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Mark Selby, CEO of Canada Nickel Company  (TSX.V:CNC) (OTCQX: CNIKF), with the key takeaways from the Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) on the Crawford Nickel Sulphide Project; located in the Timmins...
Tue 12 Dec, 2023
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Martin Turenne, President and CEO of FPX Nickel (TSX.V:FPX – OTCQB:FPOCF) joins me to discuss the $725,000 funding from the Government of Canada’s Critical...
Fri 10 Mar, 2023
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Mike Larson, Editor of The Safe Money Report joins us to recap the economic data from this week along with the Fed statement and...
Fri 30 Apr, 2021
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Ed Moya joins me today to share his insights on a few key markets reaction after Trump signed the stimulus bill into law over...
Mon 28 Dec, 2020
Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins me for a look at the markets and the risk off or more defensive trade that...
Mon 7 Dec, 2020
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Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx wraps up today’s editorials with a look at the USD breakdown compared to other currencies. We...
Fri 4 Dec, 2020
Craig Hemke joins me for a discussion on the the catalysts for gold in the short and long term. While the short term does...
Fri 4 Dec, 2020
John Rubino joins me for a focus on monetary policy currently vs what it was before COVID shutdown the world. We are highlighting the...
Mon 16 Nov, 2020
As markets remain choppy Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins me to look past the election and into the spending package we...
Tue 27 Oct, 2020
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Big picture thoughts combining gold, the US Dollar and oil

Sean Brodrick joins me to share his thoughts on how upcoming stimulus could impact gold and the US Dollar. It’s not a straight forward as…

Wed 21 Oct, 2020

If we all accept that a government fiscal package will come let’s look at what happens after

Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer at Bleakly Advisory Group and Editor of The Boock Report joins me to look at how markets and the economy…

Mon 19 Oct, 2020

Hour 1 – A fund manager, a broker, and a generalist share how they view junior metals stocks and US markets

This week I switch up the slow of the weekend show and start with resource stock investing and wrap up with the generalists and broad…

Sat 17 Oct, 2020

Hour 1 – Taking toll of the big picture for investors: Volatility, Monetary Policy, and Election Results

I hope everyone in Canada has a great Thanksgiving long weekend and a good Columbus Day in the US. This weekend’s show is focus on…

Sat 10 Oct, 2020

As volatility continues the buy the dip strategy is working for risk on and risk off – What does this mean heading to the end of year

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx joins me to recap the volatile week for markets. Even thought markets got off to a slow…

Fri 9 Oct, 2020

The government funding bill is dead for now – Here’s a balanced understanding of why it never was passed

Chris Temple wraps up today’s editorials by sharing his insights on the true issues with the government funding bill. This afternoon when Trump stated that…

Tue 6 Oct, 2020

Hour 1 – Filtering through misinformation for metals investors

It was a bit calmer this week for the markets. However COVID-19 continues to spread and the hope of us being able to get back…

Sat 4 Apr, 2020

Hour 1 – Wide Ranging Opinions On What The Economy and Daily Life Will Look Like After COVID-19

With most of the world shutdown I hope you all are dealing with being home hoping this virus passes sooner rather than later. I really…

Sat 28 Mar, 2020

What will it look like this time when governments and central banks paper over everything?

Brian Leni joins me to kick off today with a discuss about the massive amount of money governments and central banks are committing to businesses…

Fri 27 Mar, 2020

Still worried about the markets and overall world? We try to look ahead to when we turn the corner to better times.

Joel Elconin, Co-Host of the Benzinga Pre-Market Prep Show joins me to first look ahead to when we turn the corner from the economic shutdown….

Tue 24 Mar, 2020
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Everything moving higher, look as the spread between gold futures and spot

Ed Moya, Senior Market Analyst at OANDA joins me for a broad look at the markets and gold. A nice recovery day across the board…

Tue 24 Mar, 2020