Jordan Roy-Byrne – A Very Encouraging Move In The Precious Metals Sector Today Against A Volatile Macro Backdrop

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold, joins us to review the reversal in fortunes for the precious metals sector, where it has diverged from traditional expectations and rallied this week into the headwinds of negative macroeconomic factors.  This has Jordan very constructive on the PMs moving forward, and he feels the worst is definitely over for the sector and that it is unlikely for Gold to make new lows at this point.


We start of discussing rising interest rates and rising real rates and the anticipated start to the Fed rate hiking cycle, and the increase in the number of expected hikes to around 4 in 2022, all of which should be pressuring the precious metals.  This brought up the topic of whether gold, silver, and the miners will need to necessarily sell down in the next few months prior to the rate hikes, and Jordan mentioned that this recent move higher may have negated that and we may just see a consolidation of this move, before  the next move higher.   Jordan likens this action to the period to other rate hiking regimes in  the 1970s through the 1990s where we saw high energy prices, hot and sticky inflation, low consumer confidence, and slowing growth, in a backdrop of stagflation.


Next we pivot over to key levels in the metal that are important to clear to confirm upside momentum; in gold at the $1855 trendline resistance and then $1900, and in Silver at $25.  We wrap up discussing shorter-term resistance levels at the 200 day moving average, that Jordan is watching in the miners using GDX, and the GDXJ as sector proxies.

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    Jan 19, 2022 19:51 PM

    All things considered, this is one of the more bullish interviews we’ve done with Jordan in about a year and half, and he is correct that the strength in the Precious Metals into the face of what would traditionally be seen as headwinds, is definitely worth noting.

    It was an absolutely fabulous day in Gold, Silver, and the Mining Stocks with lots of green on the screen for a change. Hoping all the good folks at the KE Report that were positioned accordingly had a nice day in their portfolios. Ever upward!

    Jan 19, 2022 19:53 PM

    Chris Vermuelen – Moving Closer to a Huge Leg Up in Precious Metals
    Sprott Money – By Craig Hemke – January 19, 2022
    “Metals ended the year strong but got drilled to kick off January. As they start to bounce back, what does the rest of the month have in store? Host Craig Hemke and analyst Chris Vermeulen of the Technical Traders break down all the gold and silver charts you need to start your new year off right.”

    > In this edition of the Precious Metals Projections, you’ll hear:

    – Why higher prices for the dollar might be ahead
    – Signs that something bigger is coming in precious metals
    – Plus: a critical turning point in the stock market

    Jan 19, 2022 19:13 PM

    It was a grand day in the Silver Producers with lot’s of green on the screen:
    > Symbol – #Silver #Producers – Daily Change %

    IPT.V IMPACT Silver Corp. +14.89%
    AG First Majestic Silver Corp. +12.71%
    APM.V Andean Precious Metals Corp. +12.29%
    HL Hecla Mining Company +11.80%
    EXK Endeavour Silver Corp. +11.72%
    SCZ.V Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. +11.48%
    ASM Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. +11.38%
    GATO Gatos Silver, Inc. +11.27%
    SVM Silvercorp Metals Inc. +10.69%
    EXN Excellon Resources Inc. +9.95%
    FSM Fortuna Silver Mines Inc. +9.89%
    PAAS Pan American Silver Corp. +9.55%
    CDE Coeur Mining, Inc. +8.58%
    AXU Alexco Resource Corp. +8.24%
    SSRM SSR Mining Inc. +7.90%
    USAS Americas Gold and Silver Corporation +7.19%
    GGD.TO GoGold Resources Inc. +6.02%
    HOC.L Hochschild Mining plc +5.54%
    AYA.TO Aya Gold & Silver Inc. +5.47%
    GSVR.V Guanajuato Silver Company Ltd. +5.38%
    GPL Great Panther Mining Limited +5.29%
    FRES.L Fresnillo plc +4.90%
    AGX.V Silver X Mining Corp. +4.62%
    BCM.V Bear Creek Mining Corporation +4.00%

      Jan 19, 2022 19:27 PM

      The rest of the Silver Juniors went along the ride higher today in the PM sector as well:
      > Symbol – #Silver #Explorers and #Developers – Daily Change %

      OCG.V Outcrop Silver & Gold Corporation +25.00%
      SBMI.V Silver Bullet Mines Corp. +23.29%
      ELEF.TO Silver Elephant Mining Corp. +23.04%
      CLZ.V Canasil Resources Inc. +21.74%
      DEF.V Defiance Silver Corp. +20.93%
      KS.V Klondike Silver Corp. +18.18%
      CKG.V Chesapeake Gold Corp. +17.98%
      ABRA.V AbraSilver Resource Corp. +17.39%
      AAG.V Aftermath Silver Ltd. +16.92%
      CMB.V CMC Metals Ltd. +16.67%
      NUAG.TO New Pacific Metals Corp. +15.88%
      KUYA.CN Kuya Silver Corporation +15.73%
      ELO.V Eloro Resources Ltd. +13.35%
      GRSL.V GR Silver Mining Ltd. +13.11%
      SM.V Sierra Madre Gold and Silver Ltd. +13.04%
      AUMN Golden Minerals Company +12.76%
      SVE.V Silver One Resources Inc. +11.54%
      BML.AX Boab Metals Limited +11.11%
      JAX.V Jaxon Mining Inc. +11.11%
      TMZ.AX Thomson Resources Ltd +10.81%
      MSV.TO Minco Silver Corporation +10.77%
      SSV.V Southern Silver Exploration Corp. +10.71%
      SIL.TO SilverCrest Metals Inc. +10.63%
      VZLA.V Vizsla Silver Corp. +10.55%
      DSV.V Discovery Silver Corp. +10.26%
      ARD.AX Argent Minerals Limited +10.00%
      AZS.V Arizona Silver Exploration Inc. +10.00%
      MMG.V Metallic Minerals Corp. +9.30%
      SVL.AX Silver Mines Limited +9.09%
      ZAC.V Zacatecas Silver Corp. +8.18%
      BHS.V Bayhorse Silver Inc. +8.00%
      MNTR.V Mantaro Precious Metals Corp. +7.89%
      MAG.TO MAG Silver Corp. +7.56%
      IVR.AX Investigator Resources Limited +7.46%
      VAL.AX Valor Resources Limited +7.14%
      DV.V Dolly Varden Silver Corporation +6.67%
      REX.V Orex Minerals Inc. +6.25%
      VIPR.V Silver Viper Minerals Corp. +6.25%
      UFO.L Alien Metals Ltd +5.47%
      SSVR.V Summa Silver Corp. +5.21%
      CCW.V Canada Silver Cobalt Works Inc. +5.13%
      SLVR.V Silver Tiger Metals Inc. +4.69%
      MKR.AX Manuka Resources Limited +4.69%
      BRC.V Blackrock Silver Corp. +4.21%
      AZT.V Aztec Minerals Corp. +4.08%
      SNG.V Silver Range Resources Ltd. +3.70%
      SAND.CN Silver Sands Resources Corp. +3.70%
      HSLV.CN Highlander Silver Corp. +3.70%
      EQTY.V Equity Metals Corporation +3.57%
      ZFR.V Zephyr Minerals Ltd. +3.45%
      DSLV.V Denarius Silver Corp. +3.13%
      HAMR.CN Silver Hammer Mining Corp. +2.94%
      BBB.V Brixton Metals Corporation +2.86%
      SLV.CN Silver Dollar Resources Inc. +2.78%
      TM.V Trigon Metals Inc. +2.78%
      KTN.V Kootenay Silver Inc. +2.38%
      VML.V Viscount Mining Corp. +2.22%
      WRM.AX White Rock Minerals Ltd +2.13%
      MTR.L Metal Tiger plc +1.86%
      SVTN.V Silverton Metals Corp. +1.85%
      SVB.TO Silver Bull Resources, Inc. +1.47%
      RSLV.V Reyna Silver Corp. +1.39%
      VRR.V VR Resources Ltd. +1.14%

        Jan 19, 2022 19:31 PM

        –> Got Silver Miners?

    Jan 19, 2022 19:49 PM

    Chris Vermuelen and Josef Schachtner are more wrong then right.

    Jan 19, 2022 19:54 PM

    Thank you Cory and Ex for the interview!

    Wow! We’re to begin?

    First and foremost many of you know me as an outspoken person within the ker for years. It’s just my nature and don’t ever take things personally as I’ve learned a great deal from you and I hope many of you appreciate my analysis throughout the years. It’s been that many years and I can’t remember being at such a place like here and sharing so many thoughts, up’s and downs.

    I have had my battles with bulls and bears we go way back to the bird, Matthew, ex, Jerry, Irish, and many others. I sometimes wonder how is it we have not sat down for a drink and put names to visual? There was a time ex who is either my age or 1 or 2 years younger said you have grown so much since my first post lol. Ex I tell you, what you do on a daily is insane and I rarely give people credit and I have had my battles with you. When you look at the long term dialogue it really is we are all on the same page but we are dealing with different personalities and I think that’s something we all have grown to understand including Matthew lol. Matthew has had plenty of patience with me but I challenge him and others just because that’s me and I won’t change. Actually it should be a complement of which I rarely give being A type personality. But I’m a very smart person in the sense I respect my elders and I wouldn’t be here 13/15 years later withiutb him and some of you like ex!

    Let’s move along… regarding Jordan.. I will always have respect for guys like Jordan, gary, doc, and others. Why? They run portfolios of which i don’t! I have been asked to run big money and I refuse because they will “Always” take the conservative avenue. Can you blame them? No!

    But I will say my speech as always and ex will probably try to defend them. Jordan has been very pessimistic in regards to the metals and miners for over 6-12 months. Why? He works like a computer and manages money is what I think. Is he conservative? Yes … Does that hurt your portfolio yes for me and no for others. Why? For me personally im a much forward thinker then all the names I mentioned excluding Matthew and Jerry and Irish invested more in the metal different game.

    Ex I left you off that nomination just because me and Matthew seen to be very forward thinking but I believe you are but play the role to be conservative at time with your language lol so again we always battle are you all in? Or do you like to go back and forth? Because the viewers no back and forth loses money you need to be first to the game and Jordan was not 100%from all his previous post. If anything him and doc sorry have been so bearish that probably many of our viewers sold there positions at absolutely the wrong time.

    Take for example terry who has been so vocal and I question who he really is! He sends out a release precisely at the time I buy the low or very close on iamgold with his bias news letter “ who knows who the crap he is” poster and guess what happens? Is gold reversed and explodes when Glen told you all that it was an extreme all time 2008 low buy! I didn’t get any credit but the viewers know they ain’t dome also know terry is fishy sorry buddy lol! Well you ain’t my buddy regardless..

    Let all the gold thinkers in this move in gold and silver show that those who don’t have forward thinking that your bearish sentiment resistance at “1850” once broken in this impulsive move will finally see the miners possibly tomorrow go in fire and those who went against my is gold good luck chasing it!

    The great Glen

    Forgive my rant as I’m speaking via phone on a three hour ride from saint saint Marie Canada back home. Met with some investors regarding opening a resort up there. Need to put money to work

      Jan 19, 2022 19:17 PM

      Hi glen . That was a great piece You just posted , i love pieces like that , a mix of common sence / logic , & a bit of a rant throwing in for good measure…lol . Here is an interview You may like. Doug Casey.

        Jan 20, 2022 20:11 AM

        Thanks Irish very kind 🤠

      Jan 19, 2022 19:36 PM

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Glenfidish.
      Personally I try to consider any one’s thesis if it is well-reasoned, backed with data, and has a probability of being a path forward. So when people like Jordan or Doc Postma presented the potential of a pullback in the PMs after an initial pop at the start of the year and leading up to the rate hikes, and shared what technical indicators, moving averages, bollinger bands, MACD, etc… got them to that point of view, then I had respect for it, and gave it consideration. It is very much the same way I may give your technical thoughts and price levels consideration if you lay out the thesis and how you arrived at your projected move. It’s the same with Matthew’s charts, or Steve Penny’s, or Christopher Aaron’s, or Gary Wagners, or Morris Hubbert, or Ira Epstein, etc…
      I don’t expect anyone to always be correct in their calls, because nobody is on here or anywhere. It is particularly helpful when people back up a claim or their targeted support/resistance levels with the “Why?” behind those levels. It is much more valid when any technician explains how they arrived at their targets, otherwise they are just numbers being thrown out without any context or data to support them. Really, it is preferable that people just show their work with a chart or direct people where to look if they are pulling up their own charts by pointing out what factors they are considering. I often will post a chart if I’m pointing out some technical levels or overlays or indicators or moving averages etc… that I’m watching (and occasionally will even annotate a chart if I feel it a more complex idea or a visual idea than is much easier seen).
      As for whether I’m “all-in” or not, that changes for me constantly as I’m an active trader, and I will change from being overweight or underweight a sector at times in other markets I trade (like Uranium, Copper, Nickel, Platinum/Palladium, Zinc, Lithium, Cryptos, Cannabis, Oil/Nat Gas, etc…) and that will effect my overall allocation to the Precious Metals. Regardless, I don’t just have a one track mind, and have never just been “all-in” PMs, because I don’t like the risk that comes with putting all one’s eggs in one basket. Diversification has served me very well, especially in years like the last few we’ve had, where different commodities or subsectors ran at different times, allowing an easier rotation and rebalancing within the portfolio.
      Having said that, I was just very transparent (much more transparent than many are) in what I shared over the last 2 weeks with my very heavy trading portfolio weighting to the PMs. I even provided the percentage allocations to Gold miners (42%), Silver miners (28%), and PM royalty companies (about 10%), with the balance being in Uranium, Base Metals, Specialty Metals, and Cannabis stocks. Those may have adjusted down slightly since then as I’ve trimmed back a few gold and silver positions this week, but maybe only 1-2% overall percentage points. I even went further on one post and broke down the sub-sectors of producers, developers, explorers in both Gold and Silver and asked others to share and only 2 people responded back with their portfolio makeups.
      I’m really not sure why there would be much confusion at all about how I’m positioned, and there have been literally hundreds of times I’ve shared what stocks I bought or sold on given days, and I’ve also shared my literal portfolio of holdings many times. I feel that is pretty transparent, and putting myself out there, in the spirit of just sharing company ideas and portfolio management ideas with other members of the KER. I really enjoy when other contributors here share which companies they are buying or selling, when trades are going good, bad, or ugly, and again the “why?” behind their positioning (either technically on a chart, or from value drivers from company fundamentals, or both).
      Again, none of us have to share anything at all, but the whole point of the blog is to share ideas with the community in the spirit of helping others, learning from others wisdom. I try to always do that and share info I feel is helpful or I wouldn’t spend the time to post it all. If I’m speaking about my trading and portfolio it is typically to see if any others are in those trades, or sectors, or to get a little conversation going about them.
      Most times nobody responds to other people’s posts on the blog, and often I’ll post something that seems important or noteworthy or interesting and nobody will respond to it. Sometimes people do though and those exchanges are what make the blog an interesting interactive tool. It should also be noted that there are plenty of people here and also over at that don’t feel comfortable contributing on the blogs, but will reach out and message privately, so sometimes what I’m sharing personally on the blog is a shout out to those folks. I’m also just as guilty of not responding to posts that I appreciated, or looking at a link or chart or news item or personal anecdote and appreciating it but then not saying anything… just like we all do. Often I really like or enjoy or even laugh at posts, finding them interesting, but then don’t say anything at all either just due to time constraints or because I don’t know what to really say in response. I do try to respond back regularly to people here though, always have, and have always appreciated bouncing different concepts off people here because I respect their opinions, and do sincerely thank all the people that are active on the blog for sharing their thoughts with us all.
      Personally, in my own posting, I don’t feel the need to always have to report all my trades (I typically do 3-7 per day so that would be a lot of reporting), and I don’t discuss many of the companies I hold positions in on a day to day basis as they may be smaller weightings, or they may be larger producers that are less interesting to the drill junkies, or there may just be too much discuss on any given day or week.
      To each their own… and I personally appreciate anyone that gets up the courage to share anything with the community here, and enjoy learning everyday from the great people here in the KER Crew, and try to give back with sharing or posting anything I’ve learned as often as I can. Cheers!

      Jan 19, 2022 19:48 PM

      Glenfidish…Terry Huebert, that’s my real name. As far as IAG is concerned, Taylor Dart recently said it was uninvestable. That’s good enough for me and others here may want to know TD’s opinions as well as yours.

      Jan 20, 2022 20:09 AM

      Glen……………….Good thing You respect your elders………lol….. 🙂
      Out side of Owl, which is lost in high weeds…… I think I might be the oldest at 73 yrs young….. lol….

        Jan 20, 2022 20:59 AM

        OOTB – That qualifies you for the veteran discount here at the KER, although, I’m pretty sure we have a few folks that are your seniors that contribute here. 🙂

    Jan 19, 2022 19:09 PM

    In regards to gold in the Bears believe the next battle could be 1950 and there may be a resistance there but I believe this is an impulsive move and we are going straight for 1880 1920. And I would like to get Matthews opinion on that and many others in here including Alex Wolff and other technicians.

    Remember consolidations like this and grinding lower lows for such an extended period only create explosive moves!


      Jan 19, 2022 19:20 PM

      Coiled Spring …. BOING…………….

      Jan 19, 2022 19:26 PM

      Glen, I think you meant 1850 (instead of 1950) in your first line?
      I think gold will probably reach 1970 before taking a small break. For clarity, I’m talking about a break that’s at least visible on a weekly chart. That will put it above its November 2020 high.

        Jan 20, 2022 20:14 AM

        Yikes 😬 you got me Matthew lol. Your absolutely correct $1850..8

        I 100% agree with your statement amigo!

    Jan 19, 2022 19:31 PM

    Silver is were You people need to be , i mentioned this days ago, & what happened today…. You people need to listen to this daft Irish fella ….. And make sure You are also buying PHY. silver.

      Jan 19, 2022 19:20 PM

      Hi IrishT. I have 2 dozen Silver stocks with many ounces locked in the vault of the Earth….
      I know that isn’t the same thing as stacking the physical, but hopefully it’s a nice exposure to silver trends.

        Jan 20, 2022 20:30 AM

        One thing about phyz and stocks…………… TAXES…………. tax lost selling season…….. no tax loss selling season with PHYZ…………… LOL…………… Have a great one…… 🙂

          Jan 20, 2022 20:43 AM

          OOTB – Good point on the potential for taxable gains or or tax losses on the equities. I like how the miners can be leveraged to the metals though, like yesterday with Gold/Silver moving up 1-3% and many of the miners moving up double-digits. That more than covers the taxes… 😉

            Jan 20, 2022 20:49 AM

            GOTS……………… The system is F ed Up…….. Someday………. I will be 100% spot on………. LOL…… senior moment…. lol…….. best as always……… 🙂 CHEERS………

            Jan 20, 2022 20:25 PM

            Haha! Good one OOTB!

    Jan 19, 2022 19:17 PM

    Let’s go Brandon! Gee, with Biden telling the nation how great everything is going in today’s news conference, why would PM’S rally? Read Joe’s lips!

    I’m in this sector by default, all in since end of tax selling, standing elbow to elbow with Glendfish & Ex

      Jan 19, 2022 19:41 PM

      Nice to have you standing elbow to elbow with us Buzz. On days like today, it seems like a solid strategy, but there have been plenty of the days the markets will humble us down to our knees. I’m looking to see if this recent move higher has more follow through, but had planned to buy in tax loss selling (like you mentioned) and then lighten up some into the Q1 Run. We are starting to finally see that move higher here in mid-January, and if we get a continued move higher into February, then I may ratchet down my PM weightings just a little bit, as I feel over-exposed to the PMs at present.

      Jan 20, 2022 20:07 AM

      I’ve been steadily adding to my position in the cannabis ETF (POTX), which is similar to MSOS or MJ, just to get some exposure to the pot stocks as they are really beaten down, but I’m expecting them to go higher in 2022.

        Jan 20, 2022 20:17 AM

        I think this makes perfect sense! 100% the time to add is now and cannabis is going to rocket launch as well.

          Jan 20, 2022 20:57 AM

          Yeah, people are so depressed about the PM stocks from 2021, but the pot stocks got creamed far worse, and overall the sector looks like a very attractive risk/reward set up at present valuations.

    Jan 19, 2022 19:09 PM

    Biden has no clue. His cabinet and high advisors are Hillary Clinton ex advisors from her lost presidential run and some from Obama team. No wonder he doing terrible his advisors are terrible.
    His first year
    Lost control of border, botched afgsnastan withdrawal, he will not get out without all USA citizens but reality was they got most of us troops out first before American and afgan allies, strip the USA of energy Independence by stopping oil drilling at sea, fracking on federal lands, put back on environmental restritions, stop pipeline and let Russia still build thiers to supply Germany of Russian oil and gas. Point is Russia creates more carbon and dirty air drilling oil then USA. So we’re USA has better regulation than Russia how can that be good for climate change.
    Didn’t have plan that after the virus lockdowns were over and need for all American workers back in work force to provide all products needed, instead they extended money to not go to work and stay hole for even several more months. Now you don’t have truckers to get products from the dock to cities throughout USA and caused supply chain jam. Can’t they see what was happening and they dealt with alpha and delta variance for two winter’s and now a third omicron arrived and they had all summer and no masks, testing kits, etc, etc ready.
    Biden was handed over great economy, vaccine, masks, ventilators etc and year later had none of it ready. Explain why government mask mandates are for all Americans but not for anyone coming across boarder illegally and no covid test. How stupid is this government doing. Inflation and energy will kill mostiddle class American workers who just get by to find extra money to pay the increases. You get a 4 PCT raise but inflation run at 7 PCT you have net loss of 3..
    And we have 3 more years of this bozo we are in trouble.
    Many polititions are wealthy and have inside info and sold most of there stocks to avoid loss and bought back at bottom when they nee USA was going to pump 10 billion in economy so they bought back and made a ton of money. They aren’t procicuted for insider trading, or lying to Congress or FBI but us small middle class get screwed. Sad.

      Jan 19, 2022 19:15 PM

      Hi Paul – While I agree with many points you raised, we are asking if people can put those kinds of posts over on the political area on the site. There is a link at the top that says “politics” with a flag in the background that will take you over to that blog and thread. Thanks!

      Jan 20, 2022 20:59 AM

      Paul………… we are already in trouble……… we have been in trouble since ww2…………
      Stupid sheeple have and can not figure it out…….. plain and simple……..
      US govt , banana republic at best , does not care one iota for WE THE PEOPLE….

    Jan 19, 2022 19:14 PM

    Sprott holding, GTAGF had a good day today

      Jan 19, 2022 19:18 PM

      Synchronistically, someone had just mentioned Golden Tag to me (and that it was mas missing from my Silver explorers list) today over at Yes, it had a nice 25% move in (GOG), so very good action.

    Jan 19, 2022 19:48 PM

    The yearly gold chart is bullish as can be. It may not be very relevant to actions we take in the “here and now” but the big bullish backdrop will make huge gains happen much more easily. (For example, gold didn’t crash in 2013 when the monthly chart turned bearish, it took the quarterly and, to a lesser extent, the yearly turning bearish almost a year later to push the trapdoor open and launch a bear market. The monthly sell signals in 2021 didn’t amount to much because the quarterly and yearly charts remained bullish as I pointed out many times.)

    Jan 20, 2022 20:00 AM
      Jan 20, 2022 20:53 AM

      That would be great for this sector to continue seeing the mining stocks outperforming the general US equities, to start catching the interest of a larger investing audience. So far so good in 2022.

      Jan 20, 2022 20:19 AM

      Wow just look at that empty space above on your fork! May the lord here us all 🤠

    Jan 20, 2022 20:08 AM

    IPT looks good on the monthly chart but let’s see what it does with the remainder of this month. I am confident it will finish well and get above the important .70 level well before mid February but no one should take my opinions as advice.
    IPT monthly:

      Jan 20, 2022 20:01 AM

      Thanks for that chart and for pointing out the constructive setup in IPT Matthew.
      Impact Silver is one of my most heavily weighted silver positions, and the high upwards torque it had on Wednesday, with the big rally in the PM sector at large, was the kind of action and outperformance we want to keep seeing more of in IPT.

        Jan 20, 2022 20:42 AM

        IPT on the move again today, up over 7% thus far…. Not too shabby…. 🙂

      Jan 20, 2022 20:56 AM

      Thanks Matthew. It’s my largest silver holding as well. Hoping to see a return to +$1 levels again eventually. This has always been my fav way of trading silver runs

        Jan 20, 2022 20:28 PM

        Wolfster, based on the company’s strengths and my view of silver, I will be surprised if the next big move for the sector doesn’t result in IPT going to at least $3.00 and maybe to the old (and still good) Point and Figure chart price objective of $3.50. And that’s ignoring the potential for a game-changing discovery along the way or other positive developments.
        Today’s high happened at the same 50% Fibonacci fan resistance that stopped its rise over two months ago. It won’t stop it this time.

    Jan 20, 2022 20:36 AM

    (ELE) (ELEMF) Elemental Expects 40% Increase in Successive Quarterly Revenue from Flagship Royalty on Karlawinda Mine
    January 20, 2022

    Jan 20, 2022 20:43 AM

    Video: Gold & Silver are Ignoring Bad News
    January 19, 2022 – Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA

    Jan 20, 2022 20:08 AM

    Birchcliff Energy, BIR, news today that they plan on being debt free at the end of ’22, I own some.

    Jan 20, 2022 20:22 AM

    Some up … some down saga
    Leader of the Day: Granite Creek Copper +5.58%

    Loser of the Day: Copper Lake -4.56%

    The account running away upward at +$500

      Jan 20, 2022 20:53 AM

      Today’s action is a bit more muted than yesterday’s power surge higher in the PMs, but still a net positive as Gold @ $1846 and Silver @ $24.67 are both up, as are GDX and GDXJ. Personally my account is up 2% (with a few high-flyers in the 6-10% gain range), but I’ll take it after the big move up yesterday in my portfolio of 7.7%. Pretty close to a 10% move in the portfolio to the upside in just 2 days is much better than the opposite.

        Jan 20, 2022 20:08 AM

        I have been going through the lists you put up from yesterday and checking how they are moving today. I am trying to decide if I want to move some of my explorers like Blackrock, Summa, Silver Tiger to producers like Impact, Avino, Excellon to take advantage of better movement. However, I know First Majestic has interest in Blackrock and probably Summa and I am thinking just to wait on the others to come around. Emerita has 300 million ounces of silver identified already and it has done nothing but get hit over and over since Friday. I think the more I type this, the more I think I will go with what I got. I do have a bunch of Santacruz. I sold my Vizsla at the wrong time. I could not get Schwab to adjust the basis for the Silver and Copper shares, so I sold the copper last year for a loss and took the silver this year for a gain. The problem was, I sold Vizsla Silver the day before announcing the Exchange up grade and the Great Drill Results. But, I rolled them both into some oil stuff and if I get a pop in those, I will try to move back…unless they run away.

          Jan 20, 2022 20:21 AM

          Hi Lakedweller2. Well that is a personal call that only you can make, but personally, I wouldn’t sleep well at night to have as much on the line as I do if it was all in explorers, and I’m much more heavily weighted to the producers and to a lessor extent the developers. Having said that, most of the producers and developers I have still have fantastic exploration upside, and most have very intense exploration plans underway. For example – Impact Silver is every bit as much of an exploration story as it is a production story.
          Now, as far as explorers go, you are in some of the better stories there and I’m positioned in those as well that you had mentioned like Silver Tiger, Summa Silver (it’s having a good day on solid drill results), Blackrock Silver, etc… Personally, I’m holding onto those because they’ve already demonstrated they have the goods. I’m much more leery of the earlier-stage explorers that haven’t proved they have the goods yet.
          Regardless, it just always amazes me that we state over and over again that the producers in any commodity tend to get the bid from generalists and move first after a big corrective move, once the underlying commodity starts to move (we see this in precious metals, in base metals, in oil/gas, etc…). People will agree with this even on calls Cory & I have with people, and I’ll ask them off the mic if they then have any producers or royalty companies or developers, and they’ll say… not really I’m all in on explorers. Huh??
          If the producers are going to move first, then why in the world would you not want a weighting to them after corrective moves? It just blows my mind, but everyone has their own unique approach to investing, and some are just collectors of drill-plays. That’s cool too, as you just need a small number to hit it big to make massive gains, and make up for the losers (which there will always be a large percentage of those in the exploration stocks).

            Jan 20, 2022 20:24 AM

            Also to your point about First Majestic’s strategic stake in Blackrock Silver, I’m guessing that may eventually lead to an acquisition but that could still be a year or two off (then again…. we are seeing a lot of M&A deals lately, so maybe in 2022).
            Summa Silver – their neighbors are doing a fantastic job as well, and it likely makes sense eventually to have both Summa and Blackrock under one roof, and First Majestic would be a likely suitor for both.

            Jan 20, 2022 20:27 AM

            (SSVR) (SSVRF) Summa Silver Samples Multiple Undrilled High-Grade Veins Above 1,000 g/t Silver Equiv. at Mogollon, New Mexico

            – 20 Jan 2022

    Jan 20, 2022 20:32 AM

    Dollar Week : Pull Back To Hidden Gap? (Return to uptrend then?)

      Jan 20, 2022 20:41 AM

      BDC – Do you think the greenback will get down to that green dashed line then at 95.20?
      It’s currently at 95.51 so that wouldn’t be much more of a move, but just wondering if you think that is where support will come in for the Dollar?

        Jan 20, 2022 20:53 PM

        Howdy Ex,
        Unlikely today, maybe not tomorrow.
        It is about to cross the ‘B’ at 50%.
        This hidden gap may not fill.
        (NY Time : 15:50)

          Jan 20, 2022 20:21 PM

          A defining move in either direction is in play.
          Rates week will be interesting.

          Jan 20, 2022 20:26 PM

          Much appreciated BDC!

    Jan 20, 2022 20:44 AM

    Added Impact Silver.

    Jan 20, 2022 20:01 AM

    Welcome to the impact family!

    Just be warned we have a ker family member that I’m sure owns 25% of the company lol.. Let’s keep him in good spirits so he can help us make mucha plata also know as coin 🙂

      Jan 20, 2022 20:14 AM

      I don’t hold remotely close to that amount Glen and I’m always in good spirits. 😎

    Jan 20, 2022 20:24 AM

    I have been in the Impact Family many times. Just ready for something to move up…like all of them.

      Jan 20, 2022 20:28 PM

      Just like the mob….. the Impact Silver family keeps pulling you back in…. 🙂

    Jan 20, 2022 20:09 PM

    And today’s winner is Honey Badger Silver +15.07%

      Jan 20, 2022 20:50 PM

      EOD update: Honey Badger Silver + 22%

    Jan 20, 2022 20:03 PM

    Freaky Friday Again…………….. long week end headed everyone’s way…………. Russia might be a thought over the week end…………… JMO