Cerrado Gold – Introduction To This Growth-Oriented Gold Producer And Developer In Brazil And Argentina

Mark Brennan,  Founder, CEO, and Director of Cerrado Gold Inc (TSX.V: CERT) (OTCQX: CRDOF), joins us for a comprehensive overview of this relatively new growth-oriented gold producer and developer operating in Brazil and Argentina.   We start off with how the company was formed a few years ago privately, before listing publicly in February of 2021, and how the team has worked together previously with both Desert Sun and Largo Resources.


We then dig in to the project details for both the large gold development Project, Monte Do Carmo, in Brazil, which will have a new Feasibility Study released to the market by the end of May; an also the producing Minera Don Nicolas gold mine in Argentina.   Both projects have substantial exploration upside along their mineralized trends to keep expanding resources.  In addition, both Projects also have further value being uncovered at depth, with proposed underground mining scenarios, beyond just the near-surface open pit development and exploration.


We wrap up the discussion having Mark share his background along with a few of the management team and board members that have worked together for 2 decades now, as well as management’s stake in the company, company financials, share structure, and key catalysts for the balance of the next 2 years.


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