Dana Lyons – Trading A Bifurcated Market Of Narrow Tech Leadership But Poor Market Breadth

Dana Lyons, Fund Manager and Editor of The Lyons Share Report,  joins us to share his trading strategies for mega-cap tech stocks, the financial sector, gold and gold stocks, cryptos, and bonds.  We start off discussing the bifurcated markets where most of the broad market breadth is down and struggling, while the indexes are still buoyed by the narrow mega-cap tech leadership.  Dana points out that over time most stocks performance are in line with the broad market direction, and so after this divergence has played through, in the medium to longer-term he still expects tech to roll over, and for the indexes to break to new lows in the continuation of the bear market.


In the short-term, Dana is still constructive on tech stocks and the bonds, but expects those both to eventually top out and correct back down, but he is still shorting the financial banking sector.  Dana is bullish more medium-term on the precious metals complex, expecting gold, silver, the GDX and SILJ to continue to break up to new highs.  With the cryptos, Dana exited positions on the more recent rally, and provides support levels for Bitcoin and Ethereum where he expects them to retrace to, before getting interested again. 




Dana will be offering a spring discount on his subscription service before the end of the month, so stay tuned at his site:


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