Brien Lundin – Correlation Of PMs To US Markets and Commodities Uptrend

January 19, 2023

Brien Lundin, Editor of The Gold Newsletter joins us to share his thoughts on the correlation between gold, and gold stocks, to the US markets. Today we are seeing gold up while the markets are down but over the past couple months all were moving up together. This ties into a question on the factors driving the markets and metals.


When it comes to the uptrend in commodities broadly we discuss the reopening going on in China and copper. Supply and demand are on his mind when it comes to copper.


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    Jan 19, 2023 19:02 PM

    Rudy Fronk, Seabridge, what a question mark? I remember Al interviewing him 15-20 years ago

    Jan 19, 2023 19:46 PM

    Have a good time at the Conferences: meet a lot of people, talk to a bunch of miner types, and bring all kinds of new ideas back for investments, as well as vacation ideas.