Josef Schachter – Oil Holding Up Well, Natural Gas Crashing – Here’s A 2023 Outlook

January 25, 2023

Josef Schachter, President and Editor of The Schachter Energy Report and the Eye On Energy Report joins us to focus on the oil and natural gas sector. Oil has been holding up in the $70-80 range while natural gas has been crashing, currently at around $3, off of a high of over $10 just 5 months ago. 


We discuss how the stocks have traded and what Josef sees as the undervalued stocks. Josef provides an outlook for the year for oil, natural gas, the underlying stocks and how it could all tie into US market moves.




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    Jan 25, 2023 25:00 PM

    Sold 12.5% position – SILV- SilverCrest @7.34

      Jan 25, 2023 25:19 PM

      Interesting trade in Silvercrest Marty, and thanks for sharing. Do you think the PMs have just topped out temporarily, or just harvesting gains?

      I’m planning on just holding my Silvercrest for a position trade over the next year or so, as I anticipate their production and profits to keep ramping up into favorable metals prices, and in talking with Chris, he still believes there is a lot of exploration upside on their land package, that they’ve not really had time or focus to get to the last 2 years at they ramped up derisking, development, and construction of the mine. Now that those milestones are behind them, they can finally get back to one of their strong skillsets — exploration.

        Jan 26, 2023 26:09 AM

        I wholeheartedly agree with all that you expressed. I been with SILV now for 7+ years with both spin-off share and an additional 11000 shares accrued in Dec-Jan 2016. It’s been a 6 figure winner for me with a whole lot of in and outs in June -Nov 2020 volatility.

      Jan 26, 2023 26:06 AM

      1/8 position restored @ $6.91 SILV

        Jan 26, 2023 26:31 AM

        Harvesting is a kingdom term. Yes, I love harvesting gains in a Roth IRA

    Jan 25, 2023 25:00 PM

    Rising Crude, Gasoline Inventories Weigh On Oil Prices

    By Julianne Geiger – – Jan 24, 2023

    “Crude oil inventories rose by 3.378 million barrels, American Petroleum Institute (API) data showed on Tuesday. U.S. crude inventories increased 13 million barrels last year, according to API data, while crude stored in the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves sunk by 221 million barrels. This week, SPR inventory held steady for the second week in a row at 371.6 million barrels as the emergency releases that the Biden Administration announced last spring are now complete. The SPR now contains the least amount of crude oil since early December 1983.”

    Jan 25, 2023 25:17 PM

    The Energy Crisis Is Fueling A Nuclear Energy Renaissance

    By Haley Zaremba – Jan 24, 2023

    – The global energy crisis is forcing countries to rethink their stance on nuclear power.

    – While nuclear power never died in some key economies, the West is beginning to ramp up production in a big way.

    – The Biden administration’s Inflation Reduction Act is keeping the momentum building for nuclear power in the U.S.

      Jan 25, 2023 25:26 PM

      A few days ago, I read an article where The Biden Administration had admitted that they made a mistake in cancelling The XL Pipeline. Maybe you want to join in Brumple. We would love to hear what your thoughts are on this subject or any other investing ideas you may have. Please give us some insights into your thinking. LOL! DT

        Jan 25, 2023 25:12 PM

        It is about companies and stocks and not people. Confrontation does nothing. Sorry to even write this.

    Jan 25, 2023 25:51 PM

    No more gas stoves. As if the govt actually cares about anybody’s health? Open border = fetenal