Jeff Christian – Central Banks Continue Being Net Buyers Of Gold

Shad Marquitz
January 23, 2024

Jeff Christian, Managing Partner at the CPM Group, joins us to delve into the pattern of central bank buying in gold over the last 13 years, which countries central banks are doing the buying, and how this factors into the gold pricing moves from the larger macro perspective. .  It’s a nuanced conversation that gets into their desire for gold in balance with their interest in holding foreign currencies, the central banks changing perception of what a low gold price is more recently, and then why retail investors are also preferring the physical bullion in their possession over the ETF and paper versions of the precious metals.




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    Jan 23, 2024 23:32 PM

    Gold Market Update: Central Bank Buyers and Sellers

    CPM Group – Jeff Christian

    “In this presentation, CPM Group’s Jeffrey Christian discusses which countries were buyers and sellers of gold in 2023, and what CPM Group expects going forward. He also discusses why countries have historically bought or sold gold and when central banks tend to be net buyers.”

    Jan 24, 2024 24:48 PM

    looks like the shorts decided to close out today in /NG…..big pop on no volume…we are near to the real seasonal multi year turn… the monthly technicals look good and squashed….I would like one more oversold push down on weekly technicals……the daily justs needs another oversold pulldown…close…will be gooooood….glta

      Jan 24, 2024 24:48 PM

      Hi Larry. Stay tuned for this weekend show, because we spend a big part of the segment with Josef Schachter discussing his outlook on Nat Gas and the gasser stocks he likes.