Gold Mountain Mining – Graduation To A Producer – The First Payment From The First Month Of Ore Delivery From The Elk Gold Project Has Been Received

Kevin Smith, CEO of Gold Mountain Mining (TSX:GMTN – OTCQB:GMTNF), joins us to discuss the successful graduation to a producing gold Company, as they have received their first payment for the first-month of ore delivery from the Elk Gold Project in British Columbia, processed at New Gold Inc.’s New Afton Mine. We reviewed the expected production metrics for 2022, and plans to grow the production from other satellite deposits being explored and expanded.


We then shift over to the ongoing Phase 3 exploration program that has hit high-grade intercepts at both the new Elusive Zone target, and also from continued drilling at the Siwash North area. After 30,000 meters of drilling from the first 3 Phase programs since late 2020, the exploration work to date has proved there is significant untapped mineralization within the Elk’s 21,000 hectare land package. Once all the Phase 3 drill results are completed and the assays are returned then the company will be updating the mineral resource estimate, with a goal to get it over 1 million ounces of gold, before working on the Pre-Feasibility Study later in the year. The company already has plans and budget to kick off the 20,000 meter Phase 4 drill program this spring.

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    Mar 24, 2022 24:19 PM

    Here is an interesting chart on Gold Mountain mining that was posted by a contributor over at

      Mar 24, 2022 24:49 PM

      Hi Ex, Kabooooooooom, The Ferts are starting to explode, This may be their time as well. Especially with The Russian market nixed and the cost of Nat Gas exploding! DT

        Mar 24, 2022 24:13 PM

        Yes DT. While some like Matt Geiger were very constructive on the Fertilizer stocks, I don’t think anyone expected this kind of a situation with Russia/Ukraine, where so many of the Ferts are produced. The trends in energy prices moving higher and agricultural commodities moving higher were already in motion before all the geopolitical tensions broke out, but it just accelerated the trends further.

          Mar 24, 2022 24:16 PM

          Hi Ex, The Fertilizer stocks are starting to move higher, they have been dormant for a long time but they can move faster than silver when they catch a bid. LOL! DT

            Mar 24, 2022 24:17 PM

            Yes, agreed DT. It’s a bit disappointing that the Silver stocks haven’t really started to run yet, like we know that they can, but when the $30 resistance level is eclipsed, I believe we’ll see the Silver stocks really start to surge and surprise many with how quickly they can move. A good proxy would be to look at what we just saw play out the last 2 years in the Lithium and Uranium stocks when they took off. Most were stunned and missed the move watching from the sidelines.

    Mar 24, 2022 24:14 PM

    Ferts. Ferts. I felt like an outsider briefly. Started researching social networking stocks.

    Mar 24, 2022 24:22 PM

    How about this zinger of a headline on the energy sector and potential of rising commodity prices to further crimp the economy?


    Goldman Sachs: Oil Prices Surging To $200 A Barrel Could Send The Economy Into Recession

    Brian Sozzi·Anchor – Yahoo Finance (03/24/2022)

      Mar 24, 2022 24:49 PM

      $209 got my attention but then it goes in the garbage pile when I see Goldman. I think the price should go up because of supply/demand issues. But, just like the paper PM markets, the price setting of oil has been corrupt.
      So corrupt price setting and corrupt Goldman means don’t bet on it.

    Mar 24, 2022 24:47 PM
    Several good new articles.

    “Theses 3 Charts …”. good discussion of rigging.

      Mar 24, 2022 24:59 PM

      Thanks for posting that link to WallStreet on Parade Lakedweller2.

      It’s a site I’ve looked at a few times, but it had been a while. This recent article there seemed worth posting in light of the news of the Fed rate hiking cycle kicking off and what their messaging has been to the market.


      The Fed’s Lack of Transparency Is Harming the Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency

      By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: March 17, 2022

      “Yesterday, it was widely reported in the business press that Saudi Arabia is considering pricing its oil deals with China in China’s own currency, the Yuan, rather than in U.S. Dollars, which is the currency of choice for the bulk of the global oil trade. While it should be noted that this talk has been making headlines for the past four years without actually coming to fruition, the U.S. should stop taking the respected status of the Dollar for granted.”

      “Another alarm has come from actions by the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the U.S., which refuses to provide transparency to the American people and Congress regarding its serial, secret bailouts of the megabanks on Wall Street.”

      “The Fed’s ability to make trillions of dollars in secret loans to its crony banks on Wall Street was supposed to have been reined in by the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010. It wasn’t. All that is actually happening is the Fed is still making the secret loans while the Dodd-Frank Act gives it one year to two years to make the disclosures to the public.”

      “Let’s pause here for a moment. Every U.S. bank that is getting these bailout loans from the Fed is publicly traded. Why should shareholders have to wait one year or two years to find out that their bank needed emergency funding from the Fed. How is that not a materially disclosable event that needs to be made public on a timely basis? Only unseemly cronyism in the upper echelons of the U.S. financial system can explain this.”

        Mar 24, 2022 24:39 PM

        Thanks Ex. There are a ton of good articles from the Martens investigative reporting. It is too bad we can’t get the Justice Department under “any” Administration to get the same mindset. Just imagine if there were enough people in the world to do their jobs. Why look for unfair advantage when fairness is easier. Go figure.

          Mar 24, 2022 24:46 PM

          Yes, a sad but very true point Lakedweller2. It would be nice to reign in the Fed and bankster cronyism, but that trend and cabal has been unchecked and basically underregulated for a very long time. Unfortunately, that is the world we live in, but I think soon enough, most people will realize the Fed has really messed up this time, and all the kings horses and all the kings men, won’t be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.