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Erik Wetterling – Ignoring Macro Noise To Focus On Company Specific Micro News

Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman, discusses holding onto high-conviction plays that moved higher by focusing on company micro news instead of macroeconomics.

Thu 3 Nov, 2022

Erik Wetterling – Riding The Resource Sector Down To The Abyss For The Eventual Outsized Gains When Sentiment Turns

Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman, review how he is reshuffling his portfolio – adding in more beta optionality plays in addition to quality alpha plays.   

Thu 20 Oct, 2022

Erik Wetterling – Looking At Position Sizing Within A Junior Mining Resource Portfolio

Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman,  unpacks how he approaches position sizing within his portfolio of junior mining stocks. 

Thu 9 Jun, 2022

Dave Erfle – How To Interpret The Recent Strength In Junior Mining Stocks And Structure A Successful Portfolio

Dave Erfle, Founder of The Junior Miner Junky, reviews the strength in precious metals mining stocks, and discusses how to build a successful junior mining portfolio.

Tue 29 Mar, 2022

Erik Wetterling – Why Now Is The Time To Be An Asset Hoarder In Precious Metals Stocks

Erik Wetterling, Founder of The Hedgeless Horseman, joins us for a discussion on why he has increased the number of positions within his portfolio, and why he has become and asset hoarder of precious metals stocks.

Thu 10 Feb, 2022

Dave Erfle – Post FOMC Market Volatility – Is This The Slump Before The Bump In Precious Metals?

Dave Erfle discusses the wild swings in volatility in most markets after the FOMC meeting earlier this week, and the lack of interest from generalists in holding gold as a safe haven or in precious metals stocks.

Thu 27 Jan, 2022

Key Price Levels In Gold, Recent Outperformance In The Miners & Silver, And All Eyes On Jackson Hole

David Erfle, Founder and Editor of Junior Mining Junky, joins us to discuss the precious metals and mining stocks. We start off reviewing the key…

Wed 25 Aug, 2021

A balance between riding out gains vs taking profits and reinvesting

There is no denying that metals stocks, especially precious metals stocks, have moved drastically higher over the past 3 months. Lobo Tiggre joins me to…

Wed 24 Jun, 2020

For PM Stock Investors The Best Thing To Do Is Ignore The Metals Price

Erik Wetterling, Founder of The Hedgeless Horseman explains why he is ignoring the precious metals prices right now when doing his DD on companies. There…

Fri 4 Oct, 2019

Portfolio Management Strategy For Risky Sectors

Jordan Roy-Byrne and I usually chat about the technical factors at play in the metals sectors. However this segment we discuss how Jordan likes to…

Fri 9 Mar, 2018