If we all accept that a government fiscal package will come let’s look at what happens after

October 19, 2020

Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer at Bleakly Advisory Group and Editor of The Boock Report joins me to look at how markets and the economy will react to another round of government spending. We discuss everything from inflation, COVID vaccine hopes, and the reaction in gold and yields.

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    Oct 19, 2020 19:45 AM

    notice how the propaganda works…they conflate the repression of past black voices with the message of BLM Marxist view as the self-evident logical positive rational…..much like media calling medical care health care…all the propaganda uses substitution or conflation to side step the irrational conclusion being sold….

    Oct 19, 2020 19:09 PM

    The unemployed need the spending, and the package will happen after the election….. bigger if Democrats win, smaller if Trump wins, but like most U.S. Government spending half of the spending will probably be wasted.

    Oct 19, 2020 19:17 PM

    I feel you Mr. Trump…Lying corrupt medical authority moron..Caught for all to witness this medical charade involving only one of the virtually hundreds of unnecessary ailments America is plagued by thanks to the monopolies profit motive….Using Americans for ill gotten gains mimics and rhythms with others here concerned regarding the banking cartel stealing wealth many ways for instances via inflation…..oops

      Oct 19, 2020 19:17 PM

      Hi..larry…..Very well put…& a BIG DITTO……….Dont Let The Bastards Get To You.

        Oct 19, 2020 19:30 PM

        Well Irish-One year ago I had an eye exam…The M.D. eye specialist told me I had early type1 out of 4 cataracts progression(clouding of eyeball lens)…….No worry everyone gets them he assured me…We can always put in new lenses if it gets bad……So i did a few days research back then and implemented a twice a day regimen of medical grade DMSO plus 15% silvercolloidal solution…..Added a few supplements like Glutathione…A year later at this exam, he was fumbling at the chart asking me I ‘am’ Larry? …..I said, certainly…..He said your cataracts is gone…i told him what i did he laughed on the way out the door…brainwashed and does not even ask what is the mechanism of the reversal…No curiosity…dead from indoctrination…..I have many stories of folks experiencing such reversals of different ailments or degenerations when not being used as a slave by orthodox medicine…

          Oct 19, 2020 19:36 PM

          Those agents were used topically in the eye with eye dropper……slight sting for 20 seconds…If you understand DMSO and what causes cataracts you can guess the mechanism of healing……My healthy healing cure 60 dollars of drops basically verses how much for two alien synthetic artificial lenses?……fifteen grand about….Older folks like me they want want back every year for eye checks to harvest those surgeries….that is how the game is played!….you are on cattle call boyz

            Oct 19, 2020 19:57 PM

            Hi…Larry…Well done , for steping out of the box .We need millions more Larrys , in this world , to KILL… big pharma….I try to avoid doctores , like the plague.

            Oct 19, 2020 19:10 PM

            the summation of all the parts of the method called allopathic medicine is personal premature degeneration of the patients health….i do not respect the co-operative md’s who act as if everything is fine and be thankful for this miracle we give you…i certainly do not respect shills and marketers of the lie and cruel exploitation of Americans health its most vital asset… all grow weary of my message i will back off…If Al wants to bring on sales people for rockefeller medical it is his site and right….

      Oct 19, 2020 19:06 PM

      That was great, Irishtony. (Spot on)

        Oct 19, 2020 19:31 PM

        Hi..Chartster…..A lot of oldies dont give the young , enought credit….Me (an oldie)
        Allways give an ear to young people , a lot of them are very sharp , & they can teach me a thing or two….She must have had very good parents , who told her never to follow the herd….Thats how we brought our kids up …Think for yourself , use common sence & logic…..Result i have four , great , free thinking ofspring.

          Oct 19, 2020 19:23 PM

          My kids are just as ‘right’ as Dad. I’m proud of them.
          That girl you posted sounds like my kid. Same mold.

        Oct 19, 2020 19:39 PM

        Thanks Irish! That was great!!

          Oct 19, 2020 19:46 PM

          Hi Charles…Thank you…..BTW…My children are passing on the same MESSAGE , to their Kids.

      Oct 19, 2020 19:44 PM

      Pretty standard right wing diatribe. Blaming ills of the country on a left that simply doesn’t exist while ignoring the right’s export of millions of American jobs to real communists in China.

      The right needs to take responsibility for the moral degredation of our country by transforming all of these so-called ‘leftist’ moral failings into entertainment.

        Oct 19, 2020 19:52 PM

        Hi..blazesb….Both the Right & the Left ,need to take responsibility for the mess they created…for the US….imo.

        Oct 19, 2020 19:03 PM

        Everything wrong with the right is how left it has become. End of story. Blaze is sadly content to regurgitate his decades of indoctrination rather than learn something valuable.

          Oct 19, 2020 19:16 PM

          Hell no, Matthew!
          Everything wrong with the left is how the right has become!
          The right became liberal, as the left became commie!
          However, Blaze and people (sheeple) like him/her, should snap out of the trance..

          So, we agree.

    Oct 19, 2020 19:11 PM