Weekend Show – Dana Lyons & Josef Schachter – Silver, Copper and Energy; The Best Trades And Investment Opportunities!

June 22, 2024


Welcome to another KE Report Weekend Show! This weekend I dive into the silver and copper markets with one of generalist fund manager guests and look at the opportunities in the oil market with an independent newsletter writer.


I hope you all enjoy this weekend’s show. Please keep in touch by emailing me at We are working on featuring all the companies you send to us.


  • Segment 1 and 2 – Dana Lyons, Fund Manager and Editor of The Lyons Share Pro kicks off the show with a focus on the silver and copper charts as well as comment on the concentration of money in tech stocks. We discuss key levels for silver and copper and how Dana is trading each. We then look at the NVIDIA chart and tech stocks broadly as a trade.
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  • Segment 3 and 4 – Josef Schachter, Founder and Editor of the Schachter Energy Report wraps up the show with a focus on the oil and natural gas markets and equities. We begin with the oil and natural gas prices, storage figures, inventory numbers, and production data. Joseph shares his analysis of the current oil price dynamics, the impact of geopolitical tensions, supply-demand factors, and potential future price trends. We also delve into the performance and outlook of various energy stocks, including the best buying opportunities and investment strategies. Additionally, Joseph shares insights on dividend-paying stocks and his upcoming energy conference on October 19th in Calgary.
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Dana Lyons
Josef Schachter
    Jun 22, 2024 22:13 AM

    Farmers go out of business when cost of production exceeds price of the goods. When price does not result in covering costs to produce, farmers must seek other avenues of employment. If price controls are the reason the farmer can’t survive, then, in essence, the government is selecting the winners and losers.

    Switch to miners and ask that same question about whether the government is controlling prices (false paper markets) if they are not selecting winners and losers.

    Then ask the question as to why there are levels of miners like explorers, developers, producers, large producers. Is it really because each has its own expertise … or something as simple as price controls make margins of profit so minimal that it requires external funding in advance to achieve the “business plan” with “only” the majors having the resources to take a project to production in most cases.

    What if the World becomes so short in the supply of some commodities that smaller resource projects need to be developed to meet demand. But it seems logical, that as long as false price controls continue they will impair the Eco 101 Supply and Drmamd dynamic.

    It seems it may be necessary and required that such artificial price controls have to be eliminated in favor of “free markets” so that (just like in farming), the small miner can take a project from exploration to discovery, in order to add his production to the “whole” to meet Demand, when the current “controlled pricing” only reinforces majors and large assets. In other words, the current system seems designed to support “Large Corporate Majors” to meet demand and be rewarded, when it is known in advance they will never get involved in small projects as it is not profitable. In other other words, If price controls continue under the current false system limiting production to meet demand, there will be no production except by Governments. Those Governments will not be Democracies.

      Jun 22, 2024 22:56 AM

      There is no such thing as a democracy, that is a myth created by the ruling class to appease the rabble. DT

        Jun 22, 2024 22:57 AM

        Thanks for your productive comments

          Jun 22, 2024 22:47 AM

          I will bet that you vote for The Democratic Party because you believe in Democracy. DT

            Jun 22, 2024 22:26 AM

            I vote for the reestablishment of the Constitution, removal of Citizens United, reestablishment of Glass-Steagall, return of regulation of corporate and Banking America, use of Federal Law enforcement against corruption in all branches of the checks and balances system, separation of Church and State, Equal Treatment under the Law, political funding only from Citizens so politicians responsible only to Citizens and not special interests, term limits on Federal Officials and Judges, eligibility criteria to run for public office and Judgeships, disqualification minimums for politicians that violate laws and commit corrupted practices in violation of criminal, ethical or moral principles established by political regulatory guidelines, audits of all Federal Agencies including The Fed and Exchange Stabilization Fund, The Consumer Protection Agency moved from under the Fed to an Semi-Independent Agency within The Regulatory Functions, Revision of Accounting Regulations to ensure detailed and accurate reflection of sound accounting principles, eliminate any reference or consideration of “too big to fail”, Restructure the Derivative process to include personal responsibility for any excessive risk with other people’s money, Return Fiduciary Responsibility for Bankers/Bankers/Corporate Management and treat criminally violations, eliminate the revolving door between Wall Street, The Banks and others with position of Leadership in appointed positions, etc. etc.
            (Summary: I try to use facts/actions/data and acceptable Constitutional actions/agendas as a basis for voting for someone rather than bullying or name calling or other approach not associated with commitment to an acceptable agenda)

            Jun 22, 2024 22:47 AM

            That’s nice! DT

            Jun 22, 2024 22:54 AM

            Thanks. It is nice because it beats the alternative way of selecting politicians.

    Jun 22, 2024 22:29 AM

    And whooooooshhhhhhhhhh!!!
    Down go the PMs on a big Friday selloff!!
    PM bugs rug pulled again!!!
    Next week is gonna be nasty, NASTY!
    All your favorite junior miners will be down 5-10%, minimum.
    Some of these donkeys will be crushed and ground into dust by the end of the summer.
    Meanwhile, the intelligent, forward thinking people are making money in AI and tech.
    The future belongs to them and their progeny.
    The past belongs to PM bugs.
    Don’t be stuck in the past.

    DO IT NOW!!!!!

    Jun 22, 2024 22:25 AM
    NatGas Week: Consolidation
    Pop & Drop Gap Filling
    Downside Possible
    Deep Unlikely

    Jun 22, 2024 22:52 PM

    One of the reasons that we haven’t experienced a return to the precious metal stocks, is because the mainstream media does not want the public at large to know that gold is the antithesis of the dollar. When gold goes up it is because the dollar has gone down. The mainstream media does not want to create victims of fear, on the street and in the marketplace, they want the public to see that as a menace to the community. They don’t want “Mob psychology” to create a panic on the downswing although they encourage it if the markets are on an upswing. DT

      Jun 22, 2024 22:59 PM

      that should read if the conventional markets are on an upswing, especially when the conventional markets are full of hydrogen. LOL! DT

      Jun 22, 2024 22:09 PM

      Luongo and the Marketsniper think this mess will be resolved pretty soon, with their expectation/hope that gold will be rerated much much higher.

    Jun 22, 2024 22:25 PM

    It seems that Costco could be in deep trouble. Costco is a great company that offers deep discounts for consumers that buy in bulk. But consumers are strapped they can only afford to buy the essentials and when I look at Staples, I see Costco coming up all the time. Has Costco purchased Staples. That could be a domino waiting to happen. Then there is China, China controls so much of the market for North American retailers that if China slows then so will The West. America is no longer the engine of economic growth. Their industry does not produce consumer staples only on a limited scale. DT

    Jun 23, 2024 23:53 AM

    Haywood Junior Exploration Report, Like They Say, “Brighter Times Ahead”!

      Jun 23, 2024 23:58 AM

      What attracted me initially was Cartier Silver but some of the other mining companies are also featured on The Korelin Report. It presents a good mix, ENJOY! DT

    Jun 23, 2024 23:47 AM

    “An evil man/government/corporation will burn down his\her own nation to the ground to rule over the ashes”.

    Sun Tzu

    Jun 23, 2024 23:00 AM

    “I’m sure gold haters will hate these unequivocal facts. But anyone who has owned gold since 2000 has done far better than a buy and hold stock investor. I began buying in 2004 after reading Richard Russell’s daily newsletter and have been adding sporadically ever since. Them’s the facts, ma’am.”

    From The TBP, DT

      Jun 23, 2024 23:32 AM

      Gold haters……mostly uneducated as to what is really going on. and has been going on…. JMO…

    Jun 23, 2024 23:36 AM
    Recent bond sales reveal Yen-Carry Trade:
    Japanese overseas investments!

    Jun 23, 2024 23:04 PM
    Eurodollar : What Is It?
    Reserve Currency!

    Jun 24, 2024 24:33 AM

    When the TSX-V broke its 8 month uptrend support on Friday it found enough buyers to erase virtually all of the day’s decline. Daily volume was the best in a month as it also tested its 150 day MA and the 3 peaks of December, January and February. Dumb money clearly agreed with Joe. Again.

    Jun 24, 2024 24:14 AM

    Nasdaq 100 hit fork resistance and was rejected on huge volume.

    Jun 24, 2024 24:07 AM

    Hi Wolfster, today is the most important Bye-Election date for Canada. We must get a Conservative win. The Liberals had their cabinet ministers campaigning in person this weekend.

    It’s time for change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DT

    Jun 24, 2024 24:13 AM

    Advantage, AAV,
    Ark Resources, ARX,
    Canadian Natural Resources, CNQ,
    Total Energy, TOT,
    Tourmaline Oil, TOU,
    All up 2%+ today, the day after the Capital Gains old rate of 50% increased to 66%. I own them all in a pension fund…