Dave Erfle – Post FOMC Market Volatility – Is This The Slump Before The Bump In Precious Metals?

Dave Erfle, Founder and Editor of the Junior Miner Junky, joins us to discuss the wild swings in volatility in most markets after the FOMC meeting earlier this week, and we note the general lack of interest from generalists in holding gold as a safe haven or in resource investors putting a bid in the PM mining stocks. 


Dave outlines similarities in this current low volume apathy in the gold and silver mining stocks as reminiscent to the period in late 2015 to early 2016, prior to that Fed rate hike cycle.  We wrap up noting that while we are seeing deeply discounted valuations across the board in precious metals stocks, that this is how things normally look during bottoming periods where most investors exit at precisely the wrong time. 

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    Jan 27, 2022 27:43 PM

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    Jan 27, 2022 27:54 PM

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    Jan 28, 2022 28:09 AM

    “SPDR Gold Shares, the largest bullion-backed exchange-traded fund, on Friday recorded its biggest net inflow in dollar terms since listing in 2004 — worth $1.63 billion.”

      Jan 28, 2022 28:37 AM

      Matthew good call this far in that $1778/1780 dip and holding the fort.

      The four hour chart in gold is forming what I call a pistol 🔫 pointing down when you look at it from the four hour chart. Most often then none we have big moves to come following each 4 hour movement. Your call of $1780 was slot on a dollar here or there great call.

      The Pennant on the monthly is so tight with gold that if we can turn this momentum up and gold can take or finish today $1810/$1827 opens the door for a monthly close around the $1850 resistance and February would then finally break it. Of course this has yet to happen and we could be in for another month of consolidation etc but I favor these odds.

      Best of luck

    Jan 28, 2022 28:16 AM

    Larry – Nice hit on NatGas !!

      Jan 28, 2022 28:32 AM

      After spitting up some morning coffee, shorted a little at about 29 (KOLD). 17.07 is the exact 1.618 extension of 12.71~14.67~13.90. Hope to make a few shekels…will see.

    Jan 28, 2022 28:47 AM

    tanks BDC…/NG today has sufficient volume over the B point for an AB=CD up…already hit 1.272 expansion of C toD leg……i am out

    Jan 28, 2022 28:55 AM

    dollar forms td9 top today thru monday…euro same but bottom….yen is supported at its TD9 breakout w price above OUL…more up predicted as dollar weakens in yen which is typically gold bullish……

    next few days will be my first time in AGQ/double silver… is approaching wkly bullish structured TAS profile support…I will believe/trust in that and buy when dollar tops soon…

    it /Si is in a void of consolidation range and directionless….a round of buying just hit,now

    Jan 28, 2022 28:14 AM

    SPQ :
    NatGas Topping. (Topped?)
    Oil Holding High.
    PMs Lower.

    Jan 28, 2022 28:16 AM

    ARKK interests me…wkly TD9 breakout is just at 60.74…That has confluence w monthly .786 fibs retracement from covid 3/1/20 low rally at 60.11….wkly shown

    Jan 28, 2022 28:07 AM

    Took profits on my oily stocks and am buying up DEF at low .40s and some SCZ, my call and I am a big boy and can live with the consequences, buy when there is blood in the streets. Fortune favours the bold. All in my crazy opinion, we are conditioned to think PMs can only go down, they don’t…

      Jan 28, 2022 28:09 AM

      I’m a fan of both DEF and SCZ Dan. Both have lots of leverage to the Silver and Zinc prices. DEF also has some Copper exposure.

    Jan 28, 2022 28:12 AM

    BTW, Eric Nuttall is on BNN in 45 minutes, 12pm eastern.

    Jan 28, 2022 28:17 AM

    Phony paper metals price setting market hitting the price again: before market, at open, during market. probably exceeding position limits. Of course, that triggers algos which trigger algos and run stops and everybody says: see those metals suck. When they don’t and haven’t. Dollar down a little after holding up unrealistically well for an unbacked currency of a nation with the largest debt in the history of the world or close to it.

      Jan 28, 2022 28:20 AM

      That’s why I am buying today, PMs getting crushed but dollar down equals phoney…

        Jan 28, 2022 28:46 AM

        Congrats: You are a Man For All Seasons. As EX says, Onward and Upward.

    Jan 28, 2022 28:52 AM

    I wanted to add to Emerita today, but didn’t have enough money to make a difference…so, added to Millennial Precious Metals. Yesterday I balanced out Petrus and NG Energy so they can have a contest to see who does better. First Day and NG slightly ahead. That is all the excitement I can garner up. Waiting for hell to freeze over and snow forecasted.

    It appears the Gold # selected by the MIT graduates chained to chairs in the backrooms of the Bullion Banks today is: 1785. No guarantees but the computers all running good at that level and do not seem to like it when it is exceeded.

      Jan 28, 2022 28:14 PM

      Looks like another general market pump going into close. How much does this cost The Fed.