Craig Hemke – Fed Statement Recap, The Pivot Party, Gold Forecasts Into 2024, Is Tax loss Selling Season Over?

December 14, 2023

Craig Hemke, Founder and Editor of TF Metals Report joins me to recap the Fed meeting and Jerome Powell’s press conference from yesterday. A very dovish pause and a market party post meeting and press conference.


After discussing the Fed meeting we move to the pop in gold prices and the major miners following along. Looking at the gold stock ETFs; GDX, GDXJ and SIL these bounced right off of key short term uptrends. There were some massive positive candles especially in the majors. When talking stocks Craig weighs on if tax loss selling season is finally over for the juniors.


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    Dec 14, 2023 14:33 PM

    Good interview….. I have not listened to Craig for several years….

    But, If , I am going to find someone who knows the miners and had a newsletter…
    It would be …ME SHAD, and a bendy go.. (lol)… throw me in the fire… lol

      Dec 14, 2023 14:09 PM

      Excelsior has a bunch of knowledge that few have. Fortunately, he shares it. Kereport is the place to learn about individual mining stocks. If they haven’t interviewed a company, they will. Top notch service.

        Dec 14, 2023 14:20 PM

        You’re right, some valuable tips here.

          Dec 14, 2023 14:26 PM

          The tips I like are the ones Hillary and Nancy get before the news comes out! LOL! DT

            Dec 14, 2023 14:21 PM

            You need to add over 500 others to your list of criminals on insider trading… but alas, they past a law that protects Congress from prosecution. Many have been trying to get it reversed, but Congress is the Law Makers.
            Same thing the Banks do: get a criminal law or regulation reversed for the Banks, then it is no longer a crime.
            Where they are missing the boat is just because you change a regulation or statute that previously restricted a certain group from committing criminal acts, you still could prosecute under fraud and theft statutes. But, insider trading for Congress is an exception.
            Therefore the remedy is the Courts which can declare Congress insider trading as unconstitutional. Fat chance with the current Supremes.

            Dec 15, 2023 15:15 AM

            One big scam on the American Sheeple….. And you pay your taxes for what… humm….
            You elect these Anti Americans for what reason… humm..

        Dec 17, 2023 17:35 AM

        Thanks for the kind words guys. Sorry for the delayed response, but I’ve been out of town visiting family and friends the last few days for the holidays, and am just now catching up on the comments.

    Dec 14, 2023 14:39 PM

    Jim Grant say’s inflation is permanent not transitory in a modern monetary system. DT

      Dec 14, 2023 14:47 PM

      Great clip. JG always tells it like it is.
      On a related note, I wonder how many people believe that the all-time low for the dollar happened in 2008 when the USD index hit 71. I’d guess most believe that and that means most are wrong (as usual). There have been many lower lows for the dollar since 2008 with the most recent new low happening just a couple of weeks ago when gold hit a new all-time high. Purchasing power in the real economy is what matters not how many euros we can buy.

        Dec 14, 2023 14:54 PM

        Right On, I couldn’t agree more. DT

    Dec 14, 2023 14:55 PM

    SILJ took back important support 3 weeks ago as it also broke out of its downtrend channel. This week, with one day (20%) to go, SILJ has already had its greatest volume in 83 weeks.

    Dec 15, 2023 15:34 AM

    Friday Update:
    My account is following the same pattern as Thurs. Early green on limited share reporting, slowly growing to 3-4% range green, then intervention taking it back under 2%, with some up and some down.
    At least the pattern differs from the last 2 years in that the open is green rather than red, and the close might be green.

      Dec 15, 2023 15:16 AM

      My account just went below 1% green. Deja Vu again.

        Dec 15, 2023 15:31 AM

        My account distribution of stocks: 51.5% green.

          Dec 15, 2023 15:11 PM

          Finished +1.79%. The new trend. Here something more interesting: My account has gone to about 4-6 stocks in the green to 17. That’s a trend.