New Guest – Eddie Gifford – Using Technology To Create A Balanced Portfolio; Thoughts On Markets, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies 

June 20, 2024

We start by discussing how TACTIVE uses technology and data to build investing models to help clients build balanced portfolios. 


Eddy explains how TACTIVE leverages technology to offer comprehensive investment strategies typically reserved for high-net-worth individuals to everyday investors. We discuss the importance of balancing economic data with charts and trends, providing an analysis of the bond market and its implications on broad averages. 


I get Eddy’s perspective on whether the current market environment is truly bullish, potential shifts from a risk-on to a risk-off stance, and the role of defensive strategies in portfolio management. We discuss the current trends in the commodities and cryptocurrencies markets, highlighting specific assets like precious metals and US gasoline. This all ties into a discussion on the importance of portfolio diversification to manage inflation risk and market volatility. 


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