Erik Wetterling –  Investing In Copper Juniors And Awaiting The Uranium Moratorium News Out Of Sweden

Erik Wetterling, Founder and Editor of The Hedgeless Horseman website, joins me to continue our discussion from last week on why he is getting more bullish on the copper supply/demand fundamentals and has been positioning in more junior stocks with exposure to the red metal. In addition, we get Erik’s thoughts on how junior exploration companies with exposure to uranium in Sweden will fare in a best-case and worst-case scenario, based on the anticipated news update tomorrow.


Erik highlights 5 junior exploration stocks that he has positioned in that have varying degrees of copper exposure and outlines the value proposition that higher copper prices and a need for more supply could have on their projects:  Magna Mining (TSXV: NICU) (OTCQB: MGMNF), Stillwater Critical Minerals (TSX.V:PGE)(OTCQB:PGEZF), Gladiator Metals (TSXV: GLAD) (OTCQB: GDTRF) , Inflection Resources (CSE: AUCU) (OTCQB: AUCUF), and Brixton Metals (TSX-V: BBB, OTCQB: BBBXF).*


As far as the new coming out of Sweden, with regards to potentially lifting the uranium mining moratorium, Erik unpacks how it is very germane to the valuations in both District Metals (TSXV: DMX) (OTCQB: DMXCF) and Mawson Gold (TSXV:MAW) (OTC PINK:MWSNF), but that these companies still have exposure to other projects and other commodities that will be backstopping some of their valuations.*


*In full disclosure, the companies mentioned by Erik in this interview, are positions held in his personal portfolio, and also may be site sponsors of The Hedgeless Horseman website at the time of this recording.




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    May 14, 2024 14:55 PM

    Another great interview but I am biased as I own Magna, Stillwater, District, Mawson, Firefox and First Nordic. I hope the report comes out positive, and tomorrow.

      May 15, 2024 15:13 AM

      Thanks for sharing with copper and gold companies are on your radar Lakedweller2.

      Personally for copper stocks, I’ve had positions in Metallic Minerals and Stillwater Critical Minerals that have decent exposure to the metal, but lately have been adding more copper focused juniors like Arizona Sonoran, Surge Copper, and Faraday Copper into my portfolio.

        May 15, 2024 15:34 AM

        Thanks for the feedback Ex. I mentioned those that were commented on by HH or in his neck of the woods. Other copper associated holdings I have (at the moment) are: Emo(which has been moving again), Benton Resources (great drill #s but no movement), American Eagle (best mover and have taken profits on a few),Aston Bay joint venture, Granite Creek Copper (cheap share price), Northisle Copper & Gold, Bayhorse(spec on Big land area), Big (waiting on a copper find), Core Assets (multiple metals), Ridgeline (multiple metals), American Pacific (Copper & multiple metals), Stillwater (multiple metals) and VR Resources. We will see.

          May 15, 2024 15:44 AM

          Forgot the most recent purchase from Goldfinger’s MiF presentation where he invited Alaska Energy Metals which is also a multiple metals.

    May 14, 2024 14:19 PM

    And there we go…..copper with a $5 handle to it. 🤑🤑🤑

      May 15, 2024 15:28 AM

      Yeah, very nice action in Dr Copper. We’ve not seen a $5 handle since early 2022, and we did see copper temporarily breach it yesterday, and again today, but was not able to hold above it yet.

      Still this price action is finally starting to juice up some of the copper juniors, and there is likely a lot more to go as far as that is concerned.

    May 15, 2024 15:29 AM

    Stillwater is definitely waking up.

      May 15, 2024 15:22 AM

      Sadly yes it would appear you’re correct…. Hadn’t gotten back in again as others were moving and it was in my top 3 to accumulate as I sold others.

      May 15, 2024 15:11 AM

      Yes, it has been nice to see a little more traction in Stillwater Critical Minerals, as it has been lagging peers lately, but has a wealth of metals – nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, chrome, etc… One can play a big piece of the elemental table with their Stillwater West project in Montana, not to mention their other 4 projects.

    May 15, 2024 15:29 AM

    Hey Matthew. Really like how impact has held here and looks going forward….little bothered by Brixtons complete lack of volume or participation in the copper run up as I watch others that have what I consider less attractive plays running. Is tempting to accumulate more as I take profits in others.

    May 15, 2024 15:49 AM

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