Brien Lundin – Making Sense Of Gold In These Upside Down Markets And The Upcoming New Orleans Investment Conference

Shad Marquitz
September 15, 2022

Brien Lundin, Editor of the Gold Newsletter and host of the New Orleans Investment Conference, joins us to share his take on the macroeconomic trends, Fed policy, the health of the gold and silver sector, and potential catalysts coming in the balance of the year.   In these upside-down markets, where good news is bad and bad news is good, it all comes down to looking forward within the context of how this data may alter Fed rate hikes. 


In an environment where high frequency trading algos and fast-fingered institutions, simply react to things like the strong US Dollar, or the TIPs market to interpret inflation expectations, things don’t always follow logic or the data hiding in plain sight.  Brien outlines that the ever-increasing debt situation, making the debt service more and more untenable as interest rates rise, will cause the Fed to stop hiking by year-end, and that this market realization could be a catalyst drive PMs higher. 


We wrap up with some reasons for investors to consider attending the New Orleans Investment Conference, from October 12-15, and the impressive who’s who list of key note speakers, 100 companies being showcased, and also a chance to network with fellow investors in the resource space.  Cory and I will also be attending next month in person, so check out the lineup and information in the link below.



Click here to visit the New Orleans Investment Conference website to learn more about the conference.


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    Sep 15, 2022 15:45 PM

    Another rug-pull for the PM peeps!
    Told ya it was gonna happen, but did you listen to me?
    Seems like Doc Postma is the only smart one in this crowd of masochists.
    Just wait until the rate hike next week, that’s when the real pain begins.
    It’ll be a fire sale in the PM space.
    But until then, you have one thing you can do….

    You want CASH!!!!
    CASH IS KING!!!!

      Sep 15, 2022 15:48 PM

      “crowd of masochists” – OK Joe, that comment did make me chuckle a little. 🙂

      Ever Upward!

      Sep 15, 2022 15:54 PM

      Joe: If Doc is a masochist, you must be a sadist! LOL! DT

      Sep 15, 2022 15:07 PM

      It’s funny that Doc turned bullish yesterday right before this drop. I joked a week or two ago that I’d have to hedge my longs if he got on board…

        Sep 15, 2022 15:07 PM

        Congrat yourself as absolute genius once again.

        Sep 16, 2022 16:24 AM

        I think he said juniors are so depressed that he is starting to buy them

        He also said that majors still have room to fall

    Sep 15, 2022 15:05 PM

    GLD is just above an important speed line support as well as a weekly gap from 127 weeks ago. A small gap down tomorrow could be good.

      Sep 15, 2022 15:27 PM

      I looked at that on my side…I think you are absolutely correct…that weekly gap looks really probable to stop this light weekly volume pullback…good chart post Matthew…thank you

    Sep 15, 2022 15:07 PM

    You lot on this page, stop mocking Joe , he is the only one on this page who knows what he is talking about. We have another Joe on the other page, who goes by the name of Holy Grail…. The only two people on the KER , who know what they are talking about, therefore , they must be right.

      Sep 15, 2022 15:25 PM

      IT: Joe is an extraterrestrial who was sent to this planet along with the UFO’S that are stationed over Ukraine, and both of their missions are to save humanity from itself. DT 😉

        Sep 15, 2022 15:32 PM

        Hi DT…. Thanks for that info…… I believe he has a base on the Moon…. Thats why the Americans did not return there , Joe warned them off………… And that is a true fact…. On my Irish honour.

          Sep 15, 2022 15:42 PM

          Agreed! Joe is the real deal he is not a cardboard character! DT

    Sep 15, 2022 15:14 PM

    Some of you have been bagging on Doc about being too bearish. You’ve taken it to a personal level, which isn’t cool at all. At least for the short term, you should admit that he was right and you were wrong. That’s the gentleman’s way.

      Sep 15, 2022 15:26 PM

      Hello Nawanda … I would agree . I have followed Doc for years on the KER . Yes sometimes he gets it wrong ( only human )…. But the majority of times he is right….. IMO.

      Sep 15, 2022 15:31 PM

      What’s really not cool is how you and others here continue to misinterpret my issue with Doc. I’ve made it clear repeatedly that it’s his dishonesty and not his record that have motivated me to post the things that I have. For the last decade he has pretended that he’s been “right all along” when nothing could be further from the truth. It’s as simple as that and I consider it a PSA to new visitors to point it out.
      In 2016 he had a particularly horrible record and zero humility about it or even acknowledgement of the fact. He’s been confidently bearish at every major low and silent afterward but that’s not the problem. His pretending otherwise is the problem. A real gentleman indeed.

        Sep 15, 2022 15:40 PM

        Hi Mattew… Both You & Doc , make a valuable contribution to this blog …. imo

        Sep 15, 2022 15:43 PM

        Too much.
        Doc, you’ve been subjected to a Public Service Announcement. Holy Sh_t.
        It’s a matter of integrity by the truth teller.

    Sep 15, 2022 15:01 PM

    Thanks Mathew……………….the GLD chart says it all………………words are a waste of time…………next target I see with any clarity is 2020 low……………………until proven wrong, I will just watch the show and eat some popcorn…………………………

    PS:…………..Martin Armstrong calls .75 on the Euro in 2023………….guess where the USD will be if true…….Greece is back up to 188% of GDP…. with rising rates……..It’s been a while since we read about the PIGS drama………………….something to ponder !

    Sep 15, 2022 15:03 PM

    Looks bullish short term to me.

    Sep 15, 2022 15:09 PM

    Thanks Joe. Too many good deals. Got to buy. The only thing worse that can happen is that Central Banking steals the markets. If that happens, as in Monty Python’s Search For The Holy Grail, Bring out Your Dead … Bring Out Your Dead… I will be sitting shotgun.

      Sep 15, 2022 15:27 PM

      Hi Lakedweller……… No need to search for the Holy Grail , You will find him on the other page of the KER.

        Sep 15, 2022 15:33 PM

        After I wrote my piece, I noticed your entry prior. Now I am really concerned …🤭

    Sep 15, 2022 15:19 PM

    We are there again………………… FREAKY FRIDAY…………

    Sep 15, 2022 15:24 PM

    Analyst a a French bank on gold.

    The French Bank released its updated commodity forecast and analysts said that they see gold prices falling to $1,550 an ounce by the third quarter of 2023 as real interest rates remain elevated.

    The bank said that by the end of next year, they look for gold prices to grind higher to $1.650 and push back to $1,900 by the end of 2024.
    So if there right gold miners due to inflation need $2100 to breakout. Who do you believe, many have been out to lunch for last two years, with all the QE, inflation and spending gold is not performing.