TG Watkins – Watching Volatility and Oil During This Market Rally

June 21, 2022

TG Watkins, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading and Editor of the Profit Pilot website joins me to share his trading strategy for the general bear market and current bounce. There is a good chance we are in a bear market for a while longer, 6+ months. We look at volatility, using the UVXY, as a barometer to judge where the current rebound will top out. Also oil, after the drop to end last week brings up the question, has oil and energy stocks topped?




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    Jun 21, 2022 21:36 PM

    Being able to read charts and understand market conditions is important when it comes down to trading but being able to stand back from the technical’s and look at the whole situation is a fundamental cause. When a bull market is dying you want to be more concerned with the forest than the trees. DT

      Jun 21, 2022 21:51 PM

      DT, it is not correct to suggest that “the technicals”/charts represent mere trees and not the forest unless you’re referring to short term charts. The charts represent all fundamental information with a thoroughness that no single fundamental analyst ever could.

    Jun 22, 2022 22:42 AM

    Systematic orchestrated indiscriminate take down. Nothing magical about it. It does give us the chance to structure portfolios for the upside due to most miners being “oversold” to excess. When they announce a massive QE for “infrastructure” (finally our future tax funds we will never have being spent on tax payer interests instead of massive under the table funds covering Wall Street fraud that we will never have funds to pay back): but when they announce the infrastructure QE, I bet we will find all our “battery metal and base metal miners” that have been systematically destroyed, will take off when insider managed money buy at these home grown bargain rates. That is what I expect from our free and fair markets.