Darrell Fletcher – A View On Copper, Nat Gas and Gold From A Commodities Trading Desk Perspective

March 20, 2024

I’m happy to introduce another news guest! Darrell Fletcher, Managing Director, Commodities at Bannockburn Capital Markets.


Darrell is currently setting the commodities trading desk at Bannockburn. I have Darrell explain what goes into setting up a commodities trading desk and how he helps clients hedge exposure to a wide range of commodities. The primary commodities of focus on the metals front are copper and aluminum, with zinc, silver and gold also in the mix to a lesser extent. On the energy front natural gas and oil are the focus.


Darrell shares his outlook for copper, natural gas and precious metals. We discuss the main catalysts for each of those commodities.



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    Mar 20, 2024 20:42 PM

    I just got back from a long walk and Gold and Silver have moved sharply up, but I don’t hear the birds chirping! The wall of worry will make a lot of investors look like fools as they wait for the running of The Silver and Gold Bull. Did you see how much more silver was up today than gold and gold is shining. You either are a believer or you are a loser. The freight train is bearing down and you better start realizing that it is no longer just a matter of getting out of the way but riding this wave! ALL ABOARD! DT

      Mar 20, 2024 20:08 PM

      Gold is up to new all-time highs in overseas trading, and yes very nice to see the recent strength and outperformance by Silver. Silver has been up in the $25.90’s in overseas trading, but still not able to pop that $26 resistance. Still a nice vault higher in silver. The PM sector is looking good here.

      To your point, I’m sure there have been people sitting this rally out, watching from the sidelines, but we see that same pattern in every sector on every breakout rally. It was the same with oil/gas stocks, lithium stocks, and uranium stocks a few years ago, or in A.I. stocks, or cryptos, or meme stonks for that matter.

        Mar 21, 2024 21:10 AM

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        11:22 Value Creation and Team Dynamics at Dolly Varden
        16:29 Challenges and Strategies in Capital Raising
        18:34 Discoveries and Developments: Drilling Campaign Insights
        26:34 Maintaining High Standards for Mineable Ounce Reporting
        28:00 2024 Priorities: Cash Position and Market Strategy
        33:35 The Outrageous Gold-Silver Ratio and Its Impact

    Mar 20, 2024 20:50 PM

    DT you are such a bad guy for giving the nonbelievers a hard time! Silver is up 64 cents gold is up $28! 😉

    Mar 20, 2024 20:38 PM

    Take Cartier Silver and Eloro Resources, only seasoned investors will pick up Eloro Resources as it bumps higher. WHY? Anybody who falls stocks knows that Eloro Resources is the real deal but the johnny come lately’s commonly known as the herd will be more interested in Cartier Silver. Cartier sits next door to Eloro in probably one of the greatest mining jurisdictions in The World, Bolivia. Cartier has the same management team and a very low float, and they also have an interesting iron ore property in Quebec, Cartier has a number of past producing mines on their properties in Bolivia. The herd will grab their stock up because it is selling for a $1 less although the first drilling is scheduled for April-May. It’s a crazy World but Eloro is like Scottie Resources you can’t quickly decipher what they are all about by reading their name. Don’t forget how crazy human psychology can get when the rose is in bloom. DT

    Mar 20, 2024 20:17 PM

    $2193……………. GOLD…………….
    J the Long……. 🙂
    Debt………… $35 TRILLION… with no end in sight….

      Mar 20, 2024 20:21 PM

      OOPS…………. $2201

        Mar 20, 2024 20:17 PM

        Gold strength overseas has been impressive. It got up to $2214 on the April futures earlier this evening. It had dropped back down in the low $2200’s, but now back up to $2210 again.

        Silver has been doing really well and in overseas trading has been hovering up in the $25.90’s (right under the $26 resistance level).

        It’s nice to see the Precious Metals finally shining a bit, and we’ve seen strong price action all evening, but we’ll need to see where the pricing levels are at when the US markets open in the morning.

    Mar 20, 2024 20:19 PM

    OOTB, Rock Em, Sock Em, Kapow, Boom, Come on Robin to the Batcave; there is not a moment to lose! Gold now $2206 LOL! DT👍

    Mar 20, 2024 20:32 PM