Weekend Show – Mike Larson and Josef Schachter – Investment Outlook: US Markets, Bitcoin, Gold, Copper, Oil and Natural Gas

January 27, 2024



Welcome to The KE Report Weekend Show! On this Weekend’s Show we take a step back to assess the health of a wide range of markets. This week had some key economic data out of the US but markets were fairly muted. We make sense of what’s truly driving markets and what to expect over the next few months.


  • Segment 1 and 2 – Mike Larson, Editor In Chief at MoneyShow kicks off the show by sharing the recent dominate themes at MoneyShow conferences. The conferences feature many generalist so themes change all the time which makes it a great barometer of what sectors are attracting investors. Mike highlights tech, AI, Bitcoin and we ask about the attention being given to commodities like copper, energy and gold.
  • Segment 3 and 4 – Josef Schachter, Founder of the Schachter Energy Report shifts our focus to the oil and natural gas sectors. Josef shares his outlook for both sectors and explains why he is in the bull camp for natural gas later this year and through the rest of the decade. We also ask about the stocks in both oil and natural gas that he likes.



Mike Larson
Josef Schachter
    Jan 27, 2024 27:23 AM
    NatGas Week: DRAGNET
    Multi-Year Lows

      Jan 27, 2024 27:15 AM

      thanks for the charts…..

        Jan 27, 2024 27:19 AM

        Much appreciated. Hopefully useful for some.

          Jan 27, 2024 27:31 AM

          Should be interesting to see what happens to NatGas… in the coming months….Under the NO BRAIN BIDEN PLAN…..

            Jan 27, 2024 27:47 AM

            GEEEEEEEEZ, maybe he forgot how to sign the paper, give the guy a break! LOL! DT 😉

    Jan 27, 2024 27:55 AM

    Just one comment, i have listened to your weekend shows on gcn for years and really liked the second hour political discussion with Al. If he can no longer pull that off it would be fantastic if you could get Jim (i believe that was his cohost) to take over that portion. I believe this year in particular are going to affect markets dramatically. Thanks for your program.

      Jan 27, 2024 27:21 AM

      Hey Bud, thanks for reaching out. I will reach back out to Jim to see if he is interested in doing the weekend show by himself. He stepped away due to other work and life commitments. Maybe he can make time to record the show now. It might be a long shot but we will see.

      Can you share what station you listen to the show on?

      Have a great weekend.

    Jan 27, 2024 27:17 AM

    They should let Jerry and Irish co-host one weekend show on the political section. I would like to be a fly on the wall for that one! LOL! DT 🤣

    Jan 27, 2024 27:38 PM

    Reposting the big rant on my substack page recapping my takeaways from attending the Metals Investor Forum (MIF) and Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (VRIC).

    For those unable to attend the events, I did my best to capture some of the overall essence, and my hope is that this helps some investors get a sense of what these conferences were like. Also there are few embedded links for further videos of the MIF and VRIC events.

      Jan 27, 2024 27:40 PM

      “Bull Markets – The Good and the Bad”

      Brian Leni presents at Metals Investor Forum | January 2024

        Jan 27, 2024 27:50 PM

        “Silver Critical Metal Explosive Upside”

        Peter Krauth presents at Metals Investor Forum | Jan. 2024

          Jan 27, 2024 27:59 PM

          “The Only Two Metals You Need”

          Robert Sinn (Goldfinger) presents at Metals Investor Forum | January 2024

            Jan 27, 2024 27:07 PM

            “How to build a junior mining portfolio”

            Gwen Preston presents at Metals Investor Forum | Jan 2024


            Jan 27, 2024 27:18 PM

            Year of the Rabbit to the Dragon”

            Joe Mazumdar presents at Metals Investor Forum | January 2024


            Jan 27, 2024 27:36 PM

            “Gold, Treasuries & The Dollar: Back To Abnormal”

            Brien Lundin presents at Metals Investor Forum


            Jan 27, 2024 27:40 PM

            I see Robert Sinn is big on copper, he is always a good listen. Presently I don’t own any copper stocks, but I have been looking at Faraday Copper. I’m surprised that he never mentioned Silver even once. Hmmmmmmm! Goliath has got me energized about this market again, but my silver stocks have mostly been treading water. DT

            Jan 27, 2024 27:28 PM

            Yeah, i’m looking at things from a similar vantage point DT, with regards to copper stocks. Good pick with Faraday Copper…I looked at it before and found it interesting too. I also like Arizona Sonoran for a copper advanced explorer and developer with solid resources and economic studies in place and good metallurgical results.

            I’ve avoided most South American copper only plays, but there are a handful of good projects across Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Ecuador. It is just the political situations that have been more tenuous in many South American countries.

            Personally, I sold most of my copper stocks a couple years back during the surge in 2021 and the rest during the big run in 2022. I do still position trade with the producers ETF (COPX) and still have some copper exposure through a few gold producers and developers.

            Most of my copper exposure is really through positions in royalty companies with good copper royalties like EMX, Elemental, Sandstorm, and Metalla.

            As for Silver, yeah I was surprised Robert didn’t consider those one of the metals people need. Gold is great, but if people are bullish on gold stocks then they need to be bullish on
            silver, as gold and silver stocks have a tighter correlation with it. Also, in a better bull trend, silver stocks outperform to the upside.

            As for Goliath, yeah it’s been trending much better than most gold drillplays the last few months on the back of solid exploration results. After 46 meetings in Beaver Creek in mid September it was the only new position I went out and immediately initiated. Glad I took the speculative punt, as it’s up handsomely since then, and remains one of only a few earlier stage gold explorers in my portfolio.

            Jan 28, 2024 28:28 AM

            Possibly a consideration about Goldfinger not being as enthusiastic about Silver compared to Gold and Copper, could be JP Morgan with its 5 Felony convictions being too close to the Silver market, both paper and physical. Or … that just may be me and my personal feelings about corruption within organizations considered to have a fiduciary duties to Markets. There is no such thing as Corporations Too Big to Fail as the “people” can always be put in jail.

            Jan 28, 2024 28:06 PM

            For an exploration play that’s in SA that even I had to take a nibble of despite not being a fan of the region is Sendoro. Small nibble with hopes 10x or more. Will know within the next month if it’s another filo

            Jan 29, 2024 29:38 AM

            Was the faraday copper something else before??? The whole story sounds familar as I took a look at it but don’t remember the name faraday

            Never mind. I see it was copperbank before. Was too quick to ask.

      Jan 27, 2024 27:09 PM

      Hey appreciate all these presentations from that forum. Raining and miserable here in Brisbane on Sunday so glad to have those, thank you

        Jan 27, 2024 27:31 PM

        Sure thing Terry, and yes rainy days are goid ones for gathering info, listening to interviews, and sector or company due diligence. It’s a rainy day here as well in the Pacific NW.

    Jan 27, 2024 27:14 PM

    Jerry, I really like Chen Lin, you should hear what he predicts for The Platinum market, pick up Chen at the 18:40 mark. DT

      Jan 27, 2024 27:47 PM

      Will do thanks

        Jan 27, 2024 27:59 PM

        Platinum is truly under priced….. if, extraction cost is $1500 per oz…
        thanks again DT…. appreciate …

    Jan 27, 2024 27:22 PM

    Here’s a good article on solar panels and silver use, Chen Lin is referenced here. DT

    Jan 29, 2024 29:25 AM

    Lack of Intervention Report:
    Since the first of the year, my miners have gone from 17 of 45 in the green to 4.

      Jan 29, 2024 29:57 PM

      yes and that’s with gold stubbornly above 2k. A lot of hurt for those loaded up with gold sector equities in spite of the cheerleading.
      All about the dollar and 10 yr. treasuries backing down for at least an oversold pop.