Dave Erfle – Key Technical Levels And Macro Drivers To Watch For Gold, Silver, GDX, and GDXJ

Shad Marquitz
November 21, 2023

Dave Erfle, Founder and Editor of The Junior Miner Junky, joins us to review the key technical levels to watch in gold, silver, and precious metals stocks via GDX and GDXJ in the short-term and medium-term.  It’s a wide-ranging discussion that gets into the evolving trends with the US dollar, bonds, and interest rates, silver’s recent movement in relation to gold, the dissipation of the war premium, how fund redemptions are creating exaggerated moves in the low-volume PM equities, and also the effects of upcoming VanEck ETF rebalancing on higher-profile gold and silver stocks.


  • In full disclosure both Dave and Shad hold positions in Skeena Resources at the time of this recording.


Click here to visit Dave’s website – The Junior Miner Junky.

    Nov 21, 2023 21:33 PM

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    Nov 22, 2023 22:17 AM

    Gold Corrections Now Shorter on Concerns of a U.S. Debt Spiral

    17 Nov 2023

    After plenty of hawkish Fed-speak kept pressure on the gold price last week, along with the Middle East war premium being eroded, Gold Futures have quickly moved back up to test the bullion banks’ Maginot Line of critical resistance at $2000 per ounce.

    Nov 22, 2023 22:01 AM

    weekly Impact Silver/ADR….If this was more liquid those parameters should have been hit…I leave buy on…for a miracle…glta

    Nov 22, 2023 22:12 AM

    Thanks for another great discussion.
    Opened red and has stayed red. They have moved to Hercules as their whip lash stock of the month.

    Nov 22, 2023 22:18 AM

    Hey larry………. did you give up on the Orphan Section….

    usawatchdog………. a good read on the nano vac jab……

    I did a highlight on the subject matter… best

      Nov 22, 2023 22:23 AM

      Hi Jerry…the short response is yes….However, I am open to reappearing….Because I do enjoy expressing my frustrations of government power excess….Except, I think some bloggers are unnecessarily hateful at times…However, I have that sort of contempt myself regarding the inside job called medical….Not sure what to do Jerry….

        Nov 22, 2023 22:31 AM

        Hello larry………… thanks for the reply….appreciate your thoughts.

        I do agree, that some , do get over excited….. since some have been around for
        many years,…. I understand the frustration … still a lot of good people,
        that see through the BS….

        Hey, BTW… have a Happy Thanksgiving… and best to your family ….
        Hope your wife gets to publish her book someday…. (if she still wants to)

          Nov 22, 2023 22:06 AM

          I am glad we will not/never publish…I think Greg Hunter or some site said Jan. 2024 that Biden puts an executive order through that criminalizes opposing government views…outrageous push to crush dissent …..and same for you and yours Jerry…Never forget that you taught this old dog about the true reality of the USA Corp….I will have that with me till I run out of time here….Thanks Jerry…..Some will never know how much you understand this corrupted and man-made prison…..!

    Nov 22, 2023 22:13 PM

    Some Up and Some Down … but, Some Up more….been a long time. Can they do it two days in a row in a normal week.