…….JMO…….snake in the grass…. lol

      Jul 19, 2020 19:09 PM

      Hi David – Yes I’ve looked at Silver Viper in the past because it is part of the Belcara Group (run by Gary Cope & his brother). They were initially the ones that relaunched Dolly Varden (but have pulled out of that now), and they are behind Orex Minerals [which I do hold], and Silver Viper. I was never overly wowed with what I saw from Silver Viper, but I haven’t kept up with their most recent drill results. I opted for owning Dolly Varden and Orex Minerals instead because I liked their projects more, and like you, I’d need to trade out of another Silver position to start a new one (as I already have 19 Silver stocks), so until I see something I like better I’m sticking with what I already have. Having said that, if Coeur keeps getting even larger in my portfolio, I may trim it back some and store a bit in one more explorer, but I was thinking of GR Silver or Aftermath Silver.

        Jul 19, 2020 19:57 PM

        Thanks for the comments. I compared many charts against stocks I already held and noted Viper was performing well during the recent moves, but those that I already had were out performing it in general. In addition, those that had moved for good profits, I would rather keep riding. I think I need to look back through all their drill results as some of comments on seemed to suggest inconsistency. Not confirmed. I will put on watch.

          Jul 19, 2020 19:19 PM

          I’m also going to put Silver Viper on a closer watch, and need to spend some time digging through their last 2-3 years of news to take a deeper dive. The thing with explorers is that their fate can change in just one day on a true discovery hole that shocks or impresses the market. Thanks for bringing up Silver Viper in the conversation as it reminds me I need to follow up on about a dozen other Silver explorers to see what they’ve been up to.

        Jul 19, 2020 19:06 PM

        I do not have Aftermath but my GR Silver is up 100% and seems to be under the radar somewhat. Even though Vizsla has had a fast run, and I took some profits, I think I’d rather hold it for the longer run and possibly add, rather than chase something with less potential…near term.

          Jul 19, 2020 19:13 PM

          That makes sense to me on Vizsla and they do have a lot of interesting exploration work in front of them. I’d say GR Silver looks like it has been on quite a run recently as well, and I keep seeing it everywhere Silver is being discussed, and they are KER show sponsors, so I’m not sure how under the radar it is. I don’t like chasing stocks higher, but since almost all the Silver stocks have started to run, with GR Silver or Aftermath, I may end up having to buy them at higher prices than I’d like, because with Silver rising, they can keep rising and outperforming in tandem.

    Jul 19, 2020 19:08 PM

    Viper reminds me of Top Gun. One of Maverick’s Flight instructors.

      Jul 19, 2020 19:11 PM

      ha….good one…better keep the name…..flying higher….to the moon….

    Jul 20, 2020 20:27 AM

    Silver continuing to play catch-up. GSR below 93! Could we get below 90 this week?

      Jul 20, 2020 20:25 AM

      Silver futures price has a $20 handle again, currently at $20.13 with 5 minutes until market open:

        Jul 20, 2020 20:47 AM

        … and the Silver stocks are off to the races!!

          Jul 20, 2020 20:20 AM

          Indeed they are Ex. As are futures and spot price. This is slightly surprising me. Im anticipating a pullback before the days done though.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:31 AM

            Alexco, Discovery Metals, Impact Silver, Endeavour Silver, Americas Silver, Southern Silver, Silver Bull, Metallic Minerals, Brixton, GR Silver, Golden Tag, Golden Minerals, Cantex all up double digits. Many other silver stocks are up 5-10%.

            This is profitable day. I may do a bit of trimming for a quick day trade or swing trade in a few of the more liquid names, but I’m mostly holding as Silver continues to break out, now that it closed above the 2019 high of $19.75 last week, so there may be enough energy on this move to make a run at the 2016 high of $21.23.

            Regardless, there is capital flowing into the narrow universe of Silver stocks so this is getting quite interesting. Fun times!

            Jul 20, 2020 20:05 AM

            Got off to a slow start but Kootenay has joined the double digit up group now too. Rocking times indeed. Definitely have to consider taking a little off of the impact discovery and Alexco. Have no cash right now to buy any profit taking drops. Of course that’s probably everybody’s thinking right now

            Jul 20, 2020 20:05 AM

            Now a few did pullback from where they were like Brixton back down to +2%, but there are some that are still waking up like Kootenay kicked it in up 12%, Stroud up to 17%, and Southern Silver reaching even higher up 21% on the day.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:07 AM

            haha! Wolfster we had stereo Kootenay posts.

            Yeah, I trimmed a bit of Alexco and Impact and Coeur and am considering trimming Discovery, but for most of the Silver stocks I’m just holding for higher.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:10 AM

            Southern Silver has run so much lately, that I may take a few chips off the table there as well, but their deposit is so huge, like Discovery, that the whole shooting match is getting rerated higher on the rising metals prices, and I believe Silver is heading significantly higher over the next year, so I want to keep the core position intact on these optionality plays.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:11 AM

            Also, Discovery is working on proving up their more constrained high-grade area as a place to start, and then would have the lower grade bulk tonnage larger deposit as a phase 2 kicker when prices are even higher.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:56 AM

            Americas(USA) is the only one I’m not considering trimming at these levels. It’s been a bit of a laggard in my eyes based on what they have.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:04 AM

            Agreed Wolfster. I looked at USAS today, but had the same reflection that it has been lagging and likely has more catching up to do than a number of the Silver stocks that have been running for months now. As a result of trimming a few of the peppiest stocks back today into this strength (Impact, Alexco, Coeur, Endeavour, Dolly Varden, etc…) Americas Silver is now near the top of the pack in my portfolio weighting; at least for now.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:09 PM

            Fun times indeed! I own three of those double digits. Alexco is really revving up, but I am most excited about Brixton picking back up after a short correction.

            Jul 20, 2020 20:28 PM

            Agreed Charles. The Silver stocks have been ripping higher today and it is very encouraging to see so much green on the screen!! Loving it!

    Jul 20, 2020 20:13 AM

    (DSV) (DSVMF) Discovery Reports 1,907 g/t AgEq Over 1.4 m in its First Drill Hole Testing the 1.2 Km-Long Todos Santos Vein Trend at Cordero

    by @nasdaq on 20 Jul 2020

      Jul 20, 2020 20:17 AM

      Wow another big Silver drill hit today from Blackrock Gold.

      (BRC) (BKRRF) Blackrock Drills 3 Metres of 2,198 G/T Silver EQ. in New Vein and Extends Victor Vein Down Plunge with 29 Metres Grading 965 G/T Silver EQ. on the Tonopah West Project

      by @newsfile on 20 Jul 2020

        Jul 20, 2020 20:00 AM

        BRC is still halted at present, but in different OTC trading platforms Blackrock Gold (BKRRF) is already up 63% on the drilling news.

          Jul 20, 2020 20:21 AM

          Wow. Now BRC Blackrock Gold is unhalted and it’s shares are up 90.7% today on the drilling news.

          Some would say drilling news and stories don’t matter, but there was no TA or chart indicators predicting a 90% rise in BRC today. Conversely, it is 100% clear that it is the fundamental news that is driving this stock higher, for anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together.

    Jul 20, 2020 20:16 AM

    (MKO) (MAKOF) Mako Mining – Drilling at San Albino Intersects 21.61 g/t Gold Over 4.5 Meters (Estimated True Width) Outside of the 2015 Pea Pit Limits
    by @newswire on 20 Jul 2020

    (Also good for FISH / SROYF Sailfish Royalty Corp who has the NSR on this property)

    Jul 20, 2020 20:20 AM

    (LIO) (LOMLF) Lion One Discovers Tuvatu Style Lodes at Banana Creek; Accelerates Drilling
    by @newsfile on 20 Jul 2020

    Jul 20, 2020 20:11 AM

    Great stuff about silver stocks today. I am sitting and watching and will probably hold to see how the week goes. There is always that nagging possibility that the General Markets fall and take everything with them. Hard to project when Fed Money (Taxpayers) is out there picking winners and losers. But, no matter how the General Markets go, for now silver is alive after being on life support for years. Go Silver Stuff…

    Jul 20, 2020 20:24 AM

    Platinum to palladium ………2.5 to 1……insane….

      Jul 20, 2020 20:38 AM

      Agreed OOTB. That is a wild spread, and I don’t remember Platinum trading at such a discount to Palladium. I’m starting to look at adding to companies with PGM exposure again the last 2 weeks.

    Jul 20, 2020 20:32 AM


    I’m personally having a stellar year and by far the best I have had in quite sometime. I’m not great at those calculations Matt and ex through at you but if we were talking percentages I’m thinking 1000% lol. They are absolutely on fire since my purchase price.

    I will make it clear once again. I have only sold aurucana when I got a double way back than. I believe price was .41 and yes I’m disappointed I did. All my other short and long term have not been touched and remain in place. This is going to be a strong powerful week. I expect today and possibly tomorrow’s candle to be long and strong..

    Silver target remains the same year end $29-$30 with 2021 sling/summer $35-$40

    Silver is in a league of its own.

    Gold remains the same $1820-$1840 futures followed by $1840-$1880 were the real battle begins. They will through the kitchen sink at it but it will break $1880 within this cycle. This has been my approach going a long time back. I will not share my hidden pivot lol but if I shared everything than there would be nothing to share :). I know most I’m here are seasoned vets and do well with there investments but for the few who enjoy the peace of mind I have been giving for sometime, well this is for you. Don’t fret and stay on the train. Don’t get bucked off. When the time comes I’m sure Matt, myself and others will be kind enough to express there opinions in real time and ahead of the game if they see red flags and a possible turn.

    The great question will be how far the corrections will be when we get there. I went back through some of my notes and realized why jerry said flash crash. I must have been mistaken but we all make mistakes when I’m a vechicle and with a phone in a rush. I said the correction that should be coming and once again imo, will be the following.

    Daily 200 moving day average
    Weekly 50 day moving average
    Monthly 10 day moving average..

    My point to ex was anything above $150 dollar correction is a big move down as I see some stock being split in half as a target. Depends one which stocks. This would come in line with my $1600 dollar target but I personally would not rule out $1480-$1550 target. Again these targets would be swift and fast possibly with a stock market flash crash or retest of bottom.

    Hopes this helps!

    And what a move by impact today insane.. my etf also on fire

      Jul 20, 2020 20:47 AM

      Good thoughts Glenfidish and I appreciate getting your pricing targets. Yes, most of the Silver stocks have been on fire today, including Impact. This was a really fun day in the markets thus far. I trimmed a half dozen stocks back by 25-30% today into the strength, but am prepared to buy those positions right back if the stocks pull back down 10-15% or more. I still believe Silver has a lot of room to run, especially since it finally took out the 2019 high of $19.75 last week, that we had been discussing for months on here as the next hurtle to clear. Next level is the 2016 high of $21.23. After that the next major resistance doesn’t come in until the congestion zone of prior peaks and troughs from $26- $26.50. I’d be surprised to see Silver make it though that level up to $30 by the end of the year, but heck, if it does, Silver mining investors will laugh all the way to the bank.

      As for the pullback, I’m not expecting it to get back down to $1480-$1550 at all, but I guess anything is possible. My point to you was that if Gold pulls back $100-$150 as the point was originally stated, that this wasn’t ‘Scary” to me. As I replied, if Gold were to pull back all the way down to the break line in the sand at $1377.70 — then that would be scary. A pullback into the high $1700’s or even the high $1600s wouldn’t be that scary in the big picture, but it would be wise to trim back positions before a pullback like that begins, so please keep us abreast real-time when you think a move like that may begin. Thanks amigo!

      Jul 20, 2020 20:14 AM

      Glen………glad you remembered me……..on the “flash crash”…….. 🙂
      And ditto to the newbees….relax……in two or three years…..”they” will be very happy…jmo

        Jul 20, 2020 20:00 PM

        OOTB Agreed about people needing to relax. We still have a long way to run from here in the PMs, but there will be corrective moves along the way.

        Maybe this song will help out a few people: 😉

        >> Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Don’t Do It)

          Jul 20, 2020 20:33 PM

          🙂 Relax…..

    Jul 20, 2020 20:02 AM

    Agreed ex! Just to make it clear to everyone as I don’t want to set panic in like bird would back in the day lol. I do not see any scenario of going down to anything in that vicinity of 1377.70 unless I’m missing something. So I’m on point with you guys. Yes your right in the grand scheme of things that $1600 would not be a far conclusion and yes targets of $1700 or recently discussed $1750 by Gary and a few others including yourself might be the short term correction that could happen before a deeper one much higher above.

    I can’t explain how many I’m here Matt, yourself, Jerry, wolf, and many many others kept mentioning how low silver was and how the buying opportunity was enormous. Had people made the move not to long ago they would be retiring here lol. Still we have not seen anything in the grand scheme of things/overall picture. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be when it breaks that $21 level it’s going to fly.

    I still think we have about 3-4 weeks before a top and would not rule out even longer before this cycle. This goes in line with 5/6 month top and 2-3 month down within the overall cycle.

      Jul 20, 2020 20:08 AM

      Thanks for those clarifying remarks Glenfidish, and in general we are in agreement.

      Yes, Silver has been undervalued for a while, and there have been a number of folks here on the KER blog, as well as technicians we have shared, and guests that Cory has brought on that all mentioned Silver had some catching up to do relative to Gold and we’ve been seeing that in spades the last few months, and now it is in a confirmed impulse leg higher. Yes, hopefully investors got positioned as earlier as possible for the gains that have been rolling in since mid March. $12 Silver was ridiculous, as was $13, $14, $15, $16, $17, and then $18 got back in the range it had been in but now $20+ is pointing out even to the doubters that Silver and the Silver miners has been the place to be for months now. This is getting exciting!

        Jul 20, 2020 20:12 AM

        Even if Silver just got up above $21.23 and headed to $24 or $26, the mad rush of funds into the Silver miners will create quite the tear higher. At $30 Silver I’m going to have to get out my precious metals depends, to prepare for the moves many of the Silver miners are going to make. If that takes until 2021 to play out, that is plenty fine with me.

    Jul 20, 2020 20:16 PM

    Fun times ahead ex!

      Jul 20, 2020 20:26 PM

      +1 Agreed Glen.

    Jul 20, 2020 20:11 PM

    I remember someone saying they had a feeling Scorpio Gold was about to breakout…..and I remember who it was……I think…..glenfidish. Man I like days like this when I’m busy and only get a few chances to hit refresh …..I got a lot of practice doing my Ferris Bueller jaw drop while looking at the camera today with some of the moves. It’s early still for silver but it won’t be up every day. Especially that much. Although there’s an even bigger one day move lurking in the near future.

      Jul 20, 2020 20:51 PM

      Jaja my food friend wolf! I feel the same way as you lol..

      Hope your killing it

      Jul 20, 2020 20:58 PM

      Wolfster you made me laugh with the Ferris Bueller comment.

      Yes, there won’t be moves like Silver and Silver stocks had today …everyday, but on the big down days I’ll be adding back to positions that were trimmed. I still believe Silver has much more room to run, and dips should be bought.

    Jul 20, 2020 20:23 PM

    Like you said Ex, by clearing last years high, silver has some clear air until 2016 high of $21.23. Whether or not this current rally gets exhausted before that figure we will have to wait and see. As Ive said earlier, I am anticipating a pullback sometime soon in PMs but thats ok as long as its not too severe. Interesting times!

      Jul 20, 2020 20:51 PM

      Agreed Ozibatla and yes Silver had cleared key resistance last week, so a nice rip higher today made a lot of sense. Yes, after the run these PM miners have been on the last few months, then there will be corrective pullbacks, which is quite healthy.
      I’ve started gradually trimming back some winning positions in anticipation, while keeping core positions in place to capture the remaining upside before the corrective moves begin in the next few weeks. The gold miners have been looking much more overbought than the Silver miners, and in general I’m been more constructive on Silver than Gold lately. However, I trimmed back a half dozen Silver stocks on today’s surge as some really have moved.

      Ever upward!