Jordan Roy-Byrne – Fundamental And Technical Factors That Could Move Gold And Silver Stocks Higher Next Year

Shad Marquitz
December 28, 2022

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold, joins us to discuss both the fundamental and technical factors that could move gold and silver stocks higher next year.  We start off discussing how the macroeconomic trends are different now with regards to precious metals prices and inflation than they were a few years back when the PM sector took off in 2019 and 2020, and how these headwinds and tailwinds, especially around input costs relative to topline metals prices have morphed and affected margins over the last 2 ½ years.  Jordan sees a better scenario shaping up for 2023 where costs may stay muted while metals prices breakout to new highs, and this ties into market expectations on Fed policy, and a contracting economy.




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    Dec 28, 2022 28:12 PM

    Gold Stock Mania is Coming says Fund Manager Lawrence Lepard

    Mining Stock Education – Dec 21, 2022

    “Gold stock fund manager and Austrian economist Larry Lepard shares that he expects a gold stock mania probably in the next two to four years. Larry discusses how he has positioned his fund for the gold bull market. He reveals numerous stocks he is investing in and which he likes.”

    0:00 Introduction
    1:20 What did you learn in 2022?
    8:10 Any hedges in place for 2023?
    10:00 Best performing stock last year?
    14:05 Rise Gold Corp.
    15:00 Larry names jr miners he likes
    23:39 Perma-gold bull
    24:25 Larry is also a bitcoin bull
    31:40 Is bitcoin “digital gold”?

      Dec 28, 2022 28:44 PM

      Thanks for the Larry report……………….. some great thoughts …….. JMO

        Dec 29, 2022 29:12 PM

        Yes, agreed OOTB. Larry had some good economic outlooks and investing nuggets in that discussion.

    Dec 28, 2022 28:14 PM

    Rick Rule: Still Bullish on Gold, Silver; Top Sectors for 2023

    Investing News Network – Dec 23, 2022

    “Veteran investor and speculator Rick Rule explains why he’s still bullish on precious metals and shares the sectors he believes have the most potential in 2023. He also speaks about the US Federal Reserve’s path forward and the dangers of central bank digital currencies.”

    0:00 – Intro
    0:30 – Gold’s 2022 performance, outlook for 2023
    4:27 – Why central banks are buying so much gold
    8:45 – “Incredibly scary” — thoughts on CBDCs
    12:58 – The Fed’s path forward next year
    15:50 – Retirement concerns and considerations
    18:28 – Education, solvency will be key in 2023
    22:11 – What will it take to move the silver price?
    25:51 – Viewer question – community banks
    29:48 – Viewer question – fertilizer stocks
    33:33 – Rick’s sectors of choice for 2023
    36:03 – Outro

    Dec 28, 2022 28:58 PM

    Lawrence makes compelling argument for Africa. I can’t believe how anti business Canada and the USA and Europe are.

      Dec 28, 2022 28:16 PM

      Agreed Steve. Personally, I’ve done quite well investing in Africa (mostly in West African gold companies) but even other parts of Africa for base metals and PGMs.

      I thought Lawrence’s part where he got into his portfolio and picks was great, and I agreed with him on 90% of the 20-30 companies he rattled off, and have a number of the ones he mentioned in my portfolio as well.

        Dec 28, 2022 28:22 PM

        I liked LL’s stock picks as well, I just think he hasn’t figured out Bitcoin, yet! DT

    Dec 28, 2022 28:10 PM

    I’m hoping one more flush for miners so I can allocate rest of the funds. I “think” we are gonna get that, probably January or February.
    PAAS under $15
    AEM under $48
    Barrick under $15

      Dec 29, 2022 29:47 AM

      I agree with that assessment.

        Dec 29, 2022 29:54 PM

        Nice to hear from you Doc.
        Just too many bullish Gold articles in a last couple of weeks. Not what I want to see. If history is any guidance, this does not bode well for the sector.

    Dec 28, 2022 28:21 PM

    what is the best pm dividend stock with production and earnings growth?

      Dec 29, 2022 29:29 AM

      Stay with seniors like Agnico, Barrick, Newmont, Pan American

      Dec 29, 2022 29:35 AM

      It’s likely one of the big boy majors like Newmont or Barrick. Many of the PM royalty companies have dividends in the 1-3% range, as another idea. I have Silvercorp (SVM) in my portfolio as low cost silver, gold, base metals producer because of their very robust margins, and they also pay a dividend as a kicker.

      Really if one is looking for dividend stocks some of the better ones are in the energy space with oil and nat gas stocks (some pay 7%-13%), and some utility stocks have good dividends.

        Dec 29, 2022 29:38 AM

        AEM’s payout history is much better and more consistent than Barrick’s. AEM doubled its dividend to the current level between early 2020 and early 2022 and has quintupled it since 2014. Don’t neglect the importance of payout growth.

          Dec 29, 2022 29:22 PM

          Good points Matthew on payout consistency and growth, as dividends can change to the downside, or go away completely, and some companies have a more checkered past with regards to dividends. Yeah, AEM would be a good one too.

          I don’t personally hold any of those majors, as they are a bit too large in market cap for my investing parameters, but many generalists will gravitate to those big boys when the sector really takes off. At one point last year into this year I did hold a hold a Kinross position that paid a dividend, and they’re a major, but again, my being in it had nothing to do with it paying a yield. I generally just consider the dividends on stocks as just the icing on the cake, but they are not my primary or even secondary reason for buying certain positions.

          My Silvercorp, Jaguar Mining, and Sandstorm Gold positions are paying a dividend right now (I used like the ones from Nomad and Maverix and Sailfish royalties as well), and I like getting paid to wait, but overall I’m in (or was in) all those stories for their potential to outperform and provide leverage to rising PM prices.

    Dec 29, 2022 29:30 AM

    I’m predicting 2023 the year when biotech sector breaks out on upside.

    Dec 29, 2022 29:39 AM

    I see CEO.CA is having another stock picking contest, you must submit 3 picks by January 9th, and the top 20 will be decided at the end of 2023, the $2500 prize will be divided amongst the winners. DT

      Dec 29, 2022 29:24 PM

      +2500 I’ll be entering once again, as now there is some real money on the table.

      All I’ve won thus far is a silver coin, “but hey, that beats a sharp stick in the eye” as people in TN said all the time when I lived there. Haha!

    Dec 29, 2022 29:50 AM

    I still think my “Darkhorse” competition would be better. You get one pick of any stock selling under 10 cents with one winner who takes all, one maple, or eagle gold ounce. Contest closes on the same dates as above. First come first served if there is a tie. Employees of CEO.CA are not allowed to enter. LOL! DT

      Dec 29, 2022 29:34 PM

      Here’s mine, haha! SGN, Scorpio. left fer dayd…

        Dec 29, 2022 29:31 PM

        Hi Dan, it is always the darkest hours when you want to buy and Scorpio Gold (SGN) will run with the herd when the Gold Bull is snorting, at 4 cents it could easily double or triple. Right now, it is selling for more than twice what Pure Gold is, who would have thought! DT

          Dec 29, 2022 29:06 PM

          Regrettably I think SGN might drop a bit more but I have some shares leftover I’m hanging on to.

          Big Ridge draws out a beautiful fork with the price at bottom support and is under 10 cents.

    Dec 29, 2022 29:31 AM
    Dec 29, 2022 29:42 AM

    I believe the last day for tax loss selling was yesterday! Brixton it’s time for you to pull ahead, GIDDYUP! No more cheapies! DT😉👍✔

    Dec 30, 2022 30:40 AM

    Let’s see if silver can make $24 for year end. The market makers had a field day in the first half hour today.