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Marc Chandler – Jobs Number, Central Bank Interventions, And Inflation

Marc Chandler recaps this week’s market moves, todays jobs number, central bank interventions, and inflation.

Fri 7 Oct, 2022

Craig Hemke – We’ve Only Seen A Hint Of What Is To Come When The Fed Finally Pivots

Craig Hemke reviews the rally we’ve seen in the precious metals over the last week since the Bank of England pivoted.

Thu 6 Oct, 2022

Dave Erfle – Oversold Precious Metals Popped Over The Last Week On The Back Of A Series Of Concerning Systemic Financial Challenges

Dave Erfle, the Junior Miner Junky, reviewed the oversold pop in the precious metals sector since the middle of last week due to more systemic financial weakness.

Tue 4 Oct, 2022

Weekend Show – Central Banks Start Intervening This Week, Have We Reached Peak Hawkishness and Investing In Gold vs Gold Stocks

Welcome to another KER Weekend Show. We now have Q3 behind us and it was not pretty. There was some light at the end of…

Sat 1 Oct, 2022

Erik Wetterling – It Is What We Do At Market Extremes That Most Impacts Our Portfolios

Erik Wetterling, The Hedgeless Horseman, joins us to review the risk/reward set ups at market extremes and how that impacts our portfolios.

Fri 30 Sep, 2022

Brien Lundin – Making Sense Of The Macroeconomic Trends In The Markets Today

Brien Lundin overviews the upcoming New Orleans Investment Conference, and provides his take on the macroeconomic trends and key catalysts in the general markets PM sector.

Thu 29 Sep, 2022

Marc Chandler – All Eyes Still Fixed On Central Bank Rate Hikes And Inflation Expectations

Marc Chandler recaps the corrective moves seen in most markets as a result of the hotter than expected CPI inflation reading, affecting the expectations around Fed tightening policy.

Fri 16 Sep, 2022

Market signs that rates are moving higher

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global ForEx joined us to recap the Evergrande situation and select central bank meeting from last week. Interest rates…

Mon 27 Sep, 2021

Recapping the statements form the Fed, Band of England, and BoJ this week

Marc Chandler, Managing Partner at Bannockburn Global Forex joins me to recap and summarize the major central bank statements from this week. It’s all about…

Fri 18 Sep, 2020