Weekend Show – A Fund Manager, Broker and Managing Partner Weigh In On This Week’s US Market Reversal, Gold and Silver Selloff And Pop In Bitcoin

June 24, 2023

Welcome to the Weekend Edition of The KE Report. Many markets sold off this week as we officially entered summer. International economic data was weak, Fed presidents reiterated the potential of more rake hikes and other central banks continued to raise rates. The standout sector this week was cryptocurrencies.


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  • Segment 1 – Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global Forex kicks off the show with a recap of the central bank rate hikes and the generally soft international economic data this week. We look at what the markets are pricing in and the key disconnects to take note of.
  • Segment 2 – Dana Lyons, Fund Manager and Editor of The Lyons Share website shares his shorter term trading strategy for US markets, gold and gold miners, oil and Bitcoin. Dana has been very accurate calling these markets so if you are looking to trade be sure to take note of how he’s positioning his clients.
  • Segment 3 and 4 – Cam Currie, Senior Investment Advisor at Canaccord Genuity and Head of Currie Metals and Mining Group wraps up the show with a focus on the gold industry. He discuss the continued global de-dollarization trend and current lack of a strong narrative for the gold sector. We also ask about the disconnect of the gold stocks to the gold price.

Marc Chandler
Dana Lyons
Cam Currie
    Jun 24, 2023 24:20 AM

    Great show! Thanks KER!

    Jun 24, 2023 24:36 PM

    No matter how I view Stillwater Critical minerals, whether it is above the ground, below the ground, the future for the metals they are finding and have proven up, both precious and base metals, their recent financing with Glencore, their neighbors’ holdings that could compliment their property, their location and area of infrastructure, their management, one word keeps appearing, MASSIVE! As always “Do Your Own Due Diligence”. I am still under water, but I don’t expect that too last for long. DT

      Jun 24, 2023 24:28 PM

      Chalice Mining(CHN.ASX) made a MASSIVE polymetallic discovery in Western Australia. It’s share price at the time in 2020 was 0 .16AUD but quickly went to $10+, a 6000% gain. During that time, while Critical Metals(PGE.V) was adding to its MASSIVE deposit, its share price was basically flat at 0.20CAD.

    Jun 25, 2023 25:00 AM

    I thought Cory’s questions to Cam, pushing back and somewhat challenging questions were great. We need that more & more with the Gold/Silver Guru’s. I’m sure Cam is a stand-up guy, but speaking to the others that push the same narrative year over year with no change when things change in the sector/economy becomes exhaustive and lowers credibility big time in the sector.

    Jun 25, 2023 25:30 PM

    The American people are obsessed with bull market prosperity. Corruption in the banking system is ignored by most because what you are saying is that the ultimate destination of the prosperity bandwagon might not be the promised land, it would be denying good times and that would be suicidal. DT

    Jun 25, 2023 25:21 PM

    The last time stock market complacency/confidence was at the current level was 3.5 years ago, before the scamdemic.

    Jun 25, 2023 25:25 PM

    In the “sell now, ask questions later” category we have NVDA…

    Jun 25, 2023 25:04 PM

    Where is Ex’s buddy “Shoe Polish Joe”, he has been looking at defeat in the face for so long that he must be at a funeral. When the market really crashes, he will be grinning and giggling. DT😀🤣

    Jun 25, 2023 25:09 PM

    Looks like the banks are ready for another plunge relative to both the dollar and gold…

    Jun 26, 2023 26:39 AM

    Same as always. All paper metals up …. dollar down. My account opens -$283 with some up and some down and obviously same algos continue since Jan 22. Emerita and Magna continue to be hit early and probably late. in day. All the same…
    That’s just Schwab. IBKR is doing much better: +52 ( My bad … -$96)

    Jun 26, 2023 26:11 PM

    3 of my Top 4 losers today are the Top 3 of my longer term winners. Doesn’t take a very complicated algo to do that.
    Added: Two worst of Day are Golden Lake and Timberline on no news. Think about this: It is the OTC price and they are both on the same fault as i-80. I will see how they finish today to see if add tomorrow.
    Added Added: Santacruz having a move up except for me mentioning it.

    Jun 27, 2023 27:56 AM

    Took less than 30 minutes to go red again. Too much supports PMs and miners for it to be an every day occurrence. Central Banking has to be in serious trouble. No matter how good your computer program, there is time when truth cannot be masked.