Jordan Roy-Byrne – The Fed Is Likely To Shift From Rate Hikes To Rate Cuts Quicker Than Most Are Anticipating

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold, joins us to review a number of historical references during inflationary periods where the Fed has shifted from rate hikes to rate cuts in just a little more than 2 months.   For this reason, Jordan is not anticipating there to be much of a Powell Pause.  Instead he believes as the economic reality shifts over from inflation concerns to a contracting economic picture and recession concerns, that the central banks will have hiked right up to the point where they’ll need to pivot and start cutting rates back lower again.   We consider how a move like this would affect the US general equities and the precious metals sector, and Jordan will be watching the yield curve, gold versus the S&P 500, and the gold : silver ratio for clues as to when the PM sector should break out.




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    Apr 26, 2023 26:33 PM

    I think……. this is worth a read………..
    Gold Bulls: Stop Fearing 2008 Boogeyman
    By Jordan Roy-Byrne CMT, MFTA •Posted onApril 23, 2023

    came from 321gold.

    Apr 26, 2023 26:36 PM

    The above went missing……so I am posting again….. Worth the read…

      Apr 26, 2023 26:05 PM

      Good article post OOTB. Yes, so many skittish investors are worried about a 2008 style implosion pulling Gold down the drain like it did back then, but investor base and exposure generalists have to gold now, compared to 2007/2008, and even the macro backdrop are much different today than then, so it’s not going to be that same kind of “boogeyman” this time.