Brien Lundin – Recapping PDAC And Where He Is Focused In Junior Mining Stock Investing

Brien Lundin, Editor of The Gold Newsletter and our host at the New Orleans Investment Conference, joins us to discuss the continued pressure in the PM sector, based on macroeconomic news, but also shares a constructive outlook on gold, silver, lithium, and copper stocks.  The markets focus is still clearly fixated on how any incoming economic data may shape Fed policy decisions, and thus the duration and amount of their rate hiking cycle.  


We also discussed his key takeaways on investor sentiment and the key commodities in focus at the PDAC convention that just wrapped up this week.   Brien shares 2 precious metals companies that continue to have his attention, Lahontan Gold (LG) and Vizsla Silver (VZLA), and that he remains very bullish on the sector setup in copper and copper stocks.




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    Mar 09, 2023 09:14 PM

    The expected recovery in the stock market has not come. There must be an unprecedented number of margin calls on their way to insecurely margined traders, and the situation at last is getting serious. But perhaps the turn will come tomorrow. Surely this can’t go on much longer. This break has carried prices down a good deal further than most of the previous breaks of the last two years. Remember The Fed is liquefying the markets while raising rates. Tomorrow is Friday, I hope today isn’t Thursday October 24th,1929. DT

    Mar 09, 2023 09:21 PM

    It was a very sunny day here not a cloud in the sky bigger than a man’s hand but there was a patch of Black Swans flying toward the sun. It has all the marks of desperation as the selling continues from margin calls. DT

    Mar 09, 2023 09:46 PM

    The Fed has been pumping up The Fang stocks hoping to bring the market back, but it is not going to happen the capital is in a few hands and that is not good for the rest of the market. You can’t have a successful economy if you have only rich and poor. The Fed is trying to support the markets by picking up at the ask the tech stocks that were the guerilla in the room and then hoping the rest will follow. I repeat, this will not work. DT

    Mar 10, 2023 10:19 AM

    Some up … some down (reverese of yesterday) and overall red… Obviously the algos are not very flexible, nor very wise.