Mako Mining – An Operations And Exploration Update On Latin Americas Newest Gold Mine

Shad Marquitz
November 23, 2021

Akiba Leisman, President and CEO of Mako Mining (TSX.V:MKO – OTCQB:MAKOF) joins us to provide an exploration and operational update at the San Albino Gold Mine in northern Nicaragua. The company declared commercial production on July 1, 2021 and is still ramping up to the 500 tpd ore throughput at the mill, with a gold of increasing that to 1000 tpd ore throughput by the end of 2022.


We start off reviewing the news announced November 19th that the Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources has granted an exploration permit to the Company for the Potrerillos concession acquired in December 2019. This property is adjacent to the San Albino deposit and operation and has never been drilled, yet they believe the mineralization extends into this target area. 


We also have Akiba outline the aggressive on-going 60,000 meter drill program, where there are already 3 drill rigs turning at 2 San Albino satellites at the Southwest Pit Zone and Arras Zone, and the 3rd rig drilling to the south at the Los Conchitas property. There are plans to have 3 more rigs on the property drilling Potrerillos and to the north at Las Segoviana in Q1 of 2022.  We wrap up with an operational review of the San Albino mine and how production should expand moving into next year.


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    Nov 23, 2021 23:03 PM

    It was nice to get the exploration update from Akiba on where the 3 rigs are turning, and where the 2-3 additional drills are going to be heading in the first quarter of next year.
    Like Jordan Roy-Byrne has mentioned a few times on our show on in a recent video presentation that he sent out — if resource investors are animated by exploration, then check out some of the growth-oriented producers. Often times the producers have some hefty drill programs that can still move the needle on Junior producers.

    Nov 23, 2021 23:10 PM

    Akiba Leisman @AkibaLeisman – 9:37 AM · Nov 23, 2021 · Twitter

    $mko.v “That looks like the last mineralized section in 1/2 bench 550 at Porcelana (you can see blast holes getting full bench 544 ready). That means we can get the LOM reconciliation report together. ”

    “I won’t bother MDA on Turkey Day. I’m in Nicaragua next week. So the week after.”