Justin Huhn – Uranium Macro Market Setup And Recent Bounce In Uranium Stocks

Justin Huhn, Founder and Publisher of the Uranium Insider, joins us to provide a macro update on the uranium sector. We start with the supply and demand factors he is watching mostly focused on the demand side coming from tensions with Russian sanctions, Kazakhstan export challenges, potential Japanese restarts, and Chinese reactor builds. We also take a look at where things are with regards to pricing trends seen this year with the increase in utility companies setting up longer-term contracts, and the complexities behind the different stages of refining and upgrading U308, to UF6, to enriched fabricated uranium fuel.


Next we review if the uranium sector correlates to other energy commodities or other sectors. We wrap up with a look at what stage, both technically and fundamentally, the uranium mining stocks are at currently.  After the big run in the uranium mining stocks from 2020 to 2021, the pullback from Nov 2021 – Jan 2022, the rally from late Jan – April of this, and the most recent pullback that appears to have bottomed in early July, we find out if Justin thinks the rally over the last few weeks will be sustainable.

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    Jul 29, 2022 29:44 PM

    Bob Hoye said recently that there is an abundance of waste which can be reprocessed into reactor fuel. He claimed there is no need for new uranium mine supply…

    Jul 29, 2022 29:49 PM

    So here is some breaking M&A news for the Uranium stocks…

    Denison Mines (DNN) has now out bid Uranium Energy Corp (UEC) for acquiring UEX Corp (UEX).

    Nice to see a nice bidding war in the resources stocks, and since I already own both DNN and UEC, I don’t really care which one gets the prize.


    Denison Confirms Superior Proposal for UEX Corporation

    29 Jul 2022

    Jul 30, 2022 30:38 PM

    There’s No Going Back, Even if The Economy Collapses..

    I Love Prosperity w/ Jake Ducey #Uranium focus

    “Justin Huhn gives some important updates for all investors. We talk about the economic collapse, the stock market, and how Uranium will ultimately be unaffected by it in the long term, because of these very important investing fundamentals and updates that Justin provides today…”

      Aug 01, 2022 01:57 PM

      Back into Kraken for 2nd time.