LithiumBank – Introducing A Private Development Lithium Company With A Large Resource Soon To Be Public

April 1, 2022

Rob Shewchuck, Chairman and CEO of LithiumBank (just listed today on the TSX.V under the symbol LBNK) joins me to walk through the Corporate strategy and key assets, focused on direct lithium brine in Alberta.


We start be recapping the founding of the Company and how the project portfolio was built out. We then focus on the flagship asset, the Sturgeon Lake Property which already has a resource of 5.97million tonnes LCE (lithium carbonate equivalent) inferred resources. We compare this resource to other well known lithium assets in the sector. We also discuss the plans to continue to de-risk and move this asset toward development.


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Click here to read over the LithiumBank corporate Presentation.



Note – This interview was recorded a couple weeks ago but we held off on posting until the listing was live.

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    Apr 01, 2022 01:03 PM

    Nice interview – thanks for bringing them onto the show Cory

    DLE is the holy grail of lithium (cleaner, faster, cheaper). The question is, will DLE be viable on large scale commercial production?

    Standard Lithium is probably the most advanced play and still far away from commercial production
    Standard is probably 2 years more advanced then E3
    E3 is probably 2 years more advanced then LithiumBank

    The production goal in 2025 sounds very optimistic?
    Who is bringing in the DLE technology at LithiumBank?
    How much stake they are willing to give up for a partner, 25% or 50%?
    What is the business plan? Sell the project or become a lithium producer?

    If they want to be in production in 2025 they need a partner with a working DLE process. Standard and E3 spent years to develop their own proprietary process and Lake partnered with LiLac for a 25% interest.

    Like to get more interviews like this in the lithium space 👍