Mundoro Capital – A Cash-flow Positive Prospect Generator Focused On Optioning Copper Projects To The Majors

Teo Dechev, President and CEO of Mundoro Capital (TSXV: MUN) (OTCQB: MUNMF), joins me to introduce this cash-flow positive prospect generator, focused on optioning copper projects to the major mining companies in the Western Tethyan Belt of Europe, in Serbia and Bulgaria, and Laramide Belt of the USA, in Arizona.


We start off discussing where the company is positioned in the continuum of prospect generators and royalty companies, because in addition to the incoming option and milestone payments the company receives, there is the end goal to retain a royalty on the projects and build up a royalty portfolio.  We discuss the 3 projects in Serbia where Mundoro is partnered with BHP, the project in Bulgaria where they are partnered with the Japanese conglomerate JOGMEC, and that the Company has 6 other projects available to option – 3 more in Serbia, and 3 in Arizona.  Some of the projects available to option have had some good preliminary targeting and delineation work done, and bringing on new partners are additional catalysts for the future. 


Wrapping up Teo shares her background in the industry, key members of the board and technical advisors, and then breaks down the financial health of the Company and their roster of key strategic shareholders. 


If you have any questions for Teo then please email me at, and I’ll get those over to her to be addressed.




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    May 23, 2024 23:15 AM