Josef Schachter – Demand and Supply Side Energy Fundamentals

June 15, 2022

Josef Schachter, Founder of The Schachter Energy Report joins us for a discussion on the energy sector. Sticking to the bearish camp Josef outlines a few key factors that could drive energy prices down. It still might take a few months however. We also get Josef’s thoughts on the energy stocks and what he will be buying after a pullback.




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1 Comment
    Jun 16, 2022 16:39 PM

    Thx for yall’s interview work. I will listen again as I’ve been multitasking now.
    I only listened right now to see if he is still touting 70. to 80.00 oil… and he did. lol.
    I look forward to listen again this evening.
    BTW, Is he saying 200.00 oil in next couple months or did I hear wrong? (I probably did)