Big Ridge Gold To Commence Their 25,000 Meter Drill Campaign At The Hope Brook Gold Project

Shad Marquitz
October 28, 2021

Mike Bandrowski, President and CEO of Big Ridge Gold (TSX.V:BRAU – OTC:ALVLF), joins us to overview the  exploration strategy for the upcoming 25,000 meter drill program at the flagship Hope Brook Gold Project, in Newfoundland.  


First we discuss the drill plan to expand the mineralization at the Main Zone and 240 zone, with a current resource of 954,000 ounces gold.  We also review the additional old historic open-pit resources calculated by a prior operator of 710,000 ounces that they are looking to do confirmation drilling on as well.


We wrap up with a focus on the growth opportunities that the Company sees in exploration, and then moving towards an updated resource estimate and PEA in mid 2022.


If you have any follow up questions for Mike regarding Big Ridge Gold, then please email us at either or

    Oct 28, 2021 28:47 PM

    Thanks for the interview of Big Ridge. I have been adding to this and looking forward to what future drills may uncover. I think they are one step ahead of most juniors in that they have the 1mil resource already. Price still low, so risk not too bad.

    Oct 28, 2021 28:09 PM

    Speaking of Doc Jones interests (Big Ridge is a Doc stock) Noble Resources feels like there is some growing momentum. Although they haven’t drilled yet, there appears to be a belief they may have some copper potential. Price closing on 70 cents US and so far just good feelings. I own some but had to “call” to get them, which I hate to do. Doc Jones is an investor also in Noble and has recent interview on his site. Everybody do their own research and excellent interview by Cory and Shad. You guys are on top of more than I can keep up with. Love it.

      Oct 28, 2021 28:07 PM

      Thanks David, yes, it was Doc Jones that first covered Big Ridge Gold on our site in one of his interviews.
      Honestly there are days we barely keep up with it all. 🙂
      Yes, it will be interesting to follow along with their 25,000 meter drill program and see how they continue to grow the resources at Hope Brook.