Radisson Mining – High-Grade Drill Intercepts Along Trends 3 and 4 At The O’Brien Gold Project

Shad Marquitz
September 21, 2022

Hubert Parent-Bouchard, CFO of Radisson Mining (TSX.V: RDS) (OTC: RMRDF), joins us to review some of the recent high-grade drill results from Trends #3 and #4 at the O’Brien Gold Project located along the world-renowned Larder Lake-Cadillac Break in Abitibi, Québec.


Along Trend #3 the headline drill holes were #OB-21-279 –  17.11 g/t Au over 2.00 m and 5.16 g/t Au over 1.70 m  and #OB-21-275 – 12.66 g/t Au over 1.80 m including 27.90 g/t Au over 0.80 m. Along Trend #4 the headline drill holes were #OB-22-298 –  8.69 g/t Au over 2.20 m including 29.50 g/t Au over 0.60 m and #OB-21-296 – 7.73 g/t Au over 2.00 m including 15.00 g/t Au over 1.00 m.   These high-grade results underpin the exploration team’s interest in continuing to explore these areas along strike and at depth along the developing Trends #3 and #4.  These zones will be key areas for follow up drilling in the next phase of exploration.


With the successful conclusion of the recent drill campaign, there were 127,600 metres (255 holes) drilled since the commencement of the program in August 2019. Out of the 219 holes published thus far, there have been 141 intercepts grading over 5 g/t and 59 intercepts grading over 10 g/t. The use of directional drilling technology in the last 12 months significantly increased drilling efficiency, allowing for more precise hits wtih deeper high-priority targets and to drill test 10% more targets than originally budgeted with fewer metres. There are still 18,000 meters of drill assays at the lab awaiting release in the next 2 months, mostly from Trends #1 #2 and #0.   All of these results and data will then be fed into an updated resource estimate coming out later this year, and that is the next major milestone for the company.


If anyone has any further questions for Hubert regarding Radisson Mining, then please email us at either or

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