Triple Flag Precious Metals – 229 Royalties And Streams With 29 Paying Assets Post Maverix Metals Acquisition

Shaun Usmar, Founder, CEO, and Director of Triple Flag Precious Metals (TSX: TFPM) (NYSE: TFPM), joins us for an exclusive Company overview and introduction, of the 229 royalties and streams, with 29 paying assets in production.   We start off reviewing how the company started and grew privately, before listing on the TSX in May of 2021, and recently has transformed growing further through the acquisition of Maverix Metals (NYSE: MMX), which just was completed in January of this year.


We outline some of the key cornerstone assets in the portfolio of projects, such as the major contribution from the gold and silver streams on Northparkes and Cerro Lindo, or the cash-flowing producing PM royalties from Fosterville, Young-Davidson, RBPlat, Buritica, Beta Hunt, Camino Rojo, and more with a focus in the Americas and Australia.  Shaun reviews that the pro-forma payable PM production for 2022 was in the range of 113,000 – 116,000 gold equivalent ounces, and the Company is targeting a 5-year average moving forward of approximately 140,000 gold equivalent ounces from 2023 – 2027.


In addition to the strength of the operators for the 29 assets already in production, we discuss the how the Triple Flag team vets the upside optionality for exploration and development on their overall large basket of royalties and streams, in tandem with exposure to overall land packages to capture future growth and investment.  Shaun outlines the various strengths and bench of experience of the management team and the BOD. We wrap up the discussion with the financial position of the Company with $148Million from annual operating cashflow, a 1.4% dividend, $600Million in available credit liquidity for potential deals, and then highlighting the key stakeholders like Elliot, Newmont, Kinross, and a number of funds and institutions.


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    Feb 08, 2023 08:23 AM

    Triple Flag Precious Metals – Building The Next Senior Streaming And Royalty Company

    January 2023 – Corporate Presentation

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      Feb 08, 2023 08:16 AM

      Great news. It makes it harder to determine where to invest these days with all these companies having good news and low prices. What a problem to have …

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        Yep, a very nice drill hit from Dolly Varden (once again)…

        15.94 meters Averaging 1,499 g/t Silver Including 0.35 meters of 23,997 g/t Silver at the Wolf Deposit.


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    Red…alternating days….again. Let’s hope it builds green for the rest of the day. I need a trend change.

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      Account has moved green … hope abounds.

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    EXK’s daily chart “fractal” analog with TSLA’s 2019 daily chart is still holding up.

    EXK’s daily chart made an outside day up yesterday, and we do not yet have a swing low today. That being said, yesterday’s low is very important. I feel if yesterday’s low is broken, the TSLA analog will no longer be valid. FWIW.

    Of course, gold looking like it is forming an ugly bear flag on the daily chart concerns me a bit, but that being said the 50 dma just below current price should in theory provide some support if it decides to head lower. $gold did make a daily swing low yesterday, which in theory could have marked the daily cycle low. However, it is hard to believe the massive damage inflicted post FOMC can be reversed without follow through to the downside. We’ll see.

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    EXK’s 20 week bollinger bands are about at narrow as they have ever been over the last 20 years. FWIW.

    To me this strongly suggests a very big move to widen the bands is imminent. The million dollar question is whether the initial move will be up or down–and equally as important, whether that initial move is a headfake that will be reversed.

    A cynical PM bull would probably suggest the next move will be a massive headfake lower that will give the complex the energy it needs to catapult to new highs.

    An optimistic PM bull (dare I say delusional, lol) would suggest that the complex will just smoothly ramp higher from here.

    Call me delusional.

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    Big tech and semis have been on an absolute tear over the last few months and have maybe thankfully outshone the metals and miners.

    That being said, look at the non-log scale chart of NVDA over the last decade. The bubble peak in 2021 isn’t getting taken out any time soon. This current rebound looks like nothing more than an echo bubble very similar to what silver did in 2012. It was such a huge rally that it got all of the silver bugs on board before rolling over into 2013, and you know the rest of the story.

    I have a very smart colleague who is extremely bullish on AI, especially with the release of openai’s API. Even if AI takes over rapidly, I still see it hard to imagine NVDA taking out its 2021 peak for years and years in an environment of increasing interest rates. Of course, if we get hyperinflation, anything is on the table as far as price.

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    Today is a good day for selling SOXX and buying silver.

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      Those are some kind of charts. Nothing wishy washy there.