Craig Hemke – Choppy Markets With No Clear Trends, Geopolitics and Monetary Policy

October 19, 2023

Craig Hemke, Editor of TF Metals Report joins me to discuss the choppy markets driven by geopolitical fears, monitory policy and, the biggest trend to note, rising yields. It’s hard to get a handle on where markets will be next week let alone months out but there are some key overarching factors that are not going anywhere. Craig shares what’s front and center to him and how he sees the precious metals fairing through it all.



Click here to visit Craig’s site – TF Metals Report.

    Oct 19, 2023 19:51 PM
    Oct 19, 2023 19:59 PM

    Just posted a good heads up.

    ……on Dean Henderson and the banking families 🐑🤠😴

    Gone MISSING

    Oct 19, 2023 19:04 PM

    Platinum is going to over take palladium soon

    Oct 19, 2023 19:00 PM

    Where Steve Penny, like to know about the big harvest they were pushing months ago

      Oct 19, 2023 19:38 PM

      I don’t follow Penny but he’s good enough to know that the “big harvest” is perfectly on track.
      When silver closes just one week and maybe just one day above the falling resistance on the following chart (green arrow) the whole sector will light up. That would require a close above about 24.37 tomorrow but the number is falling roughly 10 cents per week. Such a close would preferably be decisive so I’d like to see 24.50 or better.

      Oct 19, 2023 19:25 PM

      Steve Penny and I just spoke on the phone yesterday briefly. He’s been out camping the last 2 months with his family making up for 2 prior years where he didn’t get to spend as much time with his family due to a number of factors. He is still an airline pilot and flight instructor the balance of the time, and has been spending any additional time he does have on the markets with his forum over at SilverChartist.

      Personally, I’m over there about 1-2 times a day to check in on what they are doing with the community there as far as trade alerts, managing short or long term portfolios, and video updates. I continue to believe Steve has one of the best platforms out there for resource investors in silver, gold, uranium, platinum, and copper. There are some sharp people in his forum that share good info, and Steve shares regular technical analysis with his subscribers there on multiple markets and sectors.

      I pressed him in a friendly way during our chat to see if he could make some time to come back on the KE Report in the near future. Based on scheduling we agreed to connect the second week of November to have him come on an update us with some charts on gold, silver, platinum, uranium, and possibly the dollar, bond yields, and general equities. So in about 3 1/2 weeks we’ll have Steve back on the show again, and try to get back in a regular rhythm once again every 2-3 weeks after that.

        Oct 19, 2023 19:13 PM

        Excellent comments and very interesting about Steve. Shows a bunch about him.

    Oct 19, 2023 19:26 PM

    They are stealing the miners … period.

    Criminal activity at its highest point in history as there is no one going to stop them.

    Oct 20, 2023 20:06 AM

    Freaky Friday Again 👻🙊 oo

    Oct 20, 2023 20:05 AM

    weekly /GC showing powerful move out of this swing low….Test book low…..ABCD down was 1:1 symmetrical legs in time and price….Almost ideal, type 11, hammer bottom candle…..Test and rejection of previous swing low,2/27/23, w volume off the rejection of that price …eg, buyers swamped the sellers at that price level….

    At this stage I think eventually a retest of the weekly OUL will occur as a profit taking event…that number is 1955 and increasing…..It would be a rare instance (10%)that the daily has no OUL retest……But that seems likely at this moment…glta

    Oct 20, 2023 20:17 AM

    Been searching for a good uranium exploration play to go with my fav uranium royalty for the sector. Anyone got suggestions????….especially in NA to appease the US push for secure sources.

      Oct 20, 2023 20:25 AM

      Wolfster: Take anything I say with a grain of salt, but take a look at District Metals in Sweden. Start at District Metals and then also check the Hedgeless Horseman site as he is from Sweden. Obviously it is a Junior Junior as Sweden is just getting back into uranium exploration after a down period. Russia deciding to disrupt things has changed their outlook politically. Check it out as it isn’t NA but it is an explorer. (EX can probably give you a long list of options)

    Oct 20, 2023 20:17 AM

    Watch Out … Rally Friday. In the “Green” $24.01. Some up …some down.

    Oct 20, 2023 20:34 AM
    Oct 20, 2023 20:12 AM

    I’ve also been adding to my IPT and BBB positions this week (among others).

    Oct 20, 2023 20:03 PM

    Another all time low.

      Oct 20, 2023 20:56 PM

      Lake, you should let Matthew manage your account for a while, he really knows how to pick ’em.

        Oct 20, 2023 20:12 PM

        I have been using Bernie Madoff and JP Morgan and things have been slow to develop.

          Oct 21, 2023 21:34 AM