Weekend Show – 2 Of Our Most Accurate Forecasters Share Thoughts The Markets For Early 2023

December 24, 2022

Welcome to the Christmas Eve edition of the KE Report Weekend Show! No time off this weekend as we feature two guests that have been very accurate in calling a wide range of markets and metals.


We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Thank you all for supporting the show throughout this year. We are lucky to have such dedicated and thoughtful listeners!


  • Segment 1 and 2 – Rick Bensignor, President of Bensignor Investment Strategies kicks off the show by going around the horn sharing his outlook for US markets, yields, the US Dollar, oil and gas as well as gold. Rick has consistently outperformed the market since we brought him on the show over two years ago.
  • Segment 3 and 4 – Christopher Aaron, Founder of iGold Advisor and Senior Editor at Gold Eagle wraps up the show with a focus on gold, silver and gold stocks. He shares key levels to watch as well as his forecasts for how each price will move throughout next year.


Exclusive Company Interviews This Week


Rick Bensignor
Christopher Aaron
    Dec 24, 2022 24:28 AM

    8 hours ago

    I would just like to wish Everyone at the Ker , a Very Happy Christmas. The day is about Celebrating the birth of the Baby Jesus , ( not about some guy with a white beard ). It’s a time for Family & Friends to get together , to show their Love & Respect for each other. It’s also a day to reach out to non Christian’s with Love & Peace…………… Have fun on this Special Day.

    Dec 24, 2022 24:21 AM

    Kindness, health, peace, and well wishes for all the families of the World over this holiday season. We need to learn to live in peace and stop fighting wars. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! DT

      Dec 24, 2022 24:30 AM

      Hi DT … Very well said . You have a good one.

        Dec 24, 2022 24:41 AM

        Hi IT, in a world of standardization and mass production, you irishtony stand out as an original thinker. Take care. DT

          Dec 24, 2022 24:59 AM

          +2 Nice sentiment and thoughts from both of you gentlemen. Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season, and a prosperous 2023.

          Dec 24, 2022 24:04 AM

          Hi DT…. Such kind words … Thank You.

      Dec 24, 2022 24:19 AM

      Thanks to all the KE Report guest contributors for another great week of daily editorials, company interviews with management, and another solid weekend show with Rick & Christopher.

      Also thanks to all the listeners of the podcast and radio show, and those members of the KER crew that post and participate here on the blog, sharing insights with our community. Ever Upward!

    Dec 24, 2022 24:33 AM

    The Fed’s Unspoken Mandate

    Jesse Felder – The Felder Report (12/24/2022)

      Dec 24, 2022 24:18 AM

      Fed Pausing Is No Celebration: Recession Will Be Deeper, People Will Get Poorer

      Stansberry Research – 9 days ago

      “Market celebrations are premature with the Fed nearing the end of its hiking cycle,” says Michael Gentile, co-founder of Bastion Asset Management. He reflects on the past year saying, “certain parts of the market got crushed, and that better day is not here today.” He warns Daniela Cambone to be prepared for choppiness in 2023, “where significant pain will be the extent of an economic downturn, triggered by the Fed.” “Higher structural inflation for longer is my view,” Gentile continues. He forecasts a choppy and difficult year in 2023 for investors. “Rather than stomaching a difficult recession, we will see more government intervention through stimulus which is inflationary,” Gentile says. He concludes by saying, “the Yen and euro are the cannery in the coal mine and silver is outperforming gold which we have not seen in years.”

    Dec 24, 2022 24:15 AM

    German Inflation To Stay High For Two Years

    Reuters – Dec 24, 2022

    “Inflation is likely to remain high for another two years as companies pass on higher input costs and in some cases exaggerate them, the head of the council of economists that advises the German government was quoted as saying on Saturday.”

    “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has further stoked already rising costs for food and energy, pushing inflation in Germany to its fastest pace since the early 1950s, with consumer price rises of around 11.3% in November.”–head-of-germanys-economic-advisers-2969954

    Dec 24, 2022 24:21 AM

    Experts Reveal Best Bets Heading Into 2023

    Stansberry Research – Dec 19, 2022

    “Lead-Lag Report publisher Michael Gayed and CFO Gareth Soloway weigh in on current inflation levels, Federal Reserve intervention, the direction of the U.S. dollar, and much more. Daniela Cambone moderates this special edition of Powershift: Outlook 2023.”

    00:00 Overall market comments in 2022
    5:52 Did we hit the peak of inflation?
    9:27 Has recession already gone?
    12:30 The Fed’s ongoing rate hikes
    17:22 Decoupling of the U.S. dollar and its currency reserve status
    22:40 How come the rental space hasn’t come down?
    28:07 What’s the forecast for bitcoin in 2023?
    30:45 Gold v.s. bitcoin: who’s the winner?
    37:58 Gold miners don’t always trade like gold
    40:05 The prospect of silver
    40:52 How vital is cash right now?
    42:21 Any under-valued opportunities for 2023
    43:29 Rise of the BRICS
    45:04 Top sectors for 2023

    Dec 24, 2022 24:04 PM

    Chris Vermeulen thinks there’s another leg down coming in gold

      Dec 24, 2022 24:22 PM

      I tentatively disagree. The week that just ended was important and kept the extreme bullishness scenario alive but not sealed. The coming week will likely give the answer.
      Regarding IPT, on the 15th I told jon syl that “…yesterday it accomplished something that’s bearish on its face but sets the stage for extreme bullishness while also implying that the likes of GDX, SILJ, etc. will do the same soon. As such, don’t be surprised if IPT leads and smokes the ETFs when the next move higher gets going.”
      The good news is that a certain important gold mining fund has now done the same (score one for IPT being first) but neither IPT nor that fund has completed the setup to activate a very likely BIG bull move of the sort that will even send the senior golds up 100% or more in 6 months to a year. I won’t share the nature of the setup but I will report it when IPT and the fund do what we need and I still expect IPT to deliver first.

    Dec 24, 2022 24:09 PM

    When Bensignor was talking about 1375 gold in late September I posted this:
    The silver-gold ratio has been acting well which is a good development for the bullish case for the sector but it has earned a rest and will probably get it now if Friday’s bearish reversal means anything…

      Dec 24, 2022 24:19 PM

      When Bensignor was talking about a much higher dollar in late September I posted this:
      UUP just arrived at a big Schiff fork resistance:

      Notice that it is now at/near support but look at that MACD. It might bounce soon but it also could cut right through that support and then bounce for a bearish backtest of it.
      Dollar bulls don’t realize how broken the dollar is and that its very good negative correlation to gold over the last two years is likely coming to an end soon.

        Dec 25, 2022 25:55 AM

        Interesting UUP chart Matthew, and yes, seeing it dipping below that 40 week simply moving average is significant and has been a good indicator for trend over the last 5 years as you indicated. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a dead-cat bounce in the US dollar moving into Q1 of next year (maybe seeing it hit 109 or 110 in a final thrust forming the right shoulder on a H&S pattern, before rolling over and heading down to new lower lows for quite some time).

    Dec 25, 2022 25:03 PM

    Where would the USA be without Jesus? I hope our nation is not destined to find out. Merry XMAS & God bless

    Dec 26, 2022 26:56 AM

    Significant Dollar Reaction Forming?

    Dec 26, 2022 26:54 PM

    California is a desert dependent upon draining the water resources of other states, if I owned anything in “The Great State of California”, I would have sold out a long time ago! California is an accident looking for a place to happen. LOL! DT

      Dec 26, 2022 26:11 PM

      The water aquifers are long gone. DT

    Dec 27, 2022 27:50 AM

    50 years ago, gold was pegged at $30 an ounce now gold can easily go up $30 in a day, The US dollar is transitory, gold is real. DT😉